Two Centuries. Doubly Blessed.


Our Ignatian essence fills us with gratitude for our proud past and the promise of our future, one that empowers and moves us to, in the words of St. Ignatius, "set the world on fire."

Help us weave our past, present and future with the common thread of gratitude. In two words, celebrating our two centuries, what or who makes you grateful to be part of SLUH? Or, what two words would you use to describe the U. High?


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Class of '64 RifleBills

"Aside from my own father, he was the most formative man of my life. I'll never forget him."
- John Erkmann '64

View a compelling video tribute to Fr. Marty Hagan, S.J. by the Class of '64.

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Martha McCalpin Staley

One of the last things I did with my dad (Bill McCalpin,1939) before he passed away was take him to lunch in the Currigan Room with a group of his classmates...

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Matt Bates '15

You know it's really interesting. I only left St. Louis University high school two years ago. Yet so much has changed in my life. I often remember life in high school as much easier then the life I live right now...

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Angela L'Hommedieu

From teaching theology in the classroom, prayers over the players & parents in the stadium, to mentoring our young men in the corner office of the old cafeteria; Fr. Marco is the spirit of SLUH and its traditions...

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Eric Koetting '74

Blue Buddies -- a phrase that was very popular around SLUH in the early 1970s -- epitomizes that sense of belonging that made me love the school from the very first day ...

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Philip Nahlik '11

From the faculty and staff to the parents and students at SLUH, there was consistently a sense that people were happy to be there and ...

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Jim Linhares

SLUH is now officially a 200 year-old institution, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we use the word “tradition” a lot around here...

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Joe Rankin '83

We stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us, the Jesuits and our founders who put our school where it’s at today...

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Sean Agniel '96

Or, "make haste, slowly." This was one of Mr. Tychonievich's "snappy Latin phrases" that inexplicably stuck with me throughout the years...

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Brian Gilmore '02

As a student who ran for Coaches Linhares and Flanagan, the sport of cross country was vital in my own development as a person...

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Norm Thomas '63

What I’ve discovered while working on the SLUH Archives Project can be summed up in two words: “spirit” and “determination.”

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