Wilderness Retreat

April 1-3, 2020


Retreat contact: Fr. Joseph Hill, SJ

The Wilderness Retreat is a senior elective retreat where students explore the natural world as a pathway into prayer and connection with the divine. The retreat content is structured around a series of hikes that invite the senior into praying and reflecting on the following themes: facing one's fears, setting out on a journey, and communion with the created world.

The retreat begins after school on Wednesday, April 1 and concludes the afternoon of Friday, April 3. It is open to a maximum of 20 seniors. It involves no missed days of classes.

Wilderness Retreat Promotional Video

Wilderness Retreat Photo Album (April 2016)

To register for the Wilderness Retreat, a student should:

  1. Go to: connection.naviance.com/sluh.
  2. Log in with his Naviance account information. If he needs help logging in to Naviance, he should click the forgotten password link and follow the prompts. Note: parents cannot register their sons for retreats with their own Naviance accounts.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Naviance homepage & click the word X2Vol in the blue box.
  4. Click on “Find Opportunities.” Retreat choices are listed on that next page. To help find the Wilderness Retreat, click the "Modify Search" button and type "Retreat" in the opportunity field to quickly see all the retreat choices.
  5. Click on the Wilderness Retreat link, and on the next page, click the green "Sign Up" button.

Additionally, please download and return the permission slip to Campus Ministry. The retreat cost is $50, a fee which covers a portion of the total cost. However, it is the school's philosophy that cost should never prohibit a student from attending a retreat that he desires to attend.