Welcome to SLUH Racquetball!


Racquetball is a very fun and unique sport, one that is new to many high school students. 97% of our SLUH Racquetball players had not played - and some not even heard about racquetball - before joining the team. Yet, we have developed a program of over 100 players who love the sport! 

Here are a few reasons to consider playing racquetball:

  • It is a great individual and team sport. You develop and learn to compete on your own, while at the same time enjoy the benefits of being a part of a very strong team.

  • Racquetball is a great workout. Believe it or not, it's one of the best aerobic workouts you can get from playing a sport. Give it 30 minutes in a court and we promise you'll be tired! 

  • It's an opportunity to try something new. Maybe you've been cut by another team, perhaps you haven't found your place amongst the traditional sports, or you might just be looking for a new experience. Whatever your situation is, there's something to be found in racquetball.

  • No cuts; anyone can play! Since almost everyone is new to the sport, you don't have to worry about being behind anyone else when you join. Everyone is welcome and you get to start from the beginning, just like everyone else.

  • We have a success team and a quality group of guys. The SLUH Racquetball team is a strong, passionate, close-knit group of guys who form a really great community. It's that team unity that allows us to be successful year after year, winning numerous State and National titles.

  • It's a lot of fun! You won't know how much fun it is until you try. So come join us!

For more information or to get involved, contact Coach Deves (sdeves@sluh.org).


“I play racquetball because it keeps me in a competitive environment that I enjoy. I was cut from freshman soccer, but I still wanted to play a sport, so I joined the racquetball team. Since then, I've learned to practice hard and commit to the sport to nurture my abilities. Racquetball creates for me a fun environment in which I can express my love for sports and competing. For me personally, racquetball has created a loving community that has nurtured several relationships. Whether it be with a coach, a teammate or anybody else associated with the team, I've been able to learn more about the people around me and myself. The relationships I've formed also help me to stay even more committed to the sport.”

- Riley McEnery '18



News & Announcements

State Champions!

After narrowly falling short last year, SLUH Racquetball is back on top! On Saturday, the Varsity team won 6 of the 7 brackets on their way to being declared Sate Champions! This is the team's 19th State Title in school history.

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