Team Documents & Forms

This page contains documents and forms to help athletes and their parents stay on top of the many demands that exist on a SLUH cross country athlete. Many of these forms in the first section are ones that need to be returned to the coaches at the start of the season. "Athlete Forms and Resources" are to be used by the student-athletes on a need-basis throughout the season. Please utilize these resources and ask any of the coaches if you have any questions.

General Forms and Resources

Season Practice & Meet Schedule

The coaches know that communication and planning is essential for the family of a high school athlete to run as smoothly as possible.

The Season Practice Schedule lists all of the practice times for the 2018 season. Any changes, however rare, will be communicated via Twitter and the weekly Team Newsletter. You can download the Season Practice Schedule here.

The Meet Schedule lists all of the meets for the season. Typically, freshmen race in "C" races and any non-varsity runner in the "JV" races. A couple of meets have sophomore-only "B" races. Often, we race JV and younger athletes in varsity races to gain them valuable experience; these are labelled as "V2." Race lineups are fluid and will be communicated in the weekly Team Newsletter. You can download the Meet Schedule here.

Additionally, please reserve the evening of Wednesday, November 28 for the Team Banquet. All team members and their families are invited to attend.

Team Philosophy and Rules

Cross country is a fun, yet very serious and intentional, sport at St. Louis University High School. We pride ourselves as being a program, something more than a team, a running club, or a mere collection of individuals. The commitment is high, but we, along with many runners who have come through the program, believe that the pay-off is great.

The Team Philosophy is a document written in the summer of 2014 by several of the student leaders on that year's team. The Team Rules are the rules that flow from that philosophy. Please click here to download the entire Philosophy and Rules document. Please print and read it carefully, together with your son! Your son should initial each section and sign at the very end. A parent signature is also required on the final page. The whole, signed packet should be returned to the coaches by the end of the first week of practice.

Transportation Release & Medical Consent Forms

These two forms are both due back to the coaches after the start of the season, either digitally or by hard copy.

Uniform Order

Click here for a uniform order form. There are four uniform items all team members must have:

  • Team jacket (Item A)
  • Team t-shirt (Item B)
  • Team racing shorts (Item F)
  • Black warm-up pants (Item G)
Further specifics on the uniform order:

  • Since they are good for both Cross Country and Track & Field for all four years, returning runners from either sport may already have each of these items and don't need to place an order. If you already have all the items and they are in good condition, please give us notice by email so we can mark your name off.
  • If they haven't already earned a navy team t-shirt, all seniors should at least order Item B to replace their white t-shirt.
  • There are optional items available for purchase. Anything may be purchased for any of your family members, not just the team member.
  • To ensure the best chance that items arrive before the first meet, the uniform order form, or an email indicating you already have everything, is due on Friday, August 11.

Home Meet Work Assignment Roster

Each team member is required to help with the clean-up for one of our three home meets: Forest Park XC Festival, MCC, or Findley. All team members must complete this sign-up form by Friday, August 11 to indicate his preference. Non-responders will be assigned to one of the three meets, based on our need. Team members can click here to access the sign-up form.

Once assigned to a date, if an athlete realizes he cannot fulfill the duties for his assigned meet, it is HIS responsibility to find a sub and inform the coaches of the switch.

After August 14, you'll be able to click here to view your work assignment.

Athlete Reports (as needed)

Recovering Athlete Report

If you are requesting a lighter workout, an alternative workout, or a day off today due to a diagnosed or suspected injury, please complete this form by the end of your lunch period. You are never free to skip practice. You must complete this form before speaking to a coach about the issue. Never assume that your plan for the day is what the coaches will have you do. Under most circumstances, you will still be working out, doing therapy or performing service to the team. Fill out a new form every day you are requesting consideration for your situation, unless you have directly worked out a long-term plan with the head coach.

Click here to access the Recovering Athlete Report.

Cross Training Report

After first being approved by the coaches, any runner who is not involved in regular daily practice due to an injury or potential injury should be cross training every day, according to a specific program approved by a trainer or physician and your coach. On days when you are not cross training, you will likely be asked to serve the team in some capacity. Use this form every day to report your workout. Completely fill in in the requested numbers. Failure to give an adequate, complete, daily description will be considered the same as skipping practice.

Click here to access the Cross Training Report.

Study Group Daily Report

The Study Group is a group of athletes who have asked for extra support and flexibility from the coaching staff in order to be academically successful. Being a member of the Study Group commits the athlete to completing this report every school day. If you faithfully meet this commitment and find that you are in a situation that requires you to miss a meet or a practice in order to keep up with academic work, the head coach may excuse you. You are never excused without the approval of the head coach. Our hope is that a daily piece of communication will help you be more aware of what you need to do and will help the coaching staff to support you in your studies. If a pattern of repeated requests for absence develops, the coaches, you, and your parents will meet to discuss the situation.

Click here to access The Study Group Daily Report.