Have Some Wisdom To Share?

In our 50 years since graduation, each of us have had a variety of influences and experiences. Together, those experiences have shaped all of us into who we are today, and the wisdom we have gained should not be underestimated.

In honor of our 50th SLUH Reunion, we invite you (and the rest of our classmates) to participate now in "The '72 Wisdom Sharing Project"—an effort to (a) gather our collective wisdom together and (b) benefit the current students at SLUH. The results of this project will be given to the students and faculty upon its completion.

You know who you have become over the past 50 years better than anyone else. That being said, our question to you is...



What would you tell your younger self that would help him over his next 50 years?


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NOTE: Your response will be shared anonymously below.  After our 50th Reunion in October 2022, the wisdom sharing project will be officially closed and the consolidated responses will be gifted to the current students, faculty and staff at SLUH, as well as to our classmates. Format to be determined.





Mike Mcinnis


Dave Vreeland