SLUH's program embraces the visual, performing and musical arts, encouraging students to discover their creative potential and outlets for self-expression. The arts are essential to students’ development of the collaborative and creative skills they will need to thrive in today's world. Through the study of and participation in the arts, students gain insights into other peoples and cultures, and through self expression, gain insights into themselves.


SLUH offers a variety of courses and experiences for all types of students interested in music—from the beginner to the advanced, from the hobbyist to those interested in pursuing music as a career. Some of these courses include Chamber Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band and Choir.

In the past two years, more than 20 students have received honors in the All-District and All-State Ensembles. SLUH bands have received local and national awards for 1st place, best overall, and “Festival Sweepstakes for Best Music Program.” SLUH Ensembles have recently traveled to China, Boston, New York City, and are going to Rome this school year

Ultimately, our students graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to be a musician in today’s world.

Pictured (from left): Thomas Curdt ‘18, Justin Koesterer ‘19, Chris Hartung ‘20 and Joseph Hartung ‘18

These four Jr. Bills were selected from over 120 students auditioning from the bi-state area to participate in the elite Jazz Program run by Jazz St. Louis. Thomas Curdt was also selected to play 2nd chair in the Jazz U Big Band.


The performing arts component of our Fine Arts Program supports a long legacy of excellence in production inspired by the late Joseph Schulte '54, the namesake of our theater. While quality of product is certainly important, we are also very proud to focus on the essential elements of process in supporting our craft. Students learn the essence of ensemble and learn to respect every aspect of theater and the teamwork required to achieve it at its best.


Our Studio Art Program provides students a wide range of experiences in a variety of media, with courses offered in Ceramics, Painting in Acrylics, Printmaking and Three-Dimensions Design, among others. Through the exploration of various techniques, students begin to understand how to express their ideas visually. They learn how to see the world around them through a new lens, and they learn how to discuss, interpret and analyze works of art.

“Any student who enters our program will leave it not only with an excellent introduction to the field of Fine Arts, but also with a more well-rounded worldview and a better appreciation for the people around him."

- Trevor Scott '17

Active in SLUH Choirs and musicals, A Capella, Liturgical Musicians Clubs, dance and orchestra programs; member of the St. Louis District and Missouri All-State Choirs; and participant in the prestigious U.S. All-National Choir in Dallas in November 2016.