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The deadline for freshmen physicals and fall sports participants is Friday, August 2.

Student Safety and Wellness is Our Priority

Participation in any sport or activity presents some level of risk of injury, including injuries that could be potentially fatal. Thus, care for and safety of our student-athletes is the utmost priority for St. Louis U. High and the Athletic Department.

We have dedicated staffing resources:

  • Scott Gilbert, Director of Student Health and Registered Nurse, is on campus during each school day.
  • Kim Bruhn and Jon McCutchen – both certified athletic trainers – are typically available after school and care for student-athletes at virtually all practices and contests held on our campus.

While our medical team can provide contact information for and connect families with doctors of varying specialties, SLUH does not endorse any specific doctor in any field. The decision to take a student-athlete to a doctor or a medical facility is always a family decision.

The only type of injury that mandates medical care is a suspected concussion. In that case, the medical professional helping to evaluate the potentially concussed student-athlete must be an MD, DO, PAC, LAT, or ARNP. Emergency room physicians and chiropractors cannot clear student-athletes for the various stages of progression of concussion recovery protocol.

Once a student-athlete is in the care of a doctor, he cannot return to participation until cleared by that doctor. While under a doctor's care, the SLUH medical staff can help with a student-athlete's treatment and rehab, per the doctor's instruction, but cannot clear the student-athlete for return to participation.

Good communication among the SLUH medical staff, the student-athlete, his parents/guardians, the doctor, and the SLUH coaches is vital to providing the best care for the student-athlete and may expedite the road to recovery.


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