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If you are a young man looking to build friendships and be part of a historic program in the state of Missouri, SLUH Cross Country is the home for you. We push you to buy into something larger than yourself. We work hard and hold every team member to high expectations. Instead of a series of teams differentiated by age and level, we operate daily as one single program. There are no cuts; but we do stress the importance of commitment. We also have a lot of fun. Contact Head Coach Joe Porter at with any questions or to sign up for next season's roster.


SLUH XC Team News & Announcements

Second Place Trophy at State

For a second consecutive season, the SLUH Junior Billikens finished 2nd overall at the State meet. It was a proud finish for our decorated senior class, a class that was part of the program that finished 10th overall in both 2016 and 2017. Each of them played pivotal roles in elevating us to our consecutive runner-up finishes.

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XC Team Roster: 2019

Freshmen (22)

Abbate, Joe
Abner, Nathan
Barks, Tyler
Carpenter, Ryan
Coolbaugh, Connor
Cooper, Jackson
Cox, Cody
Evans, Jack
Funke, Hudson
Greiner, Tim
Hurley, Walter
Johnson, Spencer
Jones, Brendan
Lowe, Carter
Meara, Nolan
Miles, Emmet
Purschke, Nicholas
Rammacher, Lucas
Riggan, Will
Seal, Wyatt
Spengemann, Nathan
Zlotopolski, Tommy

Sophomores (23)

Alford, Francis
Arens, Tag
Brawley, Grant **
Dernlan, Eli
Glass, Justin
Gray, Tad
Halley, William
James, Peter
Kean, Sam
Kellogg, Sean
LaBarge, Joe
Lawhorn, Gavin
McGroarty, Joe
Mittendorf, Alex
Mize, Robert
Nesser, Joseph
O’Connell, Flynn
Pashea, Baker
Pierson, Luke
Quinlivan, Sam
Sanfilippo, Graham
Swiecicki, Cullen
Wojtkowski, Nathan

** denotes Class Leader

Juniors (17)

Apprill-Sokol, Noah
Bourneuf, Henry
Buescher, Michael
Byrne, Aidan
Cantwell, Keegan
Garavaglia, Anthony
Hogan, Daniel **
Jackson, Reid
Kramer, Ryan
LeGrand, Sandy **
McIntyre, Henry
Nolan, Teddy
Rizzo, Bobby
Safar, Maurice
Stus, Parker
Thro, Alexander
Zenor, Hayden **

** denotes Class Leader

Seniors (18)

Andrew, Matt
Bievenue, Austin
Booher, Mitchell
Callahan, Joe *
Dillon, Peter *
Friedrichs, Matt *
Galli, James
Garcia, Ben #
Gordon, Michael
LaBarge, Peter
Mittendorf, Adam *
Moore, Leo
Potter, Matthew
Rackers, Lucas *
Scott, Noah *
Song, Sirius
Swiecicki, Cooper
Wu, Eric

* denotes Team Captain
# denotes Team Student Chaplain

Athlete Forms

Recovering Athlete Report

If you are requesting a lighter workout, an alternative workout, or a day off today due to a diagnosed or suspected injury, please complete this form by the end of your lunch period. You are never free to skip practice. You must complete this form before speaking to a coach about the issue. Never assume that your plan for the day is what the coaches will have you do. Under most circumstances, you will still be working out, doing therapy or performing service to the team. Fill out a new form every day you are requesting consideration for your situation, unless you have directly worked out a long-term plan with the head coach.

Click here to access the Recovering Athlete Report.

Study Group Daily Report

The Study Group is a group of athletes who have asked for extra support and flexibility from the coaching staff in order to be academically successful. Being a member of the Study Group commits the athlete to completing this report every school day. If you faithfully meet this commitment and find that you are in a situation that requires you to miss a meet or a practice in order to keep up with academic work, the head coach may excuse you. You are never excused without the approval of the head coach. Our hope is that a daily piece of communication will help you be more aware of what you need to do and will help the coaching staff to support you in your studies. If a pattern of repeated requests for absence develops, the coaches, you, and your parents will meet to discuss the situation.

Click here to access The Study Group Daily Report.

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SLUH XC Daily Calendar: 2019

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