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How many applicants do you usually have and how many students will be admitted into the freshman class?

We typically have around 325 applicants for an entering class of approximately 250 young men.

Is there a waiting list for students who are not accepted?

At the time of admission, the Admissions Committee identifies a few students who have not been admitted to be on a short wait list.

Do you accept non-Catholic students?

SLUH accepts applications from students of all religious backgrounds. Approximately 10% of each accepted class is non-Catholic. Theology courses are taught from a Catholic perspective and all students are expected to participate in liturgies, prayer services and retreats.

Do you accept home-schooled students?

Yes. Parents of home-schooled students should contact Anja Schmelter, Director of Admissions, at (314) 269-2097 or at aschmelter@sluh.org for more information.

Should I submit letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation are not required.

Do you have a shadow program?

You are invited to visit our campus by participating in Inside SLUH. These small group visits provide prospective students and parents an opportunity to see the school while classes are in session and experience what happens during a regular school day. We also encourage prospective students and their parents to come to our SLUH Night in October and Open House in November.

Will applying for financial aid hurt my son’s chances for admission?

No, our admission decisions are need-blind. If you have additional questions concerning financial aid, please contact Craig Hannick, Director of Financial Aid, at (314) 269-2098 or at channick@sluh.org.

What if I’m not sure my son qualifies for admission?

We encourage prospective parents to discuss their son’s academic profile with us. Please contact Ann Murphy at (314) 269-2099 or amurphy@sluh.org to set up an appointment.

How do students travel to SLUH each day?

The vast majority of students carpool to and from school each day.

A SLUH-sponsored bus service has been introduced with three stops in St. Charles and West counties. A one-time fee of $850.00 is required to access this service. Future routes are continually under evaluation. For more information, contact Ann Murphy, (314) 269-2099 or amurphy@sluh.org.

Some students ride the #57X Clayton Road Metro bus. This line provides rush-hour service both eastbound and westbound with limited stops along Clayton Road and Interstate 64 between Clarkson Road and the Brentwood I-64 Station with drop off right in front of our campus on Oakland Avenue.

Upon admission, we provide a zip code list of families to enable parents and students to coordinate carpools with other students in their area. SLUH students reside in over 90 different zip codes in the St. Louis Metropolitan area on both sides of the Mississippi River.

Do you require laptops for your students?

Students are required to purchase an iPad or may use one they already have. Our campus is completely wireless with four computer labs and multiple carts of laptops available for student use. With Apple technology throughout the school and SMART boards in nearly every classroom, technology enhances the curriculum. More information can be found on our website at http://www.sluh.org/academics/technology.

What is the average class size and what is the student-teacher ratio?

Our average class size is 21 students per class, with an overall student teacher ratio of 10 to 1.

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