SLUH Esports has three distinct seasons with varsity and junior varsity teams for nine different teams  participating in the Missouri Scholastic Esports Federation (MOSEF).  Each team meets twice a week for practice and competion with a dedicated coach.  Additionaly, players gather weekly for team day activities like pickleball and bashball, for team service days, and for special visits to local collegiate esports arenas. 

FAll (aug-Nov)

Rocket League 3x3
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Solos
Overwatch 2

Winter (Dec-JAn)

Apex Legends
Pokemon Unite
Mario Kart Time Trials

Spring (Feb-Apr)

SSBU 5v5 Crew
League of Legends


Dr. David Callon

Thanks to our partnership with the Saint Louis Science Center, SLUH players practice and compete three times per week after school in one of the region's premier gaming facilities.