St. Louis Scholars

We are St. Louis

New for the 2021-22 school year:

Donors punctuate commitment to students from entire Metro area 

through St. Louis Scholarship Creation

From Ferguson and Frontenac to Barnhart and Belleville,  St. Louis U. High Jr. Bills represent every corner and socio-economic strata of the metropolitan area.

The St. Louis Scholars program,  given by an anonymous alumnus and his wife, will provide up to full tuition assistance to three students of different regions of the area each year in perpetuity. Each scholarship recipient will be selected prior to their sophomore year and will be publicly recognized as a St. Louis Scholar their remaining three years at SLUH.

Candidates for the scholarship will be recipients of need-based financial aid and will be selected based on their progress in growing as Men for Others, as outlined in the Jesuit School Network’s Graduate at Graduation. They will also be exemplary representatives from different regions throughout the metropolitan area, taking personal pride in their own neighborhood, appreciating the strengths and challenges of their neighborhood and city, and open to opportunities to build bridges across St. Louis. SLUH will be proud to hold up the St. Louis Scholars as ambassadors for the school with alumni, donors, and friends, as well as representatives of the metropolitan area within the student body. 

"I hope this scholarship affords its recipient students the opportunities to not only attend SLUH, but to transformationally alter the trajectory of their lives," says the donor. "I hope it plays its small part to help offset the disheartening unequal access to great secondary education in the St. Louis area. And, I hope it helps to promote a sense of stewardship for the next generation of SLUH graduates."


"I consider the education I received at SLUH to be the cornerstone for my further education, as well as my eventual career.

"SLUH instilled in me the academic rigor and critical thinking skills that are essential in today's economy.

"The school's philosophy of meeting financial need is inspiring. I believe every boy who has the academic drive and prowess to attend SLUH must be able to do so irrespective of their families' economic circumstances.

"I also believe it is the responsibility of those who have been blessed as much as we have to give back to the communities and institutions that were critical to their success."

- Anonymous Donor