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August 17 - 21st Annual Alumni Race (ALL)

Saturday, August 17
SLUH Track

On this day, everyone had the opportunity to get their first taste of racing for the season. After dividing the team into three heats, each heat formed their own teams and attacked a two-mile race around the track. 

You can only race who shows up in front of you, and the team demonstrated that they will be a force to be reckoned with this year, defeating the alums handily by the score of 22-37. Lucas Rackers (9:39) and Noah Scott (9:41) led the charge by going 1-2. After those two, 76 other team members registered an opening time for the season, allowing the coaches to now better create workout groups based not only on volume of miles, but on speed and competitiveness amongst the groups. 

After the races, Mr. Zlotopolski and Mr. Rackers helped fire up the grill, and the team and alums recounted their races over a simple lunch of hot dogs and chips. A big thanks to those two parents for helping prepare our food!

Click here to see results for the two-mile race, including lap and mile splits for each competitor. Especially for newer runners, t's always fascinating to return to these results after the season of training ahead, to see just how much progress can and will be made. 

The freshmen and sophomores will open their competitive racing season on Wednesday, September 4 at the O'Fallon Futures Invitational. The rest of the team (including all O'Fallon racers) will open up a few days later on September 7 at the Granite City Invitational. 

September 4 - O'Fallon Futures Inv. (B/C)

Wednesday, September 4
OTHS-Milburn Campus (650 Milburn School Rd, O'Fallon, IL 62269)

For the sixth consecutive year, the program opened up our competitive racing season with a freshman and sophomore meet in O'Fallon, Illinois. And what an impression they left on their prospects for the season ahead!

The freshmen, eager to finally race after three and a half weeks of tough training that seemed to have no end in sight, cut loose around the cornfields of the two-loop course at the O'Fallon-Milburn campus. Our top freshman finisher was Wyatt Seal in 5th place, our only freshman medalist who ran a strong 3-mile time of 17:54. Yet, XC races aren't won on the strength of just one runner. Behind Wyatt was a cavalcade of Junior Billiken freshmen, six of them filling places 11-17, and it was this pack that sealed a convincing victory over O'Fallon (55-71) and five other Illinois teams. As this was everyone's first race, it's difficult to say who stood out in their race, but at least one runner who deserves mention for rising to run with people he maybe hasn't before is Tyler Barks. Looking up and down the freshman roster though, most (if not all) ran three-mile times faster than their best three mile run in practice. It's also worth noting that a 5K time under 20:00, run by season's end, is really good for a freshman. At O'Fallon, once we converted our 3-mile finishes to 5k times, we already have a whopping six freshmen under that barrier, with a seventh right on the doorstep. Incredible...great job, boys!

The sophomores wasted no time in staking a claim on their own race, besting metro-East power Edwardsville and five others by an unofficial margin of 30-45. We sent four sophomores to the top five overall by the mile mark. Not much changed from there, as we finished in places #2 #3 (Justin Glass), #4 (Graham Sanfilippo), and #7 (Joe LaBarge). Each of our first three finishers hit times that were PRs (personal records) from their best time last season, and Graham's race represented an additional and significant performance breakthrough—and one that found Graham a new workout group in the process! Tad Gray, after a summer of hard work, finished as our final scoring runner, sealing the win with a big PR of his own. Not to be outdone, however, was Gavin Lawhorn. Gavin bested his freshman PR by an incredible 1 minute 53 seconds! Gavin has been working really hard in practice while carrying a great attitude, and he saw that pay off in spades in the season's first race. Two other new sophomores, Joe McGroarty and Cullen Swiecicki, admirably completed their first race with the program.

You can view the Team Split Sheet from O'Fallon here; we are still awaiting receipt of the race results from the host school. We will pass those along when they are made available to us.

O'Fallon Pictures: Sophomore Race | Freshman Race

To everyone... keep working hard and stay focused! This has the makings of a special season, but nothing will ever come to us without 100% buy-in and effort.

Sophomore Race PRs (Personal Records) + Amount of PR
Gavin Lawhorn 1:53
Graham Sanfilippo 0:41 (Medalist – 4th place)
Tad Gray 0:31
Baker Pashea 0:27 (Medalist – 2nd place)
Justin Glass 0:18 (Medalist – 3rd place)

Other Sophomore Race medalist:
Joe LaBarge, 7th place

September 7 - Granite City Invitational (V, B/C/JV)

Saturday, September 7
Wilson Park (2900 Benton St, Granite City, IL 62040)

Overall, it was a great day for the program at the Granite City Invitational. The biggest highlight was the varsity squad's ability to defend our team championship in the 25-team invitational.

In that varsity race, our guys ran with confidence and unity, and we were able to defeat a strong team from Edwardsville and all 23 other team challengers in the field. In big races, the gap between your first and last scoring runner is critical, since any other teams' runners who finish inside that gap will inflate your score. Even with two finishers running elite three-mile times right on either side of 15:20, we were able to keep that scoring gap at a low 38 seconds and earn the win. Lucas Rackers and Noah Scott finished third and fourth in the race, and Adam Mittendorf was 11th, Daniel Hogan 14th, and Grant Brawley 16th. All five of those runners medalled. Six of our varsity runners earned new PRs (personal records) on the day, including Peter Dillon (32nd) and Hayden Zenor (49th). Hogan's PR was especially impressive, as he knocked off over a full minute from his previous best.

The second and final race of the day was the gigantic open race. It seemed a bit chaotic, but rest assured this was the only time all season that we'll have such a large group in the same race. From here on out, freshmen will have their own race. A lot of good things happened in the race, including an amazing 32 PRs from our 60 finishers! Many freshmen and sophomores set PRs after their first race earlier in the week, but a few large PRs for returning runners came from a trip of juniors: Henry McIntyre (1:25), Sandy LeGrand (0:58), and Alex Thro (0:47). Congratulations to all!

GRANITE CITY RESULTS: VarsityB&C/OpenTeam Split Sheet

Varsity Race PRs
Daniel Hogan 1:01
Grant Brawley 0:29
Peter Dillon 0:21
Hayden Zenor 0:15
Noah Scott 0:11
Adam Mittendorf 0:07

Open Race PRs
Jack Evans 4:19
Connor Coolbaugh 3:12
Jackson Cooper 2:17
Nathan Abner 1:56
Cullen Swiecicki 1:52
Henry McIntyre 1:25
Brendan Jones 1:14
Ryan Carpenter 1:11
Tommy Zlotopolski 1:09
Sandy LeGrand 0:58
Nathan Spengemann 0:48
Alex Thro 0:47
Hudson Funke 0:44
Cody Cox 0:36
Tad Gray 0:33
Joe Abbate 0:33
Joe McGroarty 0:31
Nathan Wojtkowski 0:27
Aidan Byrne 0:21
Walter Hurley 0:16
Spencer Johnson 0:16
Noah Apprill-Sokol 0:12
Gavin Lawhorn 0:12
Nolan Meara 0:12
Tim Greiner 0:12
Wyatt Seal 0:10
Carter Lowe 0:09
Will Riggan 0:08
Robert Mize 0:05
Mike Gordon 0:04
Joe LaBarge 0:02
Peter James 0:01


September 14 - Forest Park XC Festival (V, JV, C)

Saturday, September 14
Forest Park (Aviation Field/Archery Range/Planetarium/Bowl Lake)

We have put to rest another Forest Park Cross Country Festival. Thank you very much to all the athletes, parents, and volunteers who helped make the 14th annual event another big success. So many community hands came together to make the event possible, and we also want to thank the parents for their patience at the end of the day as we tried to haul the final tables and supplies back to school. It was a long day, but it was a feat that not many other programs could pull off. We hope our boys and all the other athletes who competed had a fun and positive day. Now, onward to a more traditional week of practice and competition!

Varsity: The Boys Green Division Varsity race demonstrated the razor-thin margins of XC team scoring. Three teams separated themselves from the rest in the 25 team field, and those three teams were separated by only two points. On Saturday, SLUH fell on the short end of those two points, getting edged out by team champions Liberty (140 points, from Kansas City, MO) and defending FPXC champions Neuqua Valley (142 points, from Chicago). Though we equalled Neuqua Valley's 142 points, they took second place based on the tie-breaker (where a team's sixth finisher places). Our two varsity medalists were Noah Scott (8th place) and Lucas Rackers (22nd place). 

Junior Varsity: The junior varsity team finished 5th among 18 teams. Our two medalists in the JV race were Baker Pashea (19th place) and Joe Callahan (23rd place). Additionally, the JV race produced our only two 5k PRs of the day: Henry McIntyre and Joe McGroarty. Congrats! 

Freshmen: The freshmen finished 3rd of 10 scoring teams, getting bested only by a incredible group from Kickapoo (Springfield, MO) and Neuqua Valley (Chicago). We had six freshmen medalists: Carter Lowe (12th), Wyatt Seal (13th), Tim Greiner (14th), Nolan Meara (15th), Will Riggan (20th), and Nick Purschke (28th). If you add approximately 46-54 seconds to your 3k result (ranging from our fastest to slowest finishers), you can produce an equivalent time to compare to your 3,200-meter time at the Alumni race a month ago. From top to bottom, it's clear that this freshmen team is continuing to improve. 

Here are results and splits among the entire SLUH team. Check the Forest Park meet website for results from all the 15 races on the day.​


September 21 - Paul Enke Invitational (V2, JV, C)

Saturday, September 21
Sioux Passage Park (17930 Old Jamestown Rd, Florissant, MO 63034)

Team Split Sheet | Varsity Results | JV Results | Freshmen Results

Varsity Pictures | JV Pictures | Freshmen Pictures

Another year of competitive fun and community was had on the Sioux Passage battleground! After the recent heat, no one complained about the cloudy skies that lingered for much of the morning, or even the soft rain that fell for the final parts of the freshman race.

Varsity - With six of our seven runners competing in their first-ever varsity race, gaining experience by competing against other schools' top squads was the mission on Saturday. With sophomore Baker Pashea leading the charge and earning a medal in a tough 23rd place, the team finished 6th of 12 scoring teams. Our other six runners finished just outside of the cut for medals. Special props to freshman Wyatt Seal for fearlessly entering the varsity ring and holding his own, and seniors Mitchell Booher and Austin Bievenue for their leadership in shepherding the younger runners.

Junior Varsity - Despite seeing six of their typical members competing up in varsity, the junior varsity finished first among 13 scoring teams on Saturday. Taking a quick look "underneath the hood" demonstrates how this team dramatically improved upon its performance at FPXC. If you remove the FPXC JV finishes of those who competed in varsity yesterday, last Saturday Lafayette would have beaten us on the JV level by more than 70 points (173-247). Yesterday, that same group defeated Lafayette 36-41. Even more than that, Lafayette added a runner to JV yesterday that ran varsity for them at FPXC. That's what we would call a good day! There were many strong performances up and down the JV race, and our scoring five of Sirius Song, Aidan Byrne, Graham Sanfilippo, Henry Bourneuf, and Francis Alford all ran tough races to set our score. Additionally, Peter LaBarge helped boost Lafayette's score by finishing ahead of their final scorer. In addition to those six, we had five more medalists to make 11 total in the race! Congratulations to Henry McIntyre, Matt Friedrichs, Tad Gray, Sean Kellogg, and Parker Stus for their medals.

Freshmen - Up and down the roster, the freshmen ran with purpose and commitment on Saturday, besting all competition to claim their first official team championship of the season. There was little doubt about this one, as the freshmen packed eight runners in places 4-11 for the first mile. On the back part of the course, they took care of business to cement their positioning before ascending Manmaker for the second time to run towards the championship. Tim Greiner led the way on the day, rising to second overall. Carter Lowe, Will Riggan, Tyler Barks, and Nolan Meara also finished in the top 8, and also earning medals were Lucas Rammacher, Nick Purschke, and Cody Cox. Amazingly, five freshmen set PRs at Sioux Passage: Rammacher, Brendan Jones, Connor Coolbaugh, Nathan Abner, and Emmet Miles. We also want to note the grit demonstrated by Jack Evans, one whose will to finish shined as brightly as any.

September 27 - Ed White Invitational (V2, JV, C)

Friday, September 27
Arnold City Park (2400 Bradley Beach Rd., Arnold, MO 63010)

Results: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen
Photos: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen
Team Split Sheet: Here

Congratulations to the JV and Freshmen teams for earning team championships on Friday evening at Arnold City Park! Lots of great results to celebrate in all three of the races. 

Varsity: Senior Mitchell Booher led our team to a 5th place finish, finishing just outside of the medals in 22nd place. Mitchell's time was also a season-best, and he has been a tremendous leader for us in his senior season. We had several athletes competing in their first varsity race at Fox: sophomore Graham Sanfilippo, junior Henry Bourneuf, junior Aidan Byrne, and freshman Carter Lowe. Of that group, Henry set a season-best time and Aidan set an impressive 43 second PR!

Junior Varsity: In addition to the team championship, the headline in the JV race was the race win for junior Sandy LeGrand. In a sport with so many teams and competitors, even great teams can go a season without having anyone win a race. Sandy's winning time of 18:24, 16 seconds clear of his closest competition, gave us our first race champion of the season - congratulations, Sandy! Behind him were our other four scorers, each earning a medal and helping us to a 22-point win over Marquette for the team championship. Medalling in the JV race were LeGrand, Francis Alford (2nd place), Peter LaBarge (6th), Tad Gray (13th), and Sean Kellogg (14th). There were many PRs and season-best times run in this race, and those are all listed below. Alford, Maurice Safar, and Peter James set especially sizable new PRs. Congratulations to the entire team for their championship!

Freshmen: The freshmen ran away with the team title at Fox, continuing to prove they are a force to be reckoned with across the area. Even without three of its members who ran in different races this weekend, they put five in the top 10 and scored a low 21 points... over 60 points clear of second-place Marquette. Our medalists were Nolan Meara (3rd), Will Riggan (4th), Tyler Barks (5th), Nick Purschke (7th), and Lucas Rammacher (9th). But, as with the JV race, medals do not tell the story of the strength of their day. Check out below how many freshmen established new PRs at Fox, including the largest PRs of the day for Emmet Miles and Nathan Abner. We work hard in practice, and races are opportunities to celebrate that hard work. 

Fox PRs (including time improvement):

  1. Emmet Miles, 2:53
  2. Nathan Abner, 2:34
  3. Lucas Rammacher, 2:01
  4. Joe Abbate, 1:53
  5. Jackson Cooper, 1:41
  6. Francis Alford, 1:20
  7. Maurice Safar, 1:20
  8. Walter Hurley, 1:08
  9. Ryan Carpenter, 0:59
  10. Nathan Spengemann, 0:58
  11. Tyler Barks, 0:52
  12. Connor Coolbaugh, 0:50
  13. Jack Evans, 0:49
  14. Aidan Byrne, 0:43
  15. Peter James, 0:42
  16. Brendan Jones, 0:39
  17. Will Riggan, 0:35
  18. Henry McIntyre, 0:27
  19. Tad Gray, 0:25
  20. Alex Mittendorf, 0:24
  21. Joe McGroarty, 0:24
  22. Spencer Johnson, 0:22
  23. Robert Mize, 0:19
  24. Michael Buescher, 0:18
  25. Eric Wu, 0:18
  26. Gavin Lawhorn, 0:13
  27. Cody Cox, 0:11
  28. Nick Purschke, 0:10
  29. Sam McGrail, 0:08

Season-Best Times at Fox:

  1. Mitchell Booher
  2. Peter LaBarge
  3. Henry Bourneuf
  4. Sean Kellogg
  5. Matt Friedrichs
  6. Matt Andrew
  7. Parker Stus
  8. Eli Dernlan
  9. Luke Pierson
  10. Will Halley
  11. Teddy Nolan
  12. Carter Spence
  13. Bobby Rizzo

September 28 - Palatine Invitational (V, JV)

Saturday, September 28
Deer Grove East Forest Preserve (Cook County Forest Preserve, 1599 Pepper Tree Dr, Palatine, IL 60074)

Results: Varsity (10th of 30) | Junior Varsity (7th of 27)
Photos: Varsity | Junior Varsity
Team Split Sheet: Here

Varsity: Our varsity finished 10th in a competitive and muddy field at Palatine. Noah Scott medalled in 26th place, our highest finisher of the day. Earning a medal at this meet is a great achievement! Adam Mittendorf ran a tough race for 44th place, and another race that stood out to the coaches was Hayden Zenor's. It was also great to welcome Ryan Kramer back to competition. With six weeks until the State meet, we feel very good about the trajectory we find ourselves on. 

Junior Varsity: The Palatine JV fared three spots better than the varsity, finishing 7th among the 27 teams. Joe Callahan was our highest finisher of the day (22nd place). Three JV runners even managed to set PRs on a slow and muddy course at Deer Grove East: Tim Greiner, Joe LaBarge, and Baker Pashea. 

All in all, the trip to Chicago was successful and will help us prepare for championship races both this season and in seasons to come. 

October 5 - Parkway West Invitational (V, JV, B, C)

Saturday, October 5
Living Word United Methodist Church (17315 Manchester Road, Wildwood, MO 63038)

Race Results: Varsity (1st of 20) | Junior Varsity (2nd of 16) | Sophomores (1st of 14) | Freshmen (1st of 15)
Team Split Sheet: Here
Photographs: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Sophomores | Freshmen

What a team day we had at Living Word! At the Dale Shepard Invitational, so named for the legendary Parkway West coach, we came in and made quite the statement. 

Varsity: Resting two of our five scorers, we knew our work would be cut out for us in a traditionally stout field. But, showcasing tremendous depth and ability, we rose to the occasion and scored 57 points to take a 13 point win over state power Rock Bridge and others. Since returning to the Parkway West Invitational in 2012, the 57 points is our lowest score (our 2nd lowest is 94) and our first team championship since 2012. A pack of three top-10 runners led the way, with Noah Scott in 3rd, Adam Mittendorf in 6th, and Grant Brawley in 9th. Also medaling to complete our score were Peter Dillon in 16th and Joe Callahan in 29th. Hayden Zenor finished in 34th place, and his time established for him a new PR. Ryan Kramer battled some tough luck and finished 41st, and he continues to round into form after injuries slowed him at the start of the season.

Sophomores: Following the varsity triumph, the sophomores squeaked out a one-point win over Webster Groves, essentially reducing the 14-team field to a dual meet by winning by a margin of 43-44. Baker Pashea ran a new PR of 17:46 to give us a race champion for the second consecutive week. Behind him were three other top-10 runners: Graham Sanfilippo (4th), Joe LaBarge (7th), and Justin Glass (9th). Even though Webster had six runners in the finishing chute by the time our next and final scoring runner finished, Francis Alford's 23rd place finish gave us our winning margin. A number of sophomores established new PRs that are noted below. A few guys to give a shout-out to: Sean Kellogg for continuing to close the gap on his classmates after recovering from injury, Tag Arens for getting after it big time in the finishing kick (up the hill!) to give him his PR, and Cullen Swiecicki for the biggest sophomore PR on the day.

Freshmen: Since finishing third at the Forest Park XC Festival, the freshmen been on quite the roll, having now won team championships in three consecutive invitationals. At this meet, our strongest competition came from Rock Bridge, our rivals from Columbia, MO. Through four finishers, Rock Bridge held a two point lead over us. But as is more often than not the case in XC, team titles are won based on who has the best 5th finisher. Tyler Barks came across as our #5 in 15th place (in a race with runners from 21 schools and 15 scoring teams). Would it be enough? Showing amazing depth, we placed an additional seven freshmen in front of Rock Bridge's #5, giving us a clear winning margin of 36-72. Medalling in the C race were Tim Greiner (2nd), Wyatt Seal (5th), Carter Lowe (6th), Will Riggan (14th), Barks, Nolan Meara (19th), and Nicholas Purschke (20th). Many PRs to note below. Additional kudos to Lucas Rammacher for battling tough through a cramp, Spencer Johnson for making his way closer to that 20:00 mark, and Hudson Funke and Tommy Zlotopolski for their 1:00+ PRs. Finally, I've got to mention Nathan Abner and his 0:00.25 (that's a quarter second!) PR from his previous best at Fox. Good lean at the finish line, Nathan!

Junior Varsity: After finishing as runner-ups to us in the Varsity and Freshmen and divisions, Rock Bridge had our number in this one, pushing us back to a 2nd place finish among the 16 scoring teams. We had five top-25 medalists: Reid Jackson (5th), Sirius Song (12th), Peter LaBarge (19th), Sandy LeGrand (20th), and Aidan Byrne (23rd). Reid Jackson's race provided one of the biggest highlights of the day, as he has been battling leg injuries and hadn't been able to race until yesterday. Amazingly, his time was our 9th fastest on the day, and anyone who saw him after the race clearly saw that Reid battled through all sorts of things to finish how he did. Also, kudos to Aidan Byrne and Henry McIntyre for yet another PR and Teddy Nolan for showing off one of the strongest finishing kicks we had on the day. Those strides and flying 200s we do at the end of practices are designed to help in those race closing situations!

PRs at Parkway West:
Tommy Zlotopolski, 1:40
Hudson Funke, 1:09
Tim Greiner, 0:42
Brendan Jones, 0:40
Cullen Swiecicki, 0:38
Ryan Carpenter, 0:35
Spencer Johnson, 0:34
Graham Sanfilippo, 0:25
Carter Lowe, 0:25
Alex Mittendorf, 0:23
Henry McIntyre, 0:18
Nathan Wojtkowski, 0:14
Tag Arens, 0:08
Aidan Byrne, 0:05
Hayden Zenor, 0:04
Baker Pashea, 0:04
Joe LaBarge, 0:04
Tyler Barks, 0:03
Gavin Lawhorn, 0:02
Will Riggan, 0:02
Connor Coolbaugh, 0:02
Robert Mize, 0:01
Nathan Abner, 0:00.25

Anthony Garavaglia, 0:50
Teddy Nolan, 0:28
Joe Callahan, 0:25
James Galli, 0:22
Ryan Kramer, 0:19
Sirius Song, 0:10
Peter LaBarge, 0:06
Bobby Rizzo, 0:06
Cooper Swiecicki, 0:04

October 10 & 15 - MCC Championships (V, JV, C)

Thursday, October 10
Jefferson Barracks Park, 533 Bagby Road, St. Louis, MO 63125

Race ResultsVarsity (1st of 5) | Junior Varsity (1st of 5)  | Freshmen (1st of 5)
Team Split SheetHere
PhotographsVarsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen

Congratulations to the varsity for earning our program's 16th consecutive conference championship! This is a remarkable feat made possible by the hard work of the whole program and scores of runners from years gone by, many runners before some of our current ones were even born.

Additionally, for the third consecutive year at conference, we scored a perfect 15 points. Adam Mittendorf finished first to become SLUH's 11th M.C.C. champion, and his four teammates who secured the perfect score were hot on his heels, as only 16 seconds elapsed between Adam and our #5. In addition to the first five, Joe Callahan again earned First Team All-Conference honors, and Hayden Zenor earned Second Team All-Conference designation.

1. Adam Mittendorf, 16:53.0 (First Team All-MCC)
2. Lucas Rackers, 16:57.4 (First Team All-MCC)
3. Grant Brawley, 17:01.0 (First Team All-MCC)
4. Noah Scott, 17:05.8 (First Team All-MCC)
5. Peter Dillon, 17:09.6 (First Team All-MCC)
7. Joe Callahan, 17:17.7 (First Team All-MCC)
11. Hayden Zenor 17:46.9 (Second Team All-MCC)

After being halted by thunderstorms after the varsity contest, the JV/C meet got rescheduled for Tuesday, October 15. Ultimately, we were able to build upon varsity's success and complete a season-long goal of winning the MCC on all three levels. This is a team achievement that relies upon each and every runner pushing their teammates to be the best they can be. 

In the JV race, Ryan Kramer pulled away from his teammates in the second mile and blistered a winning time of 17:13, a season best by nearly 30 seconds. We took the first 11 places in the race and earned an astounding 23 of the 30 individual medals. Other individual highlights included season-best times by Henry Bourneuf, Teddy Nolan, Will Halley, and Bobby Rizzo; the return (and medalling!) of senior Ben Garcia after a season-long injury, and sophomore Gavin Lawhorn earning what was his first XC medal!

After experiencing a challenge from two CBC runners, the freshmen claimed their own conference championship in scoring a low 22 points. Wyatt Seal became our third conference champion of the meet! Wyatt joins current team members Grant Brawley, Daniel Hogan, and Mitchell Booher as M.C.C. freshman champions. We took 13 of the 25 freshman medals and just had a great team day up and down the line. Earning their first medals of their XC career were Spencer Johnson, Jackson Cooper, Walter Hurley, Nathan Spengemann, Brendan Jones, and Connor Coolbaugh. Four freshmen set PRs on the MCC course (designed below) - which is no easy feat! With two races left on the schedule, the freshmen are poised to challenge for six consecutive team titles. Keep up the hard work! 

PRs at MCC:
Nathan Abner, 0:18
Brendan Jones, 0:10
Connor Coolbaugh, 0:09
Gavin Lawhorn, 0:07
Ryan Carpenter, 0:03

SBs at MCC:
Ryan Kramer, 0:27
Teddy Nolan, 0:19
Bobby Rizzo, 0:11
Henry Bourneuf, 0:08
Will Halley, 0:08

October 19 - Borgia Invitational (V2, JV, C)

Saturday, October 19
Big Driver Golf Center (275 Grand Ave, Washington, MO 63090-1209)

Race ResultsVarsity (2nd of 16) | Junior Varsity (1st of 9)  | Freshmen (1st of 5)
Team Split SheetHere

Heading west to Washington, MO, SLUH XC represented themselves very well at the Borgia Invitational at Big Driver. 

Varsity: Measuring by career and season-best times run, the varsity team acquitted themselves the strongest of our three teams on Saturday. Running up in the varsity race, six of the seven athletes hit new such marks! Baker Pashea was our highest finisher and medalist in 15th place. Reid Jackson also medalled in 24th place. The team finished 12 points behind team champion Steelville, a team ranked #4 in Class 2. Our second place team finish placed us higher than some good teams, including MCC rivals Chaminade and CBC, Helias Catholic, and a secondary varsity team from Kirkwood.

Junior Varsity: In the nine-team field, the JV squad finished first, scoring 27 points to second place Kirkwood's 52. Graham Sanfilippo and Mitchell Booher ran aggressively at the front of the field and finished as our top two placers, in 4th and 3rd, respectively. Peter LaBarge, Francis Alford, and Matt Friedrichs all achieved high places behind the front two and cemented the win. Matt Friedrichs and fellow senior Ben Garcia had two very strong races, and Ben's ability to run a new PR on a very tough course was especially notable given his limited ability to train this year. All told, we had 9 JV medalists. Joining the first 5 as medalists were Garcia, Tad Gray, Aidan Byrne, and Noah Apprill-Sokol. Also of note were Parker Stus and Alex Mittendorf dipping under the 20:00 mark for the first time - congratulations!

Freshmen: Make that five in a row! The freshmen again claimed a team victory, this time besting their closet rival by 24 points in a five-team field. Tim Greiner and Carter Lowe ran together near the front of the race, finishing ahead of everyone except a pair of strong runners from CBC and Kirkwood. Will Riggan and Nolan Meara came back strong to finish in the top 10, and Tyler Barks continued a consistently high-performing season with a top-10 finish of his own. Other highlights in the freshman race were Nicholas Purschke hanging tough with our front pack, nearly 30-second PRs for Hudson Funke and Brendan Jones, and yet another PR for Nathan Abner. We had 8 medalists on the day - Greiner, Lowe, Riggan, Meara, Barks, Purschke, Lucas Rammacher, and Jones. Congratulations to the freshmen for keeping a strong season going. One more to go!

Borgia PRs:

  • Hudson Funke, 0:28
  • Brendan Jones, 0:27
  • Eric Wu, 0:26
  • Alex Mittendorf, 0:17
  • Nathan Abner, 0:15
  • Joe LaBarge, 0:13
  • Will Riggan, 0:13
  • Parker Stus, 0:10
  • Baker Pashea, 0:08 (also earning a navy team shirt - sub-17:45)
  • Sandy LeGrand, 0:07 (also earning a varsity letter - sub-18:15)
  • Joe McGroarty, 0:05
  • Ben Garcia, 0:04
  • Wyatt Seal, 0:04

Borgia SBs:

  • Matt Friedrichs, 0:20
  • Sirius Song, 0:13
  • Bobby Rizzo, 0:08
  • Reid Jackson, 0:01

October 25 - Clayton Invitational (V2, JV)

Friday, October 25
Shaw Park (27 S Brentwood Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105)

Race ResultsVarsity (1st of 15) | Junior Varsity (4th of 13)
Team Split SheetHere

Clayton is always a special meet for our seniors, and this year was no different. On Friday afternoon at Shaw Park, our seniors (with a little help from three underclassmen) acquitted themselves very well at the Clayton Invitational. All reports described a fun and positive spirit among the group racing that evening.

Varsity: In the varsity race, we had six medalists and were able to win the 15-team invitational. Our first finisher was Daniel Hogan, finishing in third place. Also earning varsity medals were Hayden Zenor (5th), Sirius Song (6th), Mitchell Booher (14th), Graham Sanfilippo (22nd), and Peter LaBarge (23rd). Sirius and Peter's finishes each represented big season-best times, and Daniel's race was his first one back after recovering from injury. Matt Friedrichs suffered a little bad luck in the pre-race huddle, but he, too, was able to run a race that placed him around the top third of the whole field.

Junior Varsity: With a senior-only squad, we took 4th among the 13 teams. Medalling were Ben Garcia (10th), Austin Bievenue (13th), Matt Andrew (15th), and Mike Gordon (21st). James Galli closed out our scoring in 42nd place, and Eric Wu, Cooper Swiecicki, and Leo Moore each ran nice races of their own.

October 26 - District 1 Championship (V)

Saturday, October 26
Jackson City Park (Jackson, MO 63755)

Race ResultsVarsity (1st of 13)
Team Split SheetHere

For the 24th time in the past 32 years, we have earned the distinction of becoming District champions. Placing all seven of our runners in the top ten overall, we scored 24 points to resoundingly defeat all other comers in Class 4 District 1.

It was a memorable trip down I-55 to Jackson, to be sure, with the rain intensifying as the team buses drew near the course. Locally, heavy rain had fallen for 12 hours consecutively before race-time, and the torrential rains sure didn't let up during our stay at Jackson City Park. Running along a course that was inches-deep in water and mud for much of it, our pack embraced nature's challenges and ran with fierce focus and execution.

If it weren't for a moment of bad, slippery luck that put Lucas on his backside at the final turn of the race, we may have also had the individual champion. However, he quickly pulled himself up and finished second overall. Behind him came a flood of teammates (no pun intended), and the gap between our first runner and our seventh runner in 10th overall was only 34 seconds. That kind of gap is tough to beat.

Though the awards ceremony got cancelled because of the rain - and our training runs were cut short by a quickly rising creek that seemed to indicate we needed to head for the hills before getting completely washed out - it was a successful day overall and the kind of team statement we were hoping to make. And at the end of the day, thank God for dry clothes and warm showers!

First Team All-District:
2nd - Lucas Rackers, Senior
3rd - Noah Scott, Senior
4th - Adam Mittendorf, Senior
7th - Ryan Kramer, Junior

Second Team All-District:
8th - Joe Callahan, Senior
9th - Grant Brawley, Sophomore
10th - Peter Dillon, Senior


October 30 - Findley Invitational (JV, C)

Wednesday, October 30
Jefferson Barracks Park, 533 Bagby Road, St. Louis, MO 63125

Race ResultsJunior Varsity (1st of 6)Freshmen (1st of 5) 
Team Split Sheet:  Here
PhotographsJunior Varsity | Freshmen 

On a raw, damp, and cold evening at Jefferson Barracks, the Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams each closed out their season with team championships. The conditions rendered fast times challenging to come by, but we competed very well in the conditions. Additionally, a huge thank you to the parents who supplied a delicious spread of food at the end of the evening! If any athlete didn't turn in his jersey on Wednesday night, he should get that to Coach Porter ASAP.

In the JV race, our guys fared well against a number of varsity runners from other schools who narrowly missed qualifying out of Districts. In that race, Daniel Hogan earned the individual championship. Other highlights in that race came from Sirius Song continuing a late-season surge, a great race from Sandy LeGrand to be our #5 scoring runner, Joe LaBarge running even splits to rise through the race after getting spiked early on, another PR for senior chaplain Ben Garcia, a furious sprint by Matt Friedrichs to claim the final medal, another big Findley PR for Will Halley, a big finishing kick for Anthony Garavaglia, and Joseph Nesser's first race of the season after a long recovery from injury. We also want to note and appreciate senior Leo Moore for his three seasons of quiet leadership and daily hard work.

For a sixth consecutive meet, and seventh in eight chances, the freshman team won their race. When you combine how many teams they defeated and lost to in all eight of those races, and think of it in a traditional Win-Loss format, this means the Freshmen concluded their season with a 57-2 record. A job well done! 

Individually, our front freshmen again found themselves in a contest with some strong freshmen runners from CBC and Kirkwood, and Wyatt Seal finished just on the heels of the winner from Kirkwood. Tim Griner, Carter Lowe, Nicholas Purschke, and Tyler Barks were our other scoring runners on the day. Jackson Cooper ran especially well to earn a medal, Connor Coolbaugh snagged another PR, and Nathan Abner once again came blazing into the finish with an impressive final kick. But beyond any individual achievements, the freshmen team as a whole really impressed this year, and we hope that the fun and lessons they've taken from being part of the team will continue to drive their work with us over the next three seasons. Each of them should be very proud of what they have accomplished.

For some data on how much improvement came over the course of 13 weeks, take a look at your results from the Alumni Race at the start of the season and compare that 5k equivalent time to your season PR. In some cases, the improvement is staggering!

Findley PRs:

  • Will Halley, 0:32
  • Joe McGroarty, 0:16
  • Gavin Lawhorn, 0:13
  • Connor Coolbaugh, 0:03
  • Ben Garcia, 0:01
  • Tag Arens, 0:01

Findley SBs:

  • Joseph Nesser, 2:34
  • Teddy Nolan, 0:27
  • Reid Jackson, 0:02
  • Bobby Rizzo, 0:02

November 2 - Sectional 1 Championship (V)

Saturday, November 2
Parkway Central High School (369 N Woods Mill Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63017)

Race ResultsVarsity (1st of 8)
Team Split SheetHere
Photographs: Here

On a beautiful morning in Chesterfield, we claimed the Sectional Championship and earned our right to compete at next weekend's State meet. This is a tremendous honor for our entire program. 

It was the first time this season we had the chance to face local power Kirkwood, and they indeed provided our strongest competition on the day. However, we placed our five scoring runners before their third finisher, giving us a comfortable winning margin. All seven of our runners earned medals, and five of the seven earned special "All Sectional" designations for their finish place. Additionally, Ryan Kramer and Peter Dillon each ran PRs that were sub-17:00 for the first time, and Joe Callahan put out his best time of the year by nearly 30 seconds. The miles and miles (and miles...) of work we have done, beginning over the summer, is beginning to pay off in our racing. Our cheering section and support at Sectional was phenomenal, and we hope this is the same type of spirit we can bring to State next weekend. Also, I promised Booher I'd commend him for his "no more than ten" words he got to speak in the post-race interview.   

SLUH Individuals & Places:
3. Lucas Rackers, Sr., 16:21.34, Medalist, First Team All-Sectional
10. Adam Mittendorf, Sr., 16:45.17, Medalist, Second Team All-Sectional
11. Grant Brawley, So., 16:46.04, Medalist, Second Team All-Sectional
12. Joe Callahan, Sr., 16:46.36 (SB), Medalist, Second Team All-Sectional
14. Ryan Kramer, Jr., 16:48.53 (PR), Medalist, Second Team All-Sectional
18. Peter Dillon, Sr., 16:58.69 (PR), Medalist
26. Noah Scott, Sr., 17:09.88, Medalist

Sectional 1 Teams:
1. SLUH, 46 - Sectional Champion
2. Kirkwood, 63 - Sectional Runner-Up
3. Webster Groves, 94 - State Qualifier
4. Ladue, 99 - State Qualifier
5. Jackson, 112
6. Lindbergh, 130
7. Chaminade, 163
8. Pattonville, 226

November 9 - State Championship (V)

Saturday, November 9
Gans Creek Recreation Area (3350 E Gans Rd, Columbia, MO 65201)

For a second consecutive season, the SLUH Junior Billikens finished 2nd overall at the State meet. It was a proud finish for our decorated senior class, a class that was part of the program that finished 10th overall in both 2016 and 2017. Each of them played pivotal roles in elevating us to our consecutive runner-up finishes. We defeated many strong programs on the day, including Liberty, the only Missouri team who had previously defeated us this season.

At Saturday's State Championship, our score of 119 trailed only Raymore-Peculiar's 104. Ray-Pec, as they are commonly known, is a school located about 30 miles south of Kansas City. Saturday was the first time we raced them this season. In the weeks leading up to State, they had also earned District and Sectional championships. Heading into State, we expected them to be among our strongest competition. From the outset of the race, we ran with confidence and class, and we were the leading team at each of the first four live-scoring checkpoints. However, over the final kilometer, Ray-Pec made a surge that we could not answer. Only moments after the finish, the live scoreboard confirmed what we saw transpire in the final stages of the race: Ray-Pec would be the champions on the day. They ran a phenomenal race to earn their first team championship in school history and first top-four trophy since 1986. To them, we tip our caps.

Individually, six of our seven runners PR'ed on the beautiful new Gans Creek XC Course. Their efforts produced a 5k scoring average of 16:06, far and away our best-ever State average. Our scorers on the day were Noah Scott, Lucas Rackers, Joe Callahan, Ryan Kramer, and Adam Mittendorf, with Grant Brawley and Peter Dillon not far behind.

Further, Noah and Lucas enshrined their names in the most elite parts of our team record book. The pair ran together near the front of the race and finished in 5th and 6th overall, each among our top ten all-time places at State. Following up on their All-State finishes from last year (a designation awarded to the Top 25 runners), they are now the 11th and 12th athletes in program history to multiple All-State XC medals. Finally, their times of 15:38.6 and 15:41.5 are the second and third fastest times a SLUH Junior Billiken runner has ever run in a 5k race.

Thank you to all the team and family members who made the drive to Columbia to cheer on the team and celebrate this day for the program. A special thanks to all the people, adults and upperclassmen, who made the effort to make sure our freshmen and sophomores could attend.

No single race, good or bad, defines a season. All team members should be proud about what we were able to accomplish over the course of the 2019 season. By any standard, what we do is incredibly difficult, and we were able to achieve great success, demonstrate class and maturity, and have a lot of fun while doing it. In our graduating senior class, we are losing a lot of leadership and talent, but with a tremendous cast of returning runners who learned from the Class of 2020, the future, yet again, looks bright for SLUH Cross Country.

SLUH Individual Results:
5th. Noah Scott, senior, 15:38.6 (PR; All-State medalist)
6th. Lucas Rackers, senior, 15:41.5 (PR; All-State medalist)
44th. Joe Callahan, senior, 16:19.4 (PR)
60th. Ryan Kramer, junior, 16:26.0 (PR)
64th. Adam Mittendorf, senior, 16:27.8
75th. Grant Brawley, sophomore, 16:33.1 (PR)
99th. Peter Dillon, senior, 16:44.4 (PR)

Team Results:
1. Raymore-Peculiar, 104 (State Champions)
2. SLUH, 119 (State Runner-Up)
3. Rock Bridge, 125 (State Trophy)
4. Kirkwood, 148 (State Trophy)
5. Central (St. Joseph), 150
6. Rockhurst, 170
7. Jefferson City, 205
8. Liberty, 206
9. Marquette, 208
10. Staley, 214
11. Webb City, 252
12. Ladue Horton Watkins, 259
13. Webster Groves, 279
14. West Plains, 280
15. Lafayette (Wildwood), 335
16. Francis Howell, 362

State Resources: Class 4 Boys final results | Splits | Photographs | Detailed results for all runners and races

Post-Race MileSplit Team Interview - tremendous wisdom and perspective from a very special group!

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