Sophomore Service Experience: Class of 2026

June 5, 2023

Community service programs are instrumental in providing the type of transformative experience that is the hallmark of Jesuit education. In developing relationships with the poor and disenfranchised, students are called out of their comfort zones and challenged to examine their lives in terms of Christian justice. During each student’s four years at SLUH, It is our hope that each student will have multiple opportunities for such direct encounters with people typically thought of to be on the margins of society. 

The theology department recognizes that the Catholic Faith, to be authentic, must be a faith that does justice.  The campus ministry department recognizes that student service activities are most formative when they are paired with context and reflection.  

Thus, sophomores will complete their service hours while enrolled in the first semester sophomore theology course. This will provide them with opportunities to contribute to the Body of Christ, which they learn about in the first semester theology course, and to ground their service in Gospel values. Reflection upon their service experience will constitute a significant portion of the theology course final assessment. 

  • Each sophomore is to complete 10 hours of service – all at the same site
    • Students taking summer theology will complete their service from May 20 - July 16.
    • Students taking fall theology will complete their service from August 14 - December 1.
  • What is Direct Service of Presence to the Marginalized? 
    • Direct Service of Presence involves person to person engagement with the vulnerable of society.
    • Students should stretch themselves to work with a population who is unfamiliar to them in an effort to better understand the challenges others face and broaden their perspectives. 
    • Concrete examples of the vulnerable include but are not limited to:
      • Neurodiverse Children & Adults
      • Economically Poor &/or Disadvantaged
      • Immigrants & Refugees
      • The Aging (preferably beyond grandparents & neighbors)
      • Children & Adults with Physical Limitations
  • If students know of other service opportunities, they should complete the Sophomore Service Proposal Form and submit it to Mr. Stahl for approval, prior to beginning the service.

Thank you for your support of the Sophomore Service Experience!


Fr. Matt Stewart, SJ

Mr. Chris Stahl
Campus Ministry

Mr. Jon Ott
Theology Department Chair