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The deadline for freshmen physicals and fall sports participants is Friday, july 28.


​​Privit Information:

**We are not accepting hard copies of forms, they must all be entered in Privit**

1. Privit can be accessed through the SLUH athletics website under the Resources & Forms tab. The direct link is

2. Returning Users: All profiles and documents will be archived on 5/31/2023. Only the physical form and immunization record are still attached to your account. When you log in to your profile, you will need to complete all smart forms, including parent and student signatures. 

3.  New Users: When creating a new account, create the account with the parent's email address and then add the student to the profile. This ensures notices sent by Privit will reach the parent.

4. Remember to join the correct team(s). All Freshmen need to join “Incoming Freshmen” in addition to any sports teams they wish to be a part of.

5. Returning users, the only form you have to upload is your son’s Medical Eligibility Form (Step 3) where your physical is nearing expiration. Note to returning users, if your physical is still valid under the (2) year window, there is no need to take any further action at this time. 

For new users (freshmen and transfer students), you will need to upload (2) documents, the Medical Eligibility Form (Step 3) and your Immunization Record. 

All three documents, the Medical History Form (Step 1), the Preparticipation Physical Examination Form (Step 2), and the Medical Eligibility Form (Step 3) can be found on the SLUH website under Athletics > Resources and Forms or here

For freshmen, these forms can also be found under Quick Links > Freshmen Information or here. Due to new revisions by the state in the Spring of 2023, your Medical History Form (Step 1), the Preparticipation Physical Examination Form (Step 2), and the Medical Eligibility Form (Step 3) all need to be completed. The significant change effective immediately is that your physician will retain the first two forms (Step 1 and 2) in their database and the last form (Step 3) will be given back to you to upload to Privit. All other forms are smart forms you’ll complete under your Privit Profile. Once you have completed everything, your status will change to "submission complete".

6. Profiles are only reviewed once they are complete. We are not notified by Privit when a profile is updated or completed, so it may take up to 3 days for us to review your profile. 

7. The clipboard with the red x or green check indicates if you have taken the concussion baseline test. All freshmen are required to take the baseline test. Fall sports that require a baseline are: Football, Soccer, and Swimming. In these sports, both the status and checklist columns must have a green check for the athlete to be cleared for full participation. 

8. If you are having issues with the signatures or completing a form, it is best to use the Privit help center.

9. Please complete your profiles as soon as possible so you have time to make any changes or updates that are necessary after review. 

The deadline for Freshmen and Fall Sports athletes is July 28, 2023

Freshmen will NOT be allowed to attend class if their profile is incomplete.

Athletes will NOT be allowed to participate in practice if their profile is incomplete.  

10. Please direct any questions to Jon McCutchen, Director of Sports Medicine and Performance, , and/or Nick Snyder, Head Athletic Trainer,

Student Safety and Wellness is Our Priority

Participation in any sport or activity presents some level of risk of injury, including injuries that could be potentially fatal. Thus, care for and safety of our student-athletes is the utmost priority for St. Louis U. High and the Athletic Department.

We have dedicated staffing resources:

  • Scott Gilbert, Director of Student Health and Registered Nurse, is on campus during each school day.
  • Jon McCutchen and Nick Snyder– both certified athletic trainers – are available after school and care for student-athletes at virtually all practices and contests held on our campus.

While our medical team can provide contact information for and connect families with doctors of varying specialties, SLUH does not endorse any specific doctor in any field. The decision to take a student-athlete to a doctor or a medical facility is always a family decision.

The only type of injury that mandates medical care is a suspected concussion. In that case, the medical professional helping to evaluate the potentially concussed student-athlete must be an MD, DO, PAC, LAT, or ARNP. Emergency room physicians and chiropractors cannot clear student-athletes for the various stages of progression of concussion recovery protocol.

Once a student-athlete is in the care of a doctor, he cannot return to participation until cleared by that doctor. While under a doctor's care, the SLUH medical staff can help with a student-athlete's treatment and rehab, per the doctor's instruction, but cannot clear the student-athlete for return to participation.

Good communication among the SLUH medical staff, the student-athlete, his parents/guardians, the doctor, and the SLUH coaches is vital to providing the best care for the student-athlete and may expedite the road to recovery.


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