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SLUH Mothers Club 94th Annual Fall Social

Keeping with tradition, we're having a raffle with fabulous prizes and a 50/50 drawing on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021. All prizes will have a value of at least $100, including the popular scratch-off basket.

Important COVID-19 Information

In addition to wearing masks, all attendees will need to bring either a) proof of at least one does of the COVID-19 vaccine; or b) proof of a negative COVID-19 Diagnostic Test obtained within 72 hours of the event. Have these documents - or photos of your documents - ready when checking into the event.

I would like to attend the Fall Social. Please reserve a table seat(s) for my selection below.​​​
You will have your choice of lunch offerings the day of the event.​​
Please list the names of the guests you purchased tickets for.​ If you do not have names at this point, email moms@sluh.org when they are available.​
List individuals who you would like to sit with.​

Payment information will be entered on the next page.