Alumni Board

The Alumni Board advances the mission of the school while providing an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with the SLUH community. Each quarterly meeting features a guest speaker, such as a faculty member, alumnus, a Jesuit or graduating senior, as well as a school update from SLUH President Alan Carruthers. Some meetings are scheduled to coincide with school events, such as athletic events or theatrical productions, to encourage alumni attendance.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22. This is the annual Appreciation Dinner, when we traditionally have a graduating senior give the address. Mark your calendar and make plans to join us.


Our guest speaker was Luke Marklin '03, a former executive with Uber who is now the CEO of Bellhops, a company that is transforming the $15 billion/year moving industry. We also toured the new James Guth Costigan '62 Innovation Lab.

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During the meeting, Sean Agniel '96 introduced a 3-minute video. Here is a link to the video:

Upcoming Alumni Events:

Fr. Hagan Alumni Cup Golf Tournament - Friday, June 21

Reunion Night - Classes of '09 and '14 - Saturday, June 22


2018-19 Officers (from left): Dick Mehan '70, Jeff Rombach '98 (President), Tom Erman '71 and Mark Berns '93.

Role & Requirements

A SLUH Alumni Board member will be involved in programs and activities to advance the school’s reputation, assist in securing financial resources which support the mission of the school, and provide spiritual and community service opportunities for alumni.

Membership on the Board is a privilege and a special opportunity to work on behalf of St. Louis U. High. A Board member should have demonstrated leadership among his peers and committed his time in some volunteer effort on behalf of the school.

Each member of the Alumni Board agrees to:

  • Sustain SLUH through financial support commensurate with one’s financial ability so the Board has 100% giving participation annually.
  • Coordinate and attend his Class Phonathon each year. This is the primary responsibility of an Alumni Board representative.
  • Regular attendance at Alumni Board meetings (at least 2 of the 4 each year).
  • Support SLUH in its community service and spirituality programs, including Alumni Day of Service, Alumni Retreat, Community Service Projects (with students), and St. Matthew’s Parish activities.
  • Promote the mission, goals and Jesuit purpose of SLUH.

2018-19 Meetings


Tuesday, August 28
Back To School Meeting

Sunday, December 2
Advent Mass & Brunch

Wednesday, February 27
Spring School Update

Wednesday, May 22
End of Year Appreciation Dinner

Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Si Commons, with drinks and socializing at 5:30. The Christmas Mass & Brunch begins with 9:30 a.m. Mass in SLUH's Chapel.

2018-19 Phonathons

Your primary duty as a member of the SLUH Alumni Board is to lead your class effort in the Annual Giving Program by conducting a phonathon. We ask that you recruit several classmates to join you for an evening at SLUH to conduct an outreach to the class, asking for gifts to SLUH. This outreach can be phone calls, personal emails, texts, hand-written notes, social media contacts, etc.

SLUH will provide materials, laptops, internet access, notecards and envelopes along with a hearty meal from Imo’s and an open bar. Your job is to provide the leadership and manpower to effectively solicit your classmates.

Alumni Board Reps

Mr. Kenneth S. Daues ‘51

Mr. Daniel J. McAuliffe ‘53

Mr. Thomas R. Leritz ‘54

Mr. Arthur F. Scheer ‘54

Mr. Robert M. Cradock ‘56

Dr. Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr. ‘57

Mr. Al W. Tikwart, Jr. ‘59

Mr. Robert J. Wynne ‘59

Mr. John R. Gorman ‘60

Mr. J. M. Rohlfing ‘60

Mr. Donald S. Boyce, Sr. ‘61

Mr. Martin W. O'Brien ‘63

Mr. Robert D. St. Vrain ‘63

Mr. John L. Stein ‘63

Mr. Thomas W. Brockland ‘64

Mr. James L. Mudd, Jr. ‘64

Michael J. Engle, Ph.D. ‘65

Mr. Edward W. Rataj ‘65

Mr. Paul L. Steube ‘65

Mr. David Powers ‘66

Mr. John Straub ‘66

Mr. John D. Wunderlich ‘66

Stephen R. Kappel, M.D. ‘67

Mr. Michael J. Soehngen ‘67

Brad J. Heger, Ph.D. ‘68

Mr. Stephen E. Hutchison ‘68

Mr. Edward L. Bushmeyer, Jr. ‘69

Mr. Lawrence B. Grebel ‘69

Mr. Thomas J. Simon ‘69

Mr. Richard J. Mehan, Jr. ‘70

Mr. Mark S. Milburn ‘70

Mr. John C. Weller ‘70

Mr. James F. Whalen ‘70

Mr. Thomas J. Erman ‘71

Mr. Terrence Moffitt ‘71

Mr. Joseph V. Neill ‘71

Mr. John R. Sondag ‘71

Mr. John E. Troy ‘71

Mr. Robert M. Walsh ‘71

Mr. David P. Weiss ‘71

Mr. Terry V. Altepeter ‘72

Michael S. Cherre, D.D.S. ‘72

Mr. Timothy R. Conway ‘72

Mark G. Beck, D.D.S. ‘73

Mr. Michael J. Brand ‘73

Mr. Richard D. Krieger ‘73

Mark X. McCarthy, D.M.D. ‘73

Mark F. Stroble, M.D. ‘73

Michael F. Abels, D.D.S. ‘74

Mr. Robert C. Macauley ‘74

Mr. William J. Pohrer ‘74

Mr. Daniel J. Ryan ‘75

Mr. Patrick J. Leahy ‘76

Mr. David L. Richert, Jr. ‘76

Martin L. Buchheit, D.D.S. ‘78

Mr. Anthony K. Conroy ‘78

Mr. Francis G. Ferrara ‘78

Mr. David French ‘78

Mr. Paul F. Horgan ‘80

Mr. Paul J. Jasso, Jr. ‘80

Mr. Robert E. Staed, Jr. ‘80

Mr. John M. Ferrara ‘81

Mr. Timothy M. Tierney ‘81

Mr. Halpin J. Burke ‘82

Mr. Francisco J. Carretero ‘82

Mr. Glennon J. Kemper ‘82

Mr. Mark C. Mispagel ‘82

Timothy W. Staed, M.D. ‘82

Mr. Patrick J. Horgan ‘83

Mr. Henry F. Luepke III ‘83

Mr. Joseph E. Rankin ‘83

Mr. Mark B. Lewis ‘84

Mr. Michael L. Martin ‘84

Mr. Michael G. McAuliffe, Sr. ‘84

Mr. Patrick Schumann ‘84

Mr. Daniel J. Watkins ‘84

Mr. Joseph G. Bannister ‘85

Mr. Thomas P. Berra, Jr. ‘85

Mr. Richard A. Blankenship, Jr. ‘85

Mr. Thomas E. Fagan ‘85

Mr. Timothy J. Graham ‘85

Mr. Thomas C. Burke ‘86

Mr. Jim J. Gloriod, Jr. ‘86

Mr. Michael G. Leopold ‘86

Mr. Patrick N. Mehan ‘86

Lt. Col. Joe Moffatt ‘86

Mr. Matthew Nordmann ‘86

Mr. Fred A. Surber, Jr. ‘86

Mr. Brian M. Watkins ‘86

Mr. Michael J. Grzesiowski ‘88

Mr. Daniel J. Kertz ‘88

Mr. Christopher J. Patritti ‘89

Mr. John T. Sadlo ‘89

Mr. Brian C. Walsh ‘89

Mr. Thomas C. Albus ‘90

Mr. Michael R. Bowers ‘90

Mr. Louis H. Henderson ‘90

Mr. Jerry D. Kester ‘90

Mr. Gregory J. Linhares ‘90

Mr. Mark F. Mueller ‘90

Mr. Robert R. O'Blennis ‘90

Mr. Richard K. Pickett ‘90

Mr. David C. Stokes ‘90

Mr. Anthony R. Winkeler ‘90

Mr. Roderick J. Harkey ‘91

Mr. J. P. Hoehn IV ‘91

Mr. Alan J. Loretta ‘91

Mr. Christopher S. Muskopf ‘91

Mr. Peter C. Palumbo ‘91

Mr. James M. Penilla ‘91

Mr. Peter J. Sadlo ‘91

Mr. Greg C. Trost ‘91

Mr. John M. Wynne ‘91

Mr. Benjamin J. DuMont ‘92

Mr. Jeffrey J. Eisenhart ‘92

Mr. Kevin J. Folkl ‘92

Mr. Robert M. Funke ‘92

Mr. James W. Guntli ‘92

Mr. Mark E. Berns ‘93

Mr. Joseph J. Buttice ‘93

Mr. Brian J. Fernandez ‘93

Mr. Kevin P. Finlay ‘93

Mr. Joseph F. Hodes ‘94

Mr. Joseph D. McAuliffe ‘94

Mr. Dominic J. Orlando ‘94

Mr. Eric N. Simon ‘94

Mr. Daniel P. Berns ‘95

Mr. Nicholas A. Kriegel ‘95

Mr. Daniel S. Leritz ‘95

Mr. Bryan K. Mauller ‘95

Mr. John M. McArthur ‘95

Mr. Stephen P. Tranchilla ‘95

Mr. John G. Weller ‘95

Mr. George E. Diehr, Jr. ‘96

Mr. Gregory T. Donovan ‘96

Mr. William M. Hof ‘96

Mr. Timothy R. Powers ‘96

Mr. Michael J. Adrian ‘97

Mr. Michael A. Amann ‘97

Mr. Kevin P. Etzkorn ‘97

Mr. Shaun P. O'Hara ‘97

Mr. Brian M. O'Neal ‘97

Mr. Timothy C. Hodits ‘98

Mr. Christopher P. Kellett ‘98

Mr. Michael C. Muller ‘98

Mr. Gregory A. Pratt ‘98

Mr. Jeffrey P. Rombach ‘98

Mr. Robert L. Wacker ‘98

Mr. Joseph R. Donley ‘99

Mr. John J. Marino ‘99

Mr. Daniel P. Snodgrass ‘99

Mr. Timothy J. Wells ‘99

Mr. John S. Barringer ‘00

Lt. Eric Brighton ‘00

Mr. Edwin H. Callison, III ‘00

Mr. Gregory A. Holland ‘00

Mr. Joe F. Pimmel ‘00

Mr. Andrew R. Gilfoil ‘01

Mr. John F. Kennedy ‘01

Mr. David L. Neuner, Jr. ‘01

Mr. Thomas A. Rohlfing ‘01

Mr. David P. Willard ‘01

Mr. James S. Wright ‘01

Mr. Peter J. Berns ‘02

Mr. Joseph F. Devereux III ‘02

Mr. Matthew P. Diehr ‘02

Mr. Patrick S. Meier ‘02

Mr. Timothy M. Baldes ‘03

Mr. Michael P. Beck ‘03

Mr. K. Graham Farrell ‘03

Mr. Timothy J. O'Connell ‘03

Mr. Cliff J. Reynolds, Jr. ‘03

Mr. James P. Croghan ‘04

Mr. Nicholas C. Gresick ‘04

Mr. Jonathan F. Leek ‘04

Mr. Kyle A. Poelker ‘04

Mr. John P. Reagan ‘04

Mr. Thomas M. Reagan ‘04

Mr. Timothy J. Simon ‘04

Mr. Richard J. Bettger ‘05

Mr. Nicholas P. Conway ‘05

Mr. Stephen R. Everding ‘05

Mr. Kevin P. Gray ‘05

Mr. Daniel R. Queathem ‘05

Mr. Patrick J. Sokolowski ‘05

Mr. Jonathan D. Dombek ‘06

Mr. Andrew J. Guenther ‘06

Mr. Christopher M. Hoffmann ‘06

Mr. Matthew R. Wacker ‘06

Mr. Robert J. Chik ‘07

Mr. Andrew J. Tayon III ‘07

Mr. Thomas W. Egan ‘08

Mr. T. W. Hartzler ‘08

Mr. Justin L. Bertani ‘09

Mr. Jeffrey M. Brand ‘09

Mr. Benjamin Carron ‘09

Mr. Andrew P. Howe ‘09

Mr. Joe Schrick ‘09

Mr. Evan J. Sullivan ‘09

Mr. Joseph M. Bettger ‘10

Mr. Daniel J. Goeddel ‘10

Mr. Daniel T. Jones ‘10

Mr. Kevin J. McAuliffe ‘10

Mr. Richard J. Mehan III ‘10

Mr. Matthew D. Schumacker ‘10

Mr. Stephen E. Deves ‘11

Mr. Andrew J. Evola ‘11

Mr. Nicholas B. Hartzler ‘11

Mr. Timothy M. McCoy ‘11

Mr. Michael D. Patke ‘11

Mr. Brad T. Pitlyk ‘11

Mr. Daniel Fogerty '12

Mr. John Jedlicka '12

Mr. Matthew Sainz '12

Mr. Parker Schenk '12


If you are interested in joining the Alumni Board or have questions, please contact Joe Patke at (314) 269-2115 or

Each spring, the Alumni Board invites a graduating senior to offer a reflection of his experience as a Jr. Bill—and each year, alumni are impressed by the quality and depth of the young men's perspectives and insights. May 23, 2018 was no exception, as Connor Worley '18 talked about his SLUH experience before he attends Georgetown University in the fall.