Soccer Updates

The city of St. Louis has recently changed the restrictions for youth sports. These changes allow us to enter into a more competitive playing environment.  As a result, we will be moving to trainings that will allow player selections for one of our four teams. The schedule for the week of Sept 28 is below

 “C” Freshman Team: Monday , Tuesday, and Wednesday

Please come to practice with a white T-shirt with your assigned number clearly marked on the back and front (if possible).  If possible wear white shorts and socks.  Shinguards are mandatory.  

  • Check-In [4:15pm] Training [4:30– 6:00pm] in the Soccer Stadium.

Dr. Kesterson will email players selected on Wednesday, September 30.  All future communications about C soccer will come from Dr. Kesterson.

Click HERE to see assigned number. If you were not at camp, Coach Kesterson will assign you a number tomorrow.

 “B” Sophomore Team: Monday & Tuesday

Please report to Compton Drew fully dressed including shinguards on Monday, September 28 and Tuesday, September 29.  

  • Check-In [4:15] Training [4:30 – 6:00pm] at Compton Drew.  

The B Team will be announced on Tuesday, September 29.  All future communications will come from Coach John Timm and Coach Bradley Mueller

Varsity: Monday & Tuesday

For training on Monday, September 28 and Tuesday, September 29 players will check in at 5:45pm.  Players should come dressed in white shorts and white socks.  Shinguards are required.  Players will receive a reversible jersey with a number.  The numbers will be pre-assigned and given out at the start of training .  Practice will begin with a warm up and technical work followed by 10 v 10 games.  Player selections will be communicated on Tuesday evening, September 29.  All future communications will be from Coach O’Connell directly to the players.