Alumni Board

The Alumni Board advances the mission of the school while providing an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with the SLUH community. Starting with the 2019-20 School Year, we have restructured the Alumni Board and asked each member to join one of five Project Teams:

  • Admissions Ambassadors
  • Alumni Board Membership Recruitment
  • Reunion and Event Support
  • Service and Spirituality
  • St. Louis U. High Day Phonathon Steering Committee

The Project Teams will become the focus of each member's participation. There will be two meetings of the full Alumni Board. Further connection and participation will be through your Project Teams.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is the annual St. Louis U. High Day Celebration and Phonathon on Thursday, November 14. Then, on Saturday, November 16 we celebrate SLUH's birthday with an Alumni Day of Service.  

CLICK HERE to view a webcast of the September 25 meeting. 

Project Teams

Project Team- Admissions Ambassadors

Officer Responsible: Tom Erman ‘71 

Assist in the efforts of the Admissions Office at SLUH. Promote SLUH among prospective families.


1) Attend one training session held by the Admissions Office 
         Approximately one hour in length. 
         At least two will be scheduled. They will be in September/October
         On-line attendance may be possible
         Become informed about SLUH and admissions process to better answer questions

2) Take on at least one of the following tasks:
        Attend Open House as an Ambassador (Sunday, November 3) 
        Contact (via phone or email) 5-10 newly admitted students to congratulate them (February-March)
        Create a compelling social media post about your experience at SLUH, targeted to prospective 
             families (as needed from September - March)
        Attend a morning coffee session on a “Shadow Day” to greet and chat with parents of prospective 
             students (one hour at 8:00 am on a school day)

3) Take part in St. Louis U. High Day (the big, all-school phonathon) on November 14 alongside your classmates. 

Project Team - Alumni Board Membership Recruitment

Officers Responsible: Mark Berns ‘93 and Dick Mehan ‘70

Recruit new volunteer leaders to serve on the Alumni Board. Assure that each class from ‘64 - ‘14 has effective volunteer leaders serving on the Alumni Board.

1) Assume responsibility for one class that has not been well represented, especially at phonathons. 

2) Contact members of that class (STUCO leaders, Reunion leaders, Senior Award Winners, etc.) to promote the Alumni Board and the chance to be a part of SLUH’s mission. Explore the “social map” of the class during these contacts to identify other potential class leaders.

3) Invite these class leaders to join you at the next Alumni Board event...especially the St. Louis U. High Day Phonathon.

Some may be asked to serve on a Steering Committee to identify classes that need more representation, and make assignments of these classes to members of the Project Team. 

4) Take part in St. Louis U. High Day (the big, all-school phonathon) on November 14 alongside your classmates. 

Project Team - Reunion and Event Support

Officer Responsible: Mark Berns ‘93 

Provide manpower, resources and feedback to assure that SLUH’s alumni events are impactful, top-quality and fun. 

1) Attend at least one alumni event during the year as a volunteer/ambassador: 

  • Reunion Night. Serve as greeters, registration desk, way-finding, parking lot shuttle, etc. (Friday evening, September 20).
  • Scholarship Golf Classic. Serve at registration desk and as hole-spotters.  (Monday afternoon, September 23)
  • Cashbah (Saturday evening, April 4). Serve as bar assistant, waiter.
  • Cashbah Clean-Up. (Sunday morning, April 5). Much help is needed on Sunday morning after Cashbah, especially cleaning out the bars because students are not permitted.

  • Sports Team Reunions and Other Events (various)

2)  Provide feedback and advice regarding event. 
       * Was event well-received? Did it represent SLUH well?
       * Be our “eyes and ears” among alumni attendees to help us evaluate.

3) Take part in St. Louis U. High Day (the big, all-school phonathon) on November 14 alongside your classmates. 


Officer Responsible: Hap Burke ‘82

Provide opportunities for alumni to live the mission of the school by taking part in community service and spirituality programs.


1) Attend at least one of the two Alumni Service Projects (Dates TBD)

2) Attend at least one First Friday Mass during the school year. Encourage others to join you. Dates for First Friday Masses:

7 am in the SLUH Chapel
Friday, September 6
Friday, October 4
Friday, December 6
Friday, February 7
Friday, March 6
Friday, April 3
Friday, May 1

3) Promote the Service Days and First Friday Masses to alumni via social media, emails and calls/texts to classmates.

Some will be invited to be on Steering Committee to plan the Alumni Service events. Details to be planned include:

    • Event dates and venues
    • Prayer component
    • Food/drink component 
    • Promotion via SLUH publications, social media and other outreach 

4) Take part in St. Louis U. High Day (the big, all-school phonathon) on November 14 alongside your classmates. 


Officer Responsible: Dick Mehan Jr. ‘70 

Working with the Director of Annual Giving, plan and coordinate the phonathon event for St. Louis U. High Day (November 14, 2019). Create an energetic, effective and fun event for alumni to reach out to classmates to request support of the Alumni Annual Fund. 


  1. Attend planning sessions (either in person or by phone).
  2. Create strategy to utilize Alumni Board to see that all classes from ‘64 - ‘14 are well represented (4 or more from each class). Coordinate with “Membership” Project Team.
  3. Plan content for the evening’s program
  4. Secure attendance prizes and materials for the evening.
  5. Take part on November 14 event alongside your classmates.

Each spring, the Alumni Board invites a graduating senior to offer a reflection of his experience as a Jr. Bill—and each year, alumni are impressed by the quality and depth of the young men's perspectives and insights. May 23, 2018 was no exception, as Connor Worley '18 talked about his SLUH experience before he attends Georgetown University in the fall.