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James Guth Costigan '62 Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a 5,200 square-foot, strategically planned space for the development of a student maker community committed to God’s Greater Glory. It provides an opportunity for Jr. Bills to learn, be productive, work safely and have fun.

Innovation: A Jesuit Tradition

A mural depicting Jesuit innovators adorns the western entrance to the Innovation Lab. These Jesuits spread God's Greater Glory to the world through their intellect, ingenuity and selfless spirit. View them in the gallery below. (Artwork by Sean Powers '05.)


Fabrication workshop | Classroom | General workshop | STEM competition space | Group meeting and planning spaces | Storage and lockers


15 amp-¼” panel saw | 10” heavy duty bench grinder | 12 speed 17” floor drill press | Band saw | Jig saw | Impact driver | Mitre saw | Finish nailer | CNC router | 3-D printers | Laser cutters