St. Ignatius of Loyola—as well as being the founder of the Jesuits and the legacy of Jesuit education at St. Louis U. High— is the patron saint of retreats. From the very beginning of the Society, St. Ignatius decided that Jesuits would become “contemplatives in action.” Being a contemplative in action is about more than just taking time out of one’s day to pray and reflect. It’s about an individual cultivating a deeper relationship with God by reflecting on how God has been accompanying him at a deep level, even if he hasn’t appeared directly engaged with God. Secondly, it’s about how the Holy Spirit perpetually transforms us into people more capable of love.

To know that St. Ignatius is the patron saint of retreats is to know about something that is central to any Jesuit vocation and ministry. Here at SLUH, retreats not only provide a break from intense academic demands, but they offer students the opportunity to grow in such levels of spiritual awareness about their relationship with God. The school desires to form our students to become young men appreciative of this legacy. As students leave SLUH after graduation, we want them to possess the necessary tools for a lifetime of growth in his relationship with God. Retreats are an essential layer of a larger breadth of formational experiences that SLUH offers to its students.

All freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are required to attend a retreat. Freshmen and sophomores have class-wide retreats, in November and April, respectively. Juniors will choose between one of nine choices, spread between August and May. For now, senior retreats will remain elective. The retreat programs also offers many opportunities for student leadership.

2018-19 Retreats:
  • August 6-8: Traditional Junior Retreat
  • September 26-28: Art Retreat (Juniors/Seniors)
  • November 18-21: Kairos Retreat (Seniors)
  • November 18-19: Service Learning Retreat (Juniors/Seniors)
  • November 19-21: Traditional Junior Retreat
  • November 19: Freshman Retreat
  • November 20-21: Philia Retreat (Sophomores/Juniors/Seniors)
  • January 6-8: Manresa Retreat (Seniors)
  • January 15-18: Kairos Retreat (Seniors)
  • January 21-23: Traditional Junior Retreat
  • April 2-5: Kairos Retreat (Juniors)
  • April 3-5: Wilderness Retreat (Seniors)
  • April 3-4: Sophomore Retreat
  • May 28-31: Kairos Retreat (Juniors)

Retreat Registration

Online registration is needed for all retreats, except for Freshman and Sophomore Retreat.

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in with your student Naviance account information. Note: parents cannot use their own Naviance account to register their sons for retreats.
  3. Click on the x2vol link in the left sidebar.
  4. Click on “Find Opportunities".
  5. Locate the retreat you want to sign up for.
  6. Click the sign-up button.

Download and print any permission slips or expected absence planning forms you see. Completed permission slips can be returned to Campus Ministry at any point after you register.

As a courtesy to other students, if you are no longer attending a retreat you signed up for, please repeat steps 1-5 and then click the "Cancel sign up" button.