Charitable Drives

Campus Ministry coordinates three school-wide, charitable drives throughout the school year.


Drive Leaders: Mr. Stephen Deves, Ms. Julie Anderson, and the Freshman Pastoral Team.

Our annual Food Drive collects food items and money that will be used throughout the year in our Freshman Service Program. Below, you will see a list of items that we need and we ask that you please stick to this list as much as possible. Cash/Check donations are also very important in order to buy the perishable food from week to week. 

When donating, the student should bring his items/money to Campus Ministry where he will find a table for his grade level. In order to create energy around the drive, there will be a friendly competition amongst grades! Any item donated (from the list) will receive 2 points and each dollar donated will receive 1 point. There may be periodic prizes throughout the drive for the most points in one day, midway check-ins, etc. and at the end of the event, the class with the most points will receive a dress down!

2020 Food Drive Donation Needs (LINK)

*****PLEASE check expiration dates on all items before purchasing! To help prevent waste, look for items with the farthest expiration dates. Please do not send items that have expired or will expire in the next few months.******

Who It Supports
The food items and money that are collected are used to prepare meals during our Freshmen Service Program and our Community Service Project (CSP) meal programs that will be served at St. Louis homeless shelters. We serve meals weekly at Peter & Paul's permanent supportive housing program, Garfield Place, and monthly at Peter & Paul's Soulard Emergency Shelter. Any extra food that we cannot use will be donated to St. Louis Area Foodbank, who are in desperate need during this pandemic. 

Please contact Mr. Stephen Deves in Campus Ministry at Thank you in advance for the support of our Food Drive and the St. Louis community!


Drive Leaders: Mr. Manuel Luna Vega, nSJ, the Junior Pastoral Team, and Fr. Joseph Hill, SJ.

This drive helps keep the men, women, and children most vulnerable in our city safe and warm in the winter months.

Items are donated to clients of the Xavier Winter Inn at the St. Louis University College Church and St. Louis Winter Outreach.

    Please bring:

    Heavy blankets/quilts/sleeping bags - 5 points

    Jackets - 3 points

    Sweaters - 2 points

    Warm winter gloves, scarves, hats - 3 points

    New socks and underwear - 2 points

    Box of Hot Hands - 2-5 points

    Cash/checks - $5 = 2 pts

    Regular and travel size toiletry items - 1 point

    (soap, shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, conditioner, lotion) 

Drop off all donations in Campus Ministry.


Adopt-A-FAmily Drive: november 30 - December 9, 2020

Drive Leaders: Mrs. Simonie Anzalone, Mrs. Jorie O'Malley, and the Sophomore Pastoral Team.

In the spirit of Advent, SLUH partners with St. Francis Community Services Southside Adopt-A-Family Program to bring Christmas to those in need. 

More information on this drive will be coming soon.