2019 Meet Information & Results

As we receive updates for meets, we will post the information below. As the season goes on, check back on this page often for updates to race rosters, arrival times, and results.

2019 Season Performance Log | 2019 Season Honor Roll
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Click here to view many years of historical race results at the meets and invitationals below.


August 17 - 21st Annual Alumni Race (ALL)

Saturday, August 17
SLUH Track

On this day, everyone had the opportunity to get their first taste of racing for the season. After dividing the team into three heats, each heat formed their own teams and attacked a two-mile race around the track. 

You can only race who shows up in front of you, and the team demonstrated that they will be a force to be reckoned with this year, defeating the alums handily by the score of 22-37. Lucas Rackers (9:39) and Noah Scott (9:41) led the charge by going 1-2. After those two, 76 other team members registered an opening time for the season, allowing the coaches to now better create workout groups based not only on volume of miles, but on speed and competitiveness amongst the groups. 

After the races, Mr. Zlotopolski and Mr. Rackers helped fire up the grill, and the team and alums recounted their races over a simple lunch of hot dogs and chips. A big thanks to those two parents for helping prepare our food!

Click here to see results for the two-mile race, including lap and mile splits for each competitor. Especially for newer runners, t's always fascinating to return to these results after the season of training ahead, to see just how much progress can and will be made. 

The freshmen and sophomores will open their competitive racing season on Wednesday, September 4 at the O'Fallon Futures Invitational. The rest of the team (including all O'Fallon racers) will open up a few days later on September 7 at the Granite City Invitational. 

September 4 - O'Fallon Futures Inv. (B/C)

Wednesday, September 4
OTHS-Milburn Campus (650 Milburn School Rd, O'Fallon, IL 62269)

For the sixth consecutive year, the program opened up our competitive racing season with a freshman and sophomore meet in O'Fallon, Illinois. And what an impression they left on their prospects for the season ahead!

The freshmen, eager to finally race after three and a half weeks of tough training that seemed to have no end in sight, cut loose around the cornfields of the two-loop course at the O'Fallon-Milburn campus. Our top freshman finisher was Wyatt Seal in 5th place, our only freshman medalist who ran a strong 3-mile time of 17:54. Yet, XC races aren't won on the strength of just one runner. Behind Wyatt was a cavalcade of Junior Billiken freshmen, six of them filling places 11-17, and it was this pack that sealed a convincing victory over O'Fallon (55-71) and five other Illinois teams. As this was everyone's first race, it's difficult to say who stood out in their race, but at least one runner who deserves mention for rising to run with people he maybe hasn't before is Tyler Barks. Looking up and down the freshman roster though, most (if not all) ran three-mile times faster than their best three mile run in practice. It's also worth noting that a 5K time under 20:00, run by season's end, is really good for a freshman. At O'Fallon, once we converted our 3-mile finishes to 5k times, we already have a whopping six freshmen under that barrier, with a seventh right on the doorstep. Incredible...great job, boys!

The sophomores wasted no time in staking a claim on their own race, besting metro-East power Edwardsville and five others by an unofficial margin of 30-45. We sent four sophomores to the top five overall by the mile mark. Not much changed from there, as we finished in places #2 #3 (Justin Glass), #4 (Graham Sanfilippo), and #7 (Joe LaBarge). Each of our first three finishers hit times that were PRs (personal records) from their best time last season, and Graham's race represented an additional and significant performance breakthrough—and one that found Graham a new workout group in the process! Tad Gray, after a summer of hard work, finished as our final scoring runner, sealing the win with a big PR of his own. Not to be outdone, however, was Gavin Lawhorn. Gavin bested his freshman PR by an incredible 1 minute 53 seconds! Gavin has been working really hard in practice while carrying a great attitude, and he saw that pay off in spades in the season's first race. Two other new sophomores, Joe McGroarty and Cullen Swiecicki, admirably completed their first race with the program.

You can view the Team Split Sheet from O'Fallon here; we are still awaiting receipt of the race results from the host school. We will pass those along when they are made available to us.

O'Fallon Pictures: Sophomore Race | Freshman Race

To everyone... keep working hard and stay focused! This has the makings of a special season, but nothing will ever come to us without 100% buy-in and effort.

Sophomore Race PRs (Personal Records) + Amount of PR
Gavin Lawhorn 1:53
Graham Sanfilippo 0:41 (Medalist – 4th place)
Tad Gray 0:31
Baker Pashea 0:27 (Medalist – 2nd place)
Justin Glass 0:18 (Medalist – 3rd place)

Other Sophomore Race medalist:
Joe LaBarge, 7th place

September 7 - Granite City Invitational (V, B/C/JV)

Saturday, September 7
Wilson Park (2900 Benton St, Granite City, IL 62040)

Overall, it was a great day for the program at the Granite City Invitational. The biggest highlight was the varsity squad's ability to defend our team championship in the 25-team invitational.

In that varsity race, our guys ran with confidence and unity, and we were able to defeat a strong team from Edwardsville and all 23 other team challengers in the field. In big races, the gap between your first and last scoring runner is critical, since any other teams' runners who finish inside that gap will inflate your score. Even with two finishers running elite three-mile times right on either side of 15:20, we were able to keep that scoring gap at a low 38 seconds and earn the win. Lucas Rackers and Noah Scott finished third and fourth in the race, and Adam Mittendorf was 11th, Daniel Hogan 14th, and Grant Brawley 16th. All five of those runners medalled. Six of our varsity runners earned new PRs (personal records) on the day, including Peter Dillon (32nd) and Hayden Zenor (49th). Hogan's PR was especially impressive, as he knocked off over a full minute from his previous best.

The second and final race of the day was the gigantic open race. It seemed a bit chaotic, but rest assured this was the only time all season that we'll have such a large group in the same race. From here on out, freshmen will have their own race. A lot of good things happened in the race, including an amazing 32 PRs from our 60 finishers! Many freshmen and sophomores set PRs after their first race earlier in the week, but a few large PRs for returning runners came from a trip of juniors: Henry McIntyre (1:25), Sandy LeGrand (0:58), and Alex Thro (0:47). Congratulations to all!

GRANITE CITY RESULTS: VarsityB&C/OpenTeam Split Sheet

Varsity Race PRs
Daniel Hogan 1:01
Grant Brawley 0:29
Peter Dillon 0:21
Hayden Zenor 0:15
Noah Scott 0:11
Adam Mittendorf 0:07

Open Race PRs
Jack Evans 4:19
Connor Coolbaugh 3:12
Jackson Cooper 2:17
Nathan Abner 1:56
Cullen Swiecicki 1:52
Henry McIntyre 1:25
Brendan Jones 1:14
Ryan Carpenter 1:11
Tommy Zlotopolski 1:09
Sandy LeGrand 0:58
Nathan Spengemann 0:48
Alex Thro 0:47
Hudson Funke 0:44
Cody Cox 0:36
Tad Gray 0:33
Joe Abbate 0:33
Joe McGroarty 0:31
Nathan Wojtkowski 0:27
Aidan Byrne 0:21
Walter Hurley 0:16
Spencer Johnson 0:16
Noah Apprill-Sokol 0:12
Gavin Lawhorn 0:12
Nolan Meara 0:12
Tim Greiner 0:12
Wyatt Seal 0:10
Carter Lowe 0:09
Will Riggan 0:08
Robert Mize 0:05
Mike Gordon 0:04
Joe LaBarge 0:02
Peter James 0:01


September 14 - Forest Park XC Festival (V, JV, C)

Saturday, September 14
Forest Park (Aviation Field/Archery Range/Planetarium/Bowl Lake)

We have put to rest another Forest Park Cross Country Festival. Thank you very much to all the athletes, parents, and volunteers who helped make the 14th annual event another big success. So many community hands came together to make the event possible, and we also want to thank the parents for their patience at the end of the day as we tried to haul the final tables and supplies back to school. It was a long day, but it was a feat that not many other programs could pull off. We hope our boys and all the other athletes who competed had a fun and positive day. Now, onward to a more traditional week of practice and competition!

Varsity: The Boys Green Division Varsity race demonstrated the razor-thin margins of XC team scoring. Three teams separated themselves from the rest in the 25 team field, and those three teams were separated by only two points. On Saturday, SLUH fell on the short end of those two points, getting edged out by team champions Liberty (140 points, from Kansas City, MO) and defending FPXC champions Neuqua Valley (142 points, from Chicago). Though we equalled Neuqua Valley's 142 points, they took second place based on the tie-breaker (where a team's sixth finisher places). Our two varsity medalists were Noah Scott (8th place) and Lucas Rackers (22nd place). 

Junior Varsity: The junior varsity team finished 5th among 18 teams. Our two medalists in the JV race were Baker Pashea (19th place) and Joe Callahan (23rd place). Additionally, the JV race produced our only two 5k PRs of the day: Henry McIntyre and Joe McGroarty. Congrats! 

Freshmen: The freshmen finished 3rd of 10 scoring teams, getting bested only by a incredible group from Kickapoo (Springfield, MO) and Neuqua Valley (Chicago). We had six freshmen medalists: Carter Lowe (12th), Wyatt Seal (13th), Tim Greiner (14th), Nolan Meara (15th), Will Riggan (20th), and Nick Purschke (28th). If you add approximately 46-54 seconds to your 3k result (ranging from our fastest to slowest finishers), you can produce an equivalent time to compare to your 3,200-meter time at the Alumni race a month ago. From top to bottom, it's clear that this freshmen team is continuing to improve. 

Here are results and splits among the entire SLUH team. Check the Forest Park meet website for results from all the 15 races on the day.​


September 21 - Paul Enke Invitational (V2, JV, C)

Saturday, September 21
Sioux Passage Park (17930 Old Jamestown Rd, Florissant, MO 63034)

The team will return to the Paul Enke/Hazelwood Central Cross Country Invitational at Sioux Passage Park in Florissant. Here is how the meet website (see link above) describes the famous course at Sioux Passage:

"The 5000 meter course through Sioux Passage County Park is arguably one of the toughest cross country courses in Missouri due to its hilly terrain. The race starts by ascending the aptly named “Manmaker” hill. Runners then traverse a ridge before navigating a steep decline bringing them to the first mile mark. The beginning of the second mile leads into another challenging hill known as “Confidence Breaker” that continues to the right along the woods, even after you think you’ve made it to the top. It is followed by a steep down- and up-hill, the “Roller Coaster.” In the third mile, runners climb “Manmaker” for a second time before descending to the finish line."

Our races are listed below. Our top varsity team will not be racing at this meet. All non-racers will have their workout on the hills of Sioux Passage before the races begin.

  1. Varsity (40 medals; 3 team awards) - Race at 9:00am, arrive by 7:30am.
  2. Junior Varsity (30 medals, 1 team award) - Race at 10:10am, arrive by 8:40am. All non-varsity sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
  3. Freshmen (20 medals, 1 team award) - Race at 11:30am, arrive by 9:00am. All-non varsity freshmen. 

Beginning at 12:15, there is an awards ceremony for the top 10 individuals and the team awards. Varsity placers 11-40, JV placers 11-30, and freshmen placers 11-20 will receive their medals in the finishing chute. All team members will be free to depart Sioux Passage after the awards ceremony, a short team meeting, and a team prayer. There is no bus for this meet.

September 27 - Ed White Invitational (V2, JV, C)

Friday, September 27
Arnold City Park (2400 Bradley Beach Rd., Arnold, MO 63010)

Those not travelling to Palatine will compete or support at the Ed White Invitational on Friday evening at Arnold Park. This group will also have 8:00am practice on Saturday 9/28.


  • 4:00pm, Varsity Boys
    • Arrive at 2:30pm
    • Awards to top 2 teams and top 15 individuals
  • 4:30pm, Varsity Girls
  • 5:00pm, JV Boys
    • All non-Palatine, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who aren't running varsity
    • Arrive at 3:30pm
    • Awards to winning team and top 15 individuals
  • 5:20pm, JV Girls
  • 5:50pm, Freshmen Boys & Girls combined
    • All non-Palatine freshmen
    • Arrive at 3:45pm
    • Individual awards only to top 10 individuals
  • 6:15pm, Middle School Boys
  • 6:20pm, Middle School Girls
  • 6:45pm, Awards

September 28 - Palatine Invitational (V, JV)

Saturday, September 28
Deer Grove East Forest Preserve (Cook County Forest Preserve, 1599 Pepper Tree Dr, Palatine, IL 60074)

The Palatine Meet of Champions will take place in Palatine, IL, a northwest suburb of Chicago. It is a very competitive meet featuring top regional competition. We are looking forward to a great experience. Here are a few important pieces of information.

Competing athletes will be leaving SLUH around 9:00am on Friday, September 27. We will be traveling by bus. The team will head to the course (Deer Grove East Forest Preserve) to look at its terrain and then head to the hotel. We are planning on having dinner at a local restaurant and staying at a local hotel. We emailed the parents of competing athletes with more specific information about dinner and the hotel, as well as information about budgeting and expenses.

On Saturday morning, we will depart for the course and run in the JV and Varsity races. The varsity race is at 10:50am and the JV is at 11:50am. Awards begin at 12:20pm. Afterwards, we will grab lunch on our way back to St. Louis. The expected return time is about 8:00pm on Saturday.

Due to a road race being hosted that day at Deer Grove East Forest Preserve, parking will be at a premium. The best bet is to park at Palatine High School, 1111 N. Rohlwing Rd., Palatine, IL 60074. There will be shuttle taking spectators from the school to the course.


  • 10:50am - Varsity (3.0 mile race)
  • 11:50am - Junior Varsity (3.0 mile race)

October 5 - Parkway West Invitational (V, JV, B, C)

Saturday, October 5
Living Word United Methodist Church (17315 Manchester Road, Wildwood, MO 63038)

On this day, the entire program will compete at the Parkway West Dale Shepherd Invitational. The meet is held on the campus of the Living Word United Methodist Church in Wildwood. This is a great meet to get the chance to go head to head against some of our best local competition. We are excited to put the strength of our full program forward and see where we stand at this midpoint in the season.

9:00am - Varsity Boys (Arrive by 7:30am - awards to top 2 teams and 30 individuals)
9:30am - Varsity Girls
10:00am - Sophomore Boys (All non-varsity sophomores - arrive by 8:30am - awards to top team and 25 individuals)
10:30am - Fr/So Girls
11:10am - Freshman Boys (All non-varsity freshmen - arrive by 8:45am - awards to top team and 25 individuals)
11:40am - JV Girls
12:20pm - JV Boys (All non-varsity juniors & seniors - arrive by 8:45am - awards to top team and 25 individuals)
12:50pm - Awards Presentation

Parkway West Inv. Course Map

Everyone is to remain on site through the conclusion of the awards ceremonies and concluding prayer. That should put us at about a 1:30pm departure from the meet. Click here for further meet information. The following additional information comes from an email sent by the Meet Director.

Parking will be tight at the meet - athletes and parents, please leave some extra time for parking and getting to the meet. The following information comes from an email sent by the Meet Director.

1) The "Wildwood BBQ Bash" is this weekend, only about a mile away from the course. They were able to reserve a couple of our normal parking lots before we could. It sounds like they are planning for a large crowd and will be running shuttle buses in the area on Saturday morning as early as 6 AM. We do have several parking lots reserved, but they are not quite as close to the course as the normal ones (about half a mile away rather than right next door)

2) Spectator Parking: Spectators should park in the Living Word Church Lot or the First Baptist Church Lot. When these lots are full, you will be directed to satellite lots.

3) Parents and athletes both should not park along Pond Road, Manchester Road, or Maple Avenue. Use only the assigned lots.

4) Athletes that are dropped off by parents should be dropped off at the the south entrance to the Church on Manchester Road.

October 10 - MCC Championships (V, JV, C)

Thursday, October 10
Jefferson Barracks Park, 533 Bagby Road, St. Louis, MO 63125

All team members will compete or support at Conference. Each year, this is a key meet for our program, as we race the other Metro Catholic Conference (MCC) schools: CBC, Chaminade, De Smet, and Vianney. We have a long tradition of success at this meet, and we are looking to continue that tradition. You can read about that tradition here. On the varsity level, we are racing to win our 16th consecutive conference team title.

This year, we are combining with the MWAA Conference meet. MWAA consists of of girls' teams from Cor Jesu, Incarnate Word, Nerinx Hall, St. Joseph's, Ursuline, Villa Duchesne, and Visitation. See below for the schedule of how the two conferences will each run their races.

4:00pm - Boys Varsity
4:20pm - Girls Varsity
4:40pm - Boys JV - all non-varsity sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
5:00pm - Girls JV
5:30pm - Boys Freshmen - all freshmen.

Awards will soon follow the final race of the day. Please note: we expect all team members to be in SLUH XC gear at meets! No exceptions. This includes any outer jackets.

On this day, we will need to leave early from SLUH, but it will be in two waves. Because they have the earliest race, the seven varsity racers will leave SLUH at 1:45. They should check out with a coach at the bulletin board prior to leaving by carpooling.

The rest of the team (injured or healthy) will be leaving after 6th period (2:15). They should dress out, meet a coach at the bulletin board, and head to Jefferson Barracks. There is a 2-way bus available for those who need it.

To help with the TEAM focus on this important day, we ask that everyone wear their team polos on Thursday and attend 7:20 Mass as a team.

October 19 - Borgia Invitational (V, JV, C)

Saturday, October 19
Big Driver Golf Center (275 Grand Ave, Washington, MO 63090-1209)

All non-varsity team members will compete or support at Borgia. At Borgia, we will run a "Varsity 2" team in the varsity division. The varsity will meet at SLUH for their own practice.


  • 8:30am - JV - arrive by 7:00am - all non-varsity sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
  • 9:45am - Varsity - arrive by 8:15am.
  • 10:45am - Freshman - arrive by 8:30am.


  • Awards ceremony at 11:30am
  • Plaques awarded for top three teams in each race
  • Individual medals for top 25 in each race
  • Individual plaques for the champions of the varsity races
  • Team medals to the top team in the Varsity division


October 25 - Clayton Invitational (V2, JV)

Friday, October 25
Shaw Park (27 S Brentwood Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105)

A small group of athletes, including all non-District seniors, will compete in one of two divisions at the Clayton Invitational. Everyone else will practice at SLUH earlier that afternoon and are not expected to be at the meet.

Time Schedule:

  • 3:45pm race - Boys Varsity - Arrive at 2:15pm.
  • 4:45pm race - Boys JV - Arrive at 3:15pm.


  • Team awards: 1st and 2nd place plaques in each division
  • Individual awards: Top 35 in each race
  • Results can be tracked here.
  • No official awards ceremony at Clayton; athletes can pick up Top 35 Medals immediately following result postings at the tent located near the tennis courts.

Location and Course Information:

Shaw Park
27 S. Brentwood Blvd.
Brentwood, MO 63105

October 26 - District Championship (V)

Saturday, October 26

In Cross Country, the District Championship is the first "do or die" meet for teams and individual runners. Around the state, there are eight districts. Every school with a cross country team is eligible to compete at their District meet. In 2017, 99 different Class 4 schools (SLUH's class) competed at one of the eight district meets around the state. There will be a similar number this year. In Class 4, each District qualifies the top four teams and any individuals in the top 30 from non-advancing teams to the Sectional meet. The season ends for teams or individuals who don't make that cut-off. From those 99 teams that start at District will emerge a team champion at the State meet two weeks later.

Though only seven of our athletes will race, all team members will arrive in time to support our varsity, complete their own practice, and be on hand for the awards presentation. The lineup and schedule is below.


Location and Course Information:

Additionally, you can read about some historical performances by our teams at the District meet. We are proud of our record of successes at the District meet.

October 30 - Findley Invitational (JV, C)

Wednesday, October 30
Jefferson Barracks Park, 533 Bagby Road, St. Louis, MO 63125

On this day, the JV and C teams will conclude their season. All team members who are not racing at Sectional will race at Findley. There will be a two-way bus from SLUH to the meet. Parents are welcome to take their sons home directly from the meet.

Freshmen will race at 4:15pm, and the junior varsity races at 4:55pm. An awards ceremony will follow the JV race, along with the traditional year-end spread of food supplied by team parents. After the race, we will also re-collect everyone's team-issued racing singlets. All other uniforms items are yours to keep and can be re-used in upcoming track & field and cross country seasons. This is the final day of the season for team members who are not on the State Travel Team or who are competing at NXN. No one else is expected to be at practice beyond this point.

4:15pm - Freshman race - all freshmen - 2 team trophies, 25 medals
4:55pm - JV race - all sophomores, juniors, and seniors who aren't racing at Sectional - 2 team trophies, 25 medals
ASAP - Awards + Celebration

November 2 - Sectional Championship (V)

Saturday, November 2

At the Sectional Championship, qualifying teams and individuals from two districts merge and battle for the honor of qualifying for the State Meet. At Sectional, the top four teams and top 30 individuals qualify onward to State. Only members of the State Travel Team are required to be at the meet, though all team members are encouraged to come and support their team in pursuit of a 27th-consecutive qualification for the State meet.

We will pass along location and time information when it is made available to us.

November 9 - State Championship (V)

Saturday, November 9
Gans Creek Recreation Area (3350 E Gans Rd, Columbia, MO 65201)

On this date, we hope to compete in the MSHSAA State Championships at Gans Creek Recreation Area in Columbia. This will be the first year racing at the new State course in Columbia. This would be the 42nd time we have qualified for State, tied for most among Class 4 schools. In those 41 previous appearances, we have earned 15 State Trophies (given to the Top 4 teams) and have won six team titles. As is the goal with any year, our goal is to have our best race of the season at State.


  • Class 1 Boys - 9:00am
  • Class 2 Boys - 9:35am
  • Class 1 Girls - 10:10am
  • Class 2 Girls - 10:50am
  • Class 3 Girls - 11:30am
  • Class 4 Boys - 12:05pm
  • Class 3 Boys - 12:35pm
  • Class 4 Girls - 1:05pm


  • Class 1 Girls and Boys @ Approximately 10:45 a.m.
  • Class 2 Girls and Boys @ Approximately 11:15 a.m.
  • Class 3 Girls and Boys @ Approximately 1:00 p.m.
  • Class 4 Girls and Boys @ Approximately 1:30 p.m.


  • Gans Creek Recreation Area (3350 E Gans Rd., Columbia, MO 65201)
  • MSHSAA will be charging admission to the meet. Admission is $8.00 per person ages 6 and over.
  • All team members are encouraged to attend to cheer on our team. We encourage athletes and families to carpool to Columbia that morning to witness the final race of the season.
  • There are other races going on all morning that you can watch to learn the lay of the land.