Ignatian Pilgrimage

SUMMER 2019: Paris & Rome

The purpose of the pilgrimage is to grow in knowledge and love of Jesus Christ, to understand, and be inspired by, the life of St. Ignatius, to grow together as a community of believers, and to enjoy the beauty and cultural riches of Paris and Rome.

The dates for the pilgrimage are June 10-21.

The cost is $2800.

The itinerary for the pilgrimage is as follows:

June 10 - Depart St. Louis for Paris

June 11 - Arrive in Paris, afternoon walking tour of central Paris

June 12 - Visit Jesuit sites in Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral

June 13 - Visit the Louvre, other sites in Paris

June 14 - Visit Versailles, afternoon of fun, travel at night

June 15 - Arrive in Rome, visit the Gesu, rooms of St. Ignatius, other sites

June 16 - Visit St. Peter’s Basilica, Scavi tour, afternoon walk in Rome

June 17 - Day trip to Assisi

June 18 - Visit Vatican Museum, St. John Lateran, Trevi Fountain

June 19 - Visit the catacombs, Roman Forum, Coliseum

June 20 - Mass at St. Paul outside the Walls, Day of Fun in Ostia

June 21 - Travel back the St. Louis

There will be a parent information meeting on Thursday, Jan/24 at 7:30pm in 215C.




On June 12, 2018, a group of Jr. Bills embarked on a Bicentennial Ignatian Pilgrimage in Spain to learn more about and follow the footsteps of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus.