The 50th Reunion Yearbook is a memorable keepsake that allows classmates to share their stories since leaving Oakland Avenue. All classmates will receive a digital copy of the Yearbook and those attending the reunion will receive a physical book.

Submissions are due September 1, 2023 to ensure time for printing and delivery to the reunion. Entries received after the deadline will be paper inserts into the physical book.




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50th Reunion RESOURCES

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First page of the PDF file: 1972YearbookExample




In Memoriam


Lawrence Alfs (2020)
Robert Ayer (2015)
S. Francis Baldwin (2016)
Paul Buehler (1976)
Samuel Caputa (2018)
Ramon Cartwright (2022)
Gerard Gatterer (1996)
Peter Glatt (1974)
John Gleeson (2017)
Michael Gowen (2016)
Patrick Hertich (1997)
Dennis Keeley (2022)
Kurt Kestermeier (2008)
Kevin Kipp (2004)
Gregory Krause (2010)
William Krobot (2018)
Stephan Laury (2013)
Michael Lord (2012)
Jeffrey Maguire (2004)
Mark Meredith (2009)
Richard Mersinger (2015)
Gregory Nooney (2020)
Thomas Shaffar (1997)
Jon Williams (2014)

We continue our prayers for the classmates above who have passed on before us (deceased year in parentheses, if known). If you know anyone not on this list who has died, please contact SLUH at