Fully Endowed Scholarships

A fully endowed scholarship requires an investment of $325,000. On average the endowment principal should earn enough to provide one full tuition annually, based on the Board approved 5.75% draw from the endowment. The Endowment’s long-term rate of return is estimated at 7%.

Benefactors who intend to complete a fully-endowed scholarship within a few years commit to the scholarship amount at the time the signed donor form is received by SLUH.

Are you interested in investing in a bright future for promising young men through our scholarship program? Please contact Linda Domeyer, Director of Leadership Giving, at ldomeyer@sluh.org or (314) 269-2113 for more information.


Profile photo of Charles Turnell.

"SLUH is an environment that will ultimately be the great building block of my success. I am filled with sincere gratitude to have the opportunity to attend SLUH."

- Charles '23