Eucharistic Liturgies


The Eucharist is the center of life at SLUH. We celebrate the Eucharist in a variety of settings:

  • Daily Masses: During the school year, we offer Daily Mass in the Main Chapel at 7:45 a.m. any day that students are in the building. Students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni are welcome to attend. 
  • All-School Masses: We will celebrate five all-school Masses in the Si Commons during the 2022-23 Academic Year. We are especially honored to welcome Most Reverend Mitchell T. Rozanski, Archbishop of St. Louis, to SLUH to celebrate Mass on All Saints' Day!
    • Mass of the Holy Spirit - September 1
    • All Saints' Day - November 1
    • Immaculate Conception - December 8
    • Ash Wednesday -  February 22
    • Mass of Praise & Gratitude - April 27
  • Class Masses: Each student will be part of quarterly Class Masses in the Main Chapel.
    • Freshmen: September 22, November 21 (Freshman Retreat), February 7, May 9
    • Sophomores: September 13, November 10, January 24, March 30 (Sophomore Retreat)
    • Juniors: October 11, October 25, March 9, April 21 (Junior Ring; in Commons)
    • Seniors: October 4, November 15, February 16, May 27  (Baccalaureate; in Field House)
  • Sunday Family Masses: Check the Principal's Newsletter for information on these weekend Masses.
    • Grandparents Mass - September 11
    • Mothers Club Mass & Brunch - October 16 
    • Fathers Club - February 5


SLUH trains and commissions a group of seniors to serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, for a variety of Masses at SLUH. Seniors interested in this opportunity should talk with Mrs. Julie Lewis ( in Campus Ministry. 


One of the many ways that SLUH students participate in Mass is through serving. If any student is interested in serving, whether or not you have serving experience, check with someone in Campus Ministry about the possibility to serve at daily, class, or all-school Masses. 


SLUH students take active roles lectoring at Masses. For class and all-school Masses, lectors are typically chosen from the grade-level pastoral teams. These pastoral teams are open to any interested student. If any student is interested in lectoring at the daily, morning Mass before school, let someone in Campus Ministry know and we can get you on the schedule!


Students are involved in music for our liturgies. They may participate in the liturgical choir for class-level Masses, all-school prayer services, all-school Masses, and chapel prayer services. Interested students should talk with Mr. Brian Gilmore ( in Campus Ministry.