Forms & Resources


MUST be completed by all players:


1. Current Physical on PRIVIT

2. SLUH Commitment & Information Form -> link

3. MOHSRA League Waiver --> link

4. Pay the League Fees --> click "League Fees" tab

5. Vetta Membership --> link

Required if you'll be coming to practices. For JV3 players, practices are optional.

6. Fill out and return the COVID Testing forms 

Download those here

7. NEW form for COVID Testing --> link


For JV3 Players...


Each week, Coach Deves will send out the weekly JV3 Participation Form. If you will be playing in JV3 that Saturday, you must have this formed fill out by Thursday evening at 10pm.

You can also find the form here each week:

 JV3 Participation Form - February 6


If you will be playing in the end-of-season tournament the weekend of February 12-14, fill out this form: