Season Information

Season Information

The Program typically allows two seasons of play:

  • Off-Season Ball (Sept-Feb)
  • Spring Season (Feb-May)

For detailed information and registration information - CLICK HERE

There are three teams:

  • Varsity
  • Junior Varsity-Blue
  • Junior Varsity-White 

Team placement is based on skill level and ability, and is entirely up to the coaches' discretion. Freshmen may try-out for Varsity and Junior Varsity. The coaches are solely responsible for determining playing time and direction of play. Starting positions and playing time are not guaranteed to anyone. Team sizes will vary.

  • Practices are mandatory, beginning in February and will take place daily until the season ends in mid-May.
  • Varsity and JV practice on the SLUH football field while Freshmen practice on the Compton-Drew middle school field behind SLUH. Varsity practices begin at 4:30 p.m. and JV & Freshmen practices begin at 3:30 p.m.
  • Varsity will play ~ 16 games, JV Blue will play ~15 games and  JV White ~ 10 games. This does not include tournament or play-off games.
  • It is the player's responsibility to have transportation to and from games and practices.
  • Driving directions to all away games will be provided on the web site.
  • There will be games and practices during Spring Break. The exact dates of practices & games over the break will not be known until the league schedule is completed. We will get you that information as soon as it is available.
  • If a player has to miss a practice or game it is imperative that the player let the coach know as far in advance as possible.
  • Any player who misses any practice or game during the lacrosse season for an unexcused absence will be subject to extra conditioning during/after practice, and/or decreased playing time in games, and/or dismissal from the team. Please reference the Coaches’ Expectations.
  • Player eligibility - Students must be currently enrolled in SLUH and comply with SLUH Academic Probation and Eligibility to be eligible to play.

SLUH Lacrosse Handbook

Physicals and Baseline Concussion Testing 

SLUH Physical Form through Privit: Upload a physical form and complete Emergency Contact Information to Privit. 

  • A physical is good for two years but must be updated to a Privit profile every year to be eligible to play. 
  • All incoming freshmen require a physical; only juniors and/or seniors are required to get a new physical. 

Concussion Baseline Testing: Freshmen and juniors are required to complete Baseline Concussion Testing through the SLUH Athletic Trainer’s office. The Athletic Trainer provides a number of opportunities throughout the year to complete it. 

Uniform Deposit form

Every player must submit a post-dated check for to the Registrar. The check should made payable to SLUH Lacrosse

other fees 

  • US Lacrosse Membership fee:  Every player is required to have a US Lacrosse number. US Lacrosse Membership is an ANNUAL membership. This membership is required for all lacrosse play whether it is for indoor, camps, select clubs, etc. US Lacrosse will notify you when your annual fee is due. Players will keep the same number as long as they continue to stay current on membership. See US Lacrosse website for membership info or to lookup your lacrosse number 
  • Equipment Fees: SLUH does not provide equipment for this sport - however the club will assist in linking with a retailer for low price options.  

  • Travel Fees: JV and Varsity typically travel as part of the standard spring season.  


No player should be excluded because of their financial situation. Contact SLUH Lacrosse Board Treasurer. Any request will be kept confidential.