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Our expansive retreat program allows students to grow in their spiritual awareness and cultivate their relationship with God.

All students are required to participate in a retreat during each of their four years. Each retreat is led by SLUH faculty, staff, and in some cases, fellow students. Students incur no additional cost to attend any SLUH retreat.

Underclassmen Retreats

Freshman Retreat

A day-long retreat for the freshman class, held at SLUH in February. This is required for the entire class, taking scheduling priority over other extra-curricular activities. 

Sophomore Retreat

A two-day (no overnight) retreat for the sophomore class, held at SLUH in April. This is required for the entire class, taking scheduling priority over other extra-curricular activities.

Junior Retreat Requirement

All juniors are required to attend a Kairos retreat sometime throughout the year.

Kairos Retreat

A three-day, two-night retreat led by seniors and adults in which juniors go away to a local retreat house to join the leadership team for community, prayer, reflection and reconciliation. There are choices of dates spread throughout the year. 

Senior Retreat Requirement

All seniors are required to participate in one of several retreat choices throughout the year.

Retreat Leadership Program

Seniors can apply to be in the Retreat Leadership Program to fulfill their retreat requirement. Students receive end-of-summer training and formation on retreat leadership and commit to leading two of the following three retreats in the year ahead: Freshman Retreat, Sophomore Retreat, and Kairos.

Art Retreat

A three-day, two-night retreat that examines how artistic expression can serve as a pathway to increased knowledge about the self and the transcendent, by inviting students to view their art as participation in God’s ongoing creation and revelation.

Senior Retreat

A three-day, two-night retreat where students will articulate the specific movements of their faith and relationship with God in their time at SLUH. In doing so, they will learn and try out a variety of prayer experiences.

Manresa True Heart Retreat

A three-day, two-night retreat exploring the power of prayer and reflection in silence, in the tradition of St. Ignatius. Students are invited into personal prayer, group sharing and one-on-one conversation to talk about their lives and how God might be working within them as they look beyond high school.

Wilderness Retreat

A three-day, two-night retreat exploring the natural world as a pathway into prayer and connection with the divine. The retreat is structured around a series of hikes inviting students to pray and reflect on specific themes: facing one's fears, setting out on a journey, and communion with the created world.

Philia Retreat

An overnight retreat reflecting on issues of diversity from a spiritual perspective. Sponsored by the Association for Cultural Enrichment at SLUH (ACES), the retreat is meant for students who have committed themselves to thinking about diversity before the retreat experience. Space permitting, also open to students of other grades. 

Urban Encounter Retreat

An overnight retreat exploring what it is like to be homeless in the city of St. Louis. It examines poverty from several angles in conjunction with Catholic Social Teaching in an attempt to gain clarity about how our faith leads to action regarding these issues.