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Global Education Graduation Requirement

The Global Education Graduation Requirement at SLUH can be satisfied in a number of ways over the course of a student's four year program at SLUH. All of the options shown below would successfully complete this requirement.

In-House Programming At SLUH

One World Club Programs

One World Club offers numerous opportunities each school year to engage in local events and programs focused on global issues. Current options include: 

Human-Rights Advocacy Program

STL Changemakers Program

Virtual Exchanges

SLUH offers numerous virtual exchanges each school year where students can engage virtually with peers around the globe. Current options include:

Jesuit Global Activism Leadership Summit

Modern Languages Summit

GEBG programming

SLUH Language Academy

Seal Of Biliteracy: SLUH sponsors the Seal Of Biliteracy program each Spring. To achieve this nationally recognized honor, students must demonstrate proficiency in both English and a second language as well as socio-cultural competence. This option is only available for SLUH heritage speakers of a language other than English and is awarded in spring of Senior year.

SLUH Global Service Immersion Programs

SLUH sponsors numerous service immersion opportunities with a global element at various times during the school year.                                  Current options include:

Senior Project Programs in France, Guatemala, Jordan, Mexico, Poland, and Taiwan

Spring Break Programs in Honduras and Mexico (Kino).

SLUH Language Immersion Programs

SLUH sponsors numerous language immersion opportunities where students can focus on improving their proficiency in the modern language they study. Current options include:

Arabic: Egypt

Chinese: Taiwan

French: France

Russian: Lithuania

Spanish: Colombia, Spain, Chile

SLUH Educational Travel Programs

SLUH sponsors numerous educational travel opportunities where students can explore further study of some component of our SLUH curriculum. Current options include:

South Africa Rhino Rescue

Greece Classics Program

Turkey Ottoman Empire Program

Ignatian Pilgrimage

India Agape Exchange

Ireland Exchange

Successful fulfillment does not require any commitment to travel or extra expense. The requirement can be fulfilled through numerous local, in-house experiences just as easily as some of the travel programming. 

In order to guide students towards successful completion, SLUH Global Education faculty will counsel students at regular intervals to make sure that this requirement is fulfilled in a convenient and appropriate way.