Our Program


An interscholastic athletic program as a co-curricular activity is an integral part of the total education and growth experience at St. Louis University High School. Athletics are designed to affirm and promote the Ignatian values as stated in the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation and engage student-athletes fully in mind, body and spirit. Student-athletes, coaches and parents are called upon to work together in a true spirit of sportsmanship to assist in creating an environment in which those Ignatian values can be revealed, tested and proven relevant both to participants and the entire SLUH community.

Through participation in athletics at SLUH, students mature physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. They learn to take responsibility for personal growth by developing loyalty, pride, integrity and commitment. Athletics provides the opportunity for the student-athlete to exhibit a progression of physical skills and knowledge of a particular sport, enabling him to apply these skills and knowledge to new situations and a variety of learning formats.

Through participation in athletics the student-athlete learns that God is active in all things and that individual and liturgical prayer will bring him closer to God. The student-athlete comes to trust that he is known and loved by God: that love invites a personal response, which is an expression of movement within the human heart beyond self interest or self centeredness. The student-athlete is called to be conscious of the call to be a leader in service and to acknowledge his commitment toward fostering a just society. Every member of the SLUH community must seek to encourage, instill and foster such growth and development in all student-athletes.


We believe that the opportunity for participation in a wide variety of Interscholastic Sports is a vital part of the student’s educational experience. Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the activity, to the student body, to the community and to the students themselves. These experiences contribute to the development of learning skills and emotional patterns that enable the student to make maximum use of his education.

SLUH student activities are considered as a co-curricular to the school’s program of education, which provides experiences that will help to develop each young man physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

The Coach at a Jesuit School

Our coaches are first and foremost Jesuit educators who use sports to present and reinforce meaningful lessons for life. These lessons focus on the values expressed in the Profile of the Jesuit Graduate at Graduation.

Cura Personalis, or care for the individual, is a central Ignatian priority. Our coaches demonstrate clarity, consistency and compassion. This means having an underlying care for and appreciation of the student-athlete, even while challenging him to do better.

“SLUH was critical to my formation. It provided a challenging program and environment that prepared me well for college and, more importantly, life.”

- Henry Jones '86

Pro-Bowl cornerback who made three Super Bowl appearances with the Buffalo Bills; pictured (right) with football coach Gary Kornfeld at the NFL Golden Football presentation at SLUH on November 25, 2015