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SLUH Racquetball Wins the National Championship!
SLUH Racquetball Wins the National Championship!

When it comes to high school racquetball programs, SLUH remains the best in the country. On Sunday, March 3, the team won it's 9th consecutive and 13th overall National Championship.

This came at the end of a 5-day tournament where 52 SLUH players competed against high schoolers from all over the country, hosted here in St. Louis. Our team was incredible and our players gave it everything they had, putting their best selves into that court. They persevered through tough competition and challenging moments and some even put their body on the line. A couple people had to play as many as 11 matches throughout the course of the tournament but that didn't stop them from fighting hard until the end. They truly deserve this success!

Team Results

Here are the final standings:

Individual Results

Here are all the players who medaled in their brackets in Nationals:

Joe Miner: #2 Bracket, 2nd Place
Andrew Porterfield: #3 Bracket, 1st Place
Nick Schulze: #4 Bracket, 1st Place
Ryan Juergens: #5 Bracket, 2nd Place
Tommy Phillips: #6 Bracket Gold, 1st Place
Zach Pavlisin: #6 Bracket Gold, 3rd Place
Nick Petersen: #6 Bracket Blue, 1st Place
Jared Thornberry: #6 Bracket Red, 1st Place
Matthew Wilmes: #6 Bracket White, 1st Place

Hayes/Schulze: #1 Doubles, 2nd Place
John/Pavlisin: #3 Doubles, 1st Place
Miner/Gund: #3 Doubles, 3rd Place
Juergens/Lodes: #3 Doubles Consolation, 2nd Place