Ian Mulligan '02

Describe what you're working on and/or what you're most proud to have accomplished.
I constantly aim to be present and balanced in the most important roles in my life which include being a good husband, father to two young children, son, sibling, friend, and school leader. I feel lucky to have so many amazing people in my life. Maintaining a strong relationship with each of them is something I will be working on my entire life. 

I’m most proud to be in a position that can positively lead and impact an entire school community. I’m currently in my sixth year as Principal at Vianney and have found it to be deeply fulfilling to serve in an all-boys, Catholic environment, much like the one that I experienced as a student at SLUH. Some of the most proud moments on my journey as a school leader have been the ways in which our team of leaders and educators respond to the challenges we face each year. 

You know we have to ask it. Do you have a favorite SLUH memory or teacher?
Fr. (Ralph) Houlihan, SJ, left a lasting impact on my life from his Latin class to presiding at my wedding to my wife, Lisa. I also remember the high bar of excellence that Dr. Eric Clark set for us. I’m fortunate to still learn from him as we are both members of Vianney’s Diversity Committee. 

Who or what inspired you to pursue your field of interest?
I believe it was every teacher, coach, and mentor in my life that led me into education. Each of them modeled service and a path to enrich a community and the lives of those in it. 

What does the future of your industry look like? What else would you like to accomplish?
Educating young men to be the kind, caring, and high character men that our world needs is more critical than ever. I can envision tackling a few more of my own classes in the near future. 

Were you involved in any activities at SLUH that hinted at your path?
I think that some of the leadership roles I held on the soccer team and with retreats may have hinted at my path. I’d also include my role in mentoring freshmen as a Senior Advisor.