COVID Information


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*Per the St. Louis County mandate on November 19, masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES, even during play. 

*Another important note within those protocols: No spectators at this time...


In accordance with City of St. Louis guidelines, it is REQUIRED that all athletes be tested biweekly if they will be participating in inter-school competition. Here some further explanation on that testing process:

Testing Schedule for Student-Athletes
  • Monday, November 23 
  • Monday, December 7 
  • Monday, January 4
  • Monday, January 18
  • Monday, February 1
  • Monday, February 15


New form to fill out because we switched labs --> COVID Testing Form 

For information about students athletes having to quarantine while waiting for test results, please read Coach Deves's email (click for link) sent out on January 11.


Some FAQs about COVID Testing...

When and where will testing take place? 

For Monday, February 1, testing will take place from 7:00-8:00am in the Fieldhouse. Students will need to come to campus to get tested and then drive back home to attend their classes virtually until test results arrive. 

Please allow yourself plenty of time so that you can get back home in time for you 8:30 class! 

What if I can't make the scheduled testing date?

If a student-athlete cannot be there for a particular testing date, he is required to get a test on his own and must send that negative test result to the SLUH AD (Chris Muskopf) and Coach Deves. If you fall into this category, please get it done in a timely manner.  You must have your negative result back before you can participate in a match. 

What if I've already had COVID? 

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days, you do not have to get tested again as long as you can show record of that test to the SLUH AD and Coach Deves. If your positive diagnosis was more than 90 days prior, then you will need to get tested gain. 

If I played a Fall Sport and have already been through the testing process, do I need to fill out the forms again? 

Nope! Just let Coach Deves know so that he can have you switched over to Racquetball. 

If I'm playing two sports this winter (e.g. Hockey and Racquetball), do I have to get tested in both groups? 

No. It was recommended that you get tested in the Racquetball group (I think because of numbers) and tell your hockey coach and Mr. Muskopf so that they know you're not testing in hockey. 

Who pays for the testing? 

The initial effort by Care STL to seek payment is through the insurance information provided by the family of the student-athlete. If insurance for an individual does not cover a particular test or if there is no insurance, Care STL has acmes to CARES Act funding in a variety of forms that should pay for the cost of the test. There should be no out-of-pocket cost to families. 

How do I know my test result? 

If a student-athlete tests positive for COVID-19, they will be contacted directly from the testing center. Coach Deves will also be notified and the two of us will begin figuring out the quarantine procedures from there. 

If a student-athlete tests negative for COVID-19, you will not be notified. Once all tests are confirmed, Coach Deves will announce to the team and anyone not contacted at that point has tested negative.