Art Retreat

For the 2022-23 academic year, the Art Retreat is October 12-14, 2022.

The Art Retreat is a three day, two night, elective retreat for a small group of juniors and seniors. Its purpose is to examine the ways that artistic expression can serve as a pathway to increased knowledge about the self, increased knowledge of the transcendent, and a deeper level of participation in the world around us. This retreat welcomes different forms of artistic expression, including the visual arts, poetry, movement, music and acting.

Prerequisite: A student must have a particular interest and/or regular practice in the arts in order to attend the Art Retreat.  It fulfills the Junior Retreat Requirement.

Contact Mr. Brian Gilmore, Campus Minister, at (314) 269-2130 or  with questions concerning the Art Retreat.


"This retreat helped me feel more comfortable expressing myself and getting over my fears of performing in front of my peers. I learned to find beauty in other art forms from others."

"I learned that God does in fact work through me, through my art. That's something I've never really considered."

"The Art Retreat gives you an opportunity to escape from the busy and noisy world and spend time in peace and creativity."