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Track and Field at SLUH is an extension of our school community. Our team aims to embody its highest ideals and values. Track & Field at SLUH is about more than winning. It is a part of our spiritual life, a way to honor God, a part of the way in which we are striving to become better human beings. We recognize that it is a gift to be able to compete and share the experience of athletic competition and training with a team. We approach everything we do in a spirit of gratitude to God who gave us our gifts, to our parents and families, to our teammates, to our coaches, and to past athletes in the SLUH Track & Field program.

Team News & Announcements

School Record Broken on Day 1 of the Kansas Relays

The Distance Medley Relay school record was broken on day 1 of the Kansas Relays. Sophomores Patrick Hetlage and Charlie Perry, freshman Lazarus Williams, and junior Paul Burka ran 10:46.62, taking 6 seconds off of the school record. In addition, senior Jayson Ashford qualified to the finals of the 100 and the 4x400 meter relay of Roman Lipinski, Jaleel Ashford, Lazarus Williams, and Jayson Ashford qualified to the finals.

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The Track & Field team competed in two meets hosted by Webster Groves High School. The Dan Sebben Varsity Invitational took place on Tuesday, April 4. SLUH sent a V2 team to compete against the varsity teams of other schools. Results can be found here. The team also competed in the Webster JV Invitational on Thursday, April 6. The results for the top 6 overall can be found here and SLUH results can be found here.

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Athlete Forms

Recovering Athlete Report

If you are requesting a lighter workout, an alternative workout, or a day off today due to a diagnosed or suspected injury, please complete this form by the end of your lunch period. You are never free to skip practice. You must complete this form before speaking to a coach about the issue. Never assume that your plan for the day is what the coaches will have you do. Under most circumstances, you will still be working out, doing therapy or performing service to the team. Fill out a new form every day you are requesting consideration for your situation, unless you have directly worked out a long-term plan with the head coach.

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Cross Training Report

After first being approved by the coaches, any runner who is not involved in regular daily practice due to an injury or potential injury should be cross training every day, according to a specific program approved by a trainer or physician and your coach. On days when you are not cross training, you will likely be asked to serve the team in some capacity. Use this form every day to report your workout. Completely fill in in the requested numbers. Failure to give an adequate, complete, daily description will be considered the same as skipping practice.

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Study Group Daily Report

The Study Group is a group of athletes who have asked for extra support and flexibility from the coaching staff in order to be academically successful. Being a member of the Study Group commits the athlete to completing this report every school day. If you faithfully meet this commitment and find that you are in a situation that requires you to miss a meet or a practice in order to keep up with academic work, the head coach may excuse you. You are never excused without the approval of the head coach. Our hope is that a daily piece of communication will help you be more aware of what you need to do and will help the coaching staff to support you in your studies. If a pattern of repeated requests for absence develops, the coaches, you, and your parents will meet to discuss the situation.

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