50th Reunion Schedule

sluh Class of 1972

Our plans are set! Mark your calendar for October 21-23, 2022, and plan to celebrate 50 years on-campus at SLUH on Saturday, October 22.



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The Main Event at SLUH

50th Reunion Mass

Return to the SLUH Chapel at the heart of campus to celebrate Mass with your classmates, receive your keepsake 50th Reunion gift and be welcomed as the newest group of Legacy Alumni.


Revisit the halls of SLUH with our Presidential Ambassadors—current students eager to share what's changed over the past 50 years, as well as the traditions that have stood the test of time.

50th Reunion Social

Enjoy heavy hor d'oeuvres, an open bar and music with your classmates—and party like it's 1972.


Complete Your Yearbook Page

Give your classmates an update on life since graduation. Even if you aren’t able to attend in October, you can still celebrate by submitting your page for the 50th Reunion Yearbook. 

Submit your entry by September 1, 2022, to guarantee it will be included. Anyone who attends the 50th Reunion at SLUH will receive a hard copy of the 50th Reunion Yearbook. Those who are unable to attend will receive an electronic copy of the book.

Complete Your Yearbook Page >


Share Some '72 Wisdom

In recognition of the 50 years of wisdom that we've gained since graduating, take some time to reflect and share your hard-earned advice with the students at SLUH today.



RSVP's as of 9.29.22

Mr. Terry V. Altepeter

Mr. Mike J. Amad

Mr. Leo J. Asaro

Pete V. Bettonville, M.D.

Mr. Don E. Brandt

Mr. Mark G. Bredenkoetter

Mr. Cornelius Britt

Mr. Thomas Calacci

Mr. Barry T. Cervantes

Mike S. Cherre, D.D.S.

Phil G. Conway, M.D.

Mr. Tim Conway

Mr. Jack A. Deimeke

Mr. Thom M. Digman

Mr. Paul Dooley

John E. Ebel, Ph.D.

Mr. Dean C. Eberle

Mr. Rich Federer

Mr. Phil Fingerhut

Mr. Christopher Fleischut

Mr. Neil F. Flynn, Esq.

Tom J. Fox, M.D.

Mr. Robert C. Frenzel-Berra

Mr. Tom R. Gassner

Mr. Mark Glaude

Mr. John T. Hawk

Mr. Mark Hogrebe

Mr. Thomas Hudson

Mr. Steve A. Joice

Mr. Vic M. Jost

Deacon Dana K. Joyce

Jim A. Junker, M.D.

Mr. John Kennedy

Mr. Kevin Kloster

Mr. Mark Koors

Mr. Festus Krebs III

Mr. James P. Landolt

Mr. Donald Landy

Mr. Mike A. Lawder

Mr. Timothy Leahy

Mr. Rob F. Libera

Mr. Gerry Liebmann

Mr. Steve Littlefield

Mr. Leo W. Loehnig

Mr. Tim Mallet

Mr. Mark P. Mantovani

Mr. Jim McClaren

Mr. Michael J. McInnis

Mr. Tom J. Mehan

Mr. Dan C. Mertens

Mr. Denny N. Miller

Mr. Jim P. Moore

Mr. William Morefield

Mr. Tom M. Morhaus

Mr. Thomas O'brien

Mr. Kevin O'Connor

Mr. Tim D. O’Neill

The Hon. Steve R. Ohmer

Mr. John Panhorst

Mr. Alan A. Paradise

Mr. Nick J. Puglisi, CPA

Mr. Michael Quinley

Mr. David Raack

Mr. Mike T. Reedy

Mr. Dale Roach

Mr. Michael Roche

Mr. Rick J. Schaefer

Mr. Michael T. Schmidt

Mr. Jim M. Schwob

Mr. Mark Selvidge

Mr. Tom M. Shortal

Mr. Steve Sinnett

Mr. Michael Smallwood

Mr. Greg A. Smith

Mr. Bob Sprotte

Mr. John L. Thoma

Mr. Neal Thompson

Mr. Michael Tremmel

Mr. Mike E. Uptegrove

Mr. Bob J. Uxa,  Jr.

Dave L. Vreeland, D.D.S., M.S.

Mr. Mark Wehking

Mr. Larry E. Westhouse

Tom R. Wiedemann, D.D.S.

Mr. Mark A. Wilhelm

Mr. Michael Williams

Mr. Bill B. Winkeler

Darryl T. Zinck, M.D.


Reunion Planning Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

Mike Amad

Rob Libera

Steve Sinnett

Committee Members

Terry Altepeter
Pete Bettonville
Barry Cervantes
Tim Conway
Jim Fredericks
Tom Gassner
Jim Junker
Kevin Kloster
James Landolt
Don Landy
Mike Lawder
Mark Mantovani
Mike McInnis
Tom Mehan
Jim Moore
Mike Reedy
Rick Schaefer
Greg Smith
Dave Vreeland
Mark Wilhelm



SLUH Alumni Office





Matthew Asinger
Roy Auer
Robert Burtelow
Blaine Cole
Stephen Dierkes
James Dolis
Paul Dooley
Thomas Drennan
Fred Gebert
Mark Glaude
Michael Gunning
J. Kearns
John Klosterman
Daniel Krieger
Timothy Leahy
Emmett McWoods
John Miriani
Richard Novosak
J. Polasek
John Rumbolo
Ernest Schuster


Vincent Banks
James Dolis
Dean Eberle
Otto Hirsch
Robert Markowski
Timothy McVey
Eric Schmitz
Nikolaus Tendler
Phillip Thigpen

Do you have contact information for these "missing" classmates? Please contact SLUH at alumni@sluh.org.