SLUH History of Kairos


In January 1995, St. Louis University High School sent its Pastoral Director, Fr. Jim Knapp, SJ to Regis Jesuit High School in Denver, Colorado to participate in the Regis Kairos #2 Retreat. The following April, St. Louis U. High sent six juniors and a faculty member (Tim Chik, Greg Donovan, Joe Laramie, Paul Pagano, Francis Shen, Scott Wallisch, and Miss Nina Amodio) to Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Missouri to make a Kairos Retreat (April 4-8, 1995) and to bring the retreat back to SLUH.

SLUH held its first Kairos Retreat on October 24-27, 1995 at King’s House in Belleville, Illinois. The SLUH Kairos #1 team was composed of: Francis Shen (Rector), Greg Donovan (Assistant Rector), Tim Chik, Joe Laramie, Paul Pagano, Scott Wallisch, Miss Nina Amodio, Fr. Bob Costello, SJ, Mr. Chuck Hussung, Fr. Jim Knapp, SJ, and Deacon Jim Murphy.

As of August 2022, SLUH has taken students on 104 Kairos retreats. Most have been at King’s House, though in recent years, we have used other beautiful retreat houses around the greater St. Louis area. No matter its location, Kairos remains a vibrant and impactful part of the student and faculty experience at SLUH.