MCC Champions 16 Years Runnin'
MCC Champions 16 Years Runnin'

Race Results: Varsity (1st of 5)
Team Split Sheet: Here
Pictures: Here

Congratulations to the varsity for earning our program's 16th consecutive conference championship! This is a remarkable feat made possible by the hard work of the whole program and scores of runners from years gone by, many runners before some of our current ones were even born.

Additionally, for the third consecutive year at conference, we scored a perfect 15 points. Adam Mittendorf finished first to become SLUH's 11th M.C.C. champion, and his four teammates who secured the perfect score were hot on his heels, as only 16 seconds elapsed between Adam and our #5. In addition to the first five, Joe Callahan again earned First Team All-Conference honors, and Hayden Zenor earned Second Team All-Conference designation.

1. Adam Mittendorf, 16:53.0 (First Team All-MCC)
2. Lucas Rackers, 16:57.4 (First Team All-MCC)
3. Grant Brawley, 17:01.0 (First Team All-MCC)
4. Noah Scott, 17:05.8 (First Team All-MCC)
5. Peter Dillon, 17:09.6 (First Team All-MCC)
7. Joe Callahan, 17:17.7 (First Team All-MCC)
11. Hayden Zenor 17:46.9 (Second Team All-MCC)