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Tony Adams '17

Describe what you're working on and/or what you're most proud to have accomplished.
I achieved my wildest childhood dreams of playing in the NFL.

You know we have to ask it. Do you have a favorite SLUH memory or teacher?
I loved SLUH so much. I don’t have one particular moment. I’ve met teachers, coaches, and friends that I’ll communicate & cherish forever. SLUH literally changed the trajectory of my life. I’m forever grateful.

What topic are you most excited about in your industry?
I’m most excited about chasing the great ones. I want to be one of the greatest players to ever play this game.

Think back to senior year. Was this the job you dreamed of? If not, then what?
I sort of lost touch with football after I tore my ACL. I wanted to be an international businessman, who did poetry on the side.

Who or what inspired you to pursue your field of interest?
I knew it could change my family’s life, so I gave it my heart. Also one day, Coach Kornfeld pulled me aside and said, “ I can play in the NFL one day.” That was special to me!!

What does the future of your industry look like? What else would you like to accomplish?
My future is bright in my industry. I want to be a multiple time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl winner, HALL OF FAME PLAYER.

How are you acting as a Man for Others in your current role?
I want to do a back to school drive for the city of STL, it’s a lot of kids with less. I’m fortunate to make it, I want and need to show my gratitude for the city that made me!

What advice would you give to current students?
Live in the present. Enjoy the moments. Cherish the friendships/relationships you have at SLUH. Seize the day. That school can take you a long way. There's nothing like it.

Were you involved in any activities at SLUH that hinted at your path?
I played varsity football for Coach (Gary) Kornfeld & ran track with Coach (Joe) Porter.

Be honest. What was your wildest BTSM (Back to School Mixer) outfit?
I regret it, but I didn't really participate in those. I was kind of so lame back then lol.