February Frenzy

Make your gift to the frenzy

February Frenzy 2019 has ended and final results will be posted soon. But, the chance to make an impact on today's Jr. Bills never ends. You can still make a gift below to give the gift of SLUH to a deserving student.

February Frenzy Thanks

Dear fellow alums,

Thank you so much for your support of February Frenzy! 500 total gifts were made during the three day campaign. The Class of 1990 had a wire-to-wire victory, finishing with over 30% participation. Several classes had huge performances during the campaign, but 2001 achieving the most total gifts (53) and the most new donors this year (47). The full results are shown on this page.

Congratulations and my thanks to not just these two classes, but to all of you for your support of our students. February Frenzy is a fun, competitive way to encourage giving, but the need does not end today on March 1. Our fiscal year goes through June 30, 2019, so if you missed out on the Frenzy, it's not too late to give the gift of SLUH to a deserving student. Thank you for your commitment to SLUH.


John M. Penilla '99
Director of Annual Giving

Update after Day 2

Final Day Message

Dear fellow alums,

It’s the last day of February Frenzy 2019, and Coach Kornfeld is asking you to make your gift. If you haven’t done so yet, I hope you’ll do so now using the giving form at the top of this page.

We’ve received 222 gifts so far, but we can do better. We have to do better, because the need is real.

The “ask” from SLUH isn’t for the sake of just checking a box. We come to you because SLUH isn’t the Backer Bank. We’re providing about $6.3 million in total financial aid this year, including $4.2 million in need-based scholarship to benefit our families in most need. Alumni help make this level of aid – unmatched in the St. Louis area – possible for our students.

Whether you received financial aid as a student or not, your SLUH experience was different because of the scholarships we provide thanks to our alumni. Let’s do our part to give back.

Your gift supports the freshman cross country runner, the sophomore involved in Dauphin Players, the junior helping with the robotics Clavius Project, the senior who loved Kairos retreat, and every student in between. This generosity affects the lives of every Jr. Bill.

It’s on us. Thanks for considering. With roughly 5,000 or so alums in these classes, I know 200+ isn't all we've got. I know we can do something far more special.


John Penilla ‘99
Director of Annual Giving

Kickoff Video

Video Update from after Day 1

Kickoff Message

I still get goose bumps when I watch the video above.

For over 200 years, SLUH has been a standard of excellence and achievement in the City of St. Louis. From Backer to Laughlin, this school has been built on the shoulder of giants that have created a school synonymous with success.

Now it's our turn to be the giants.

The 5th Annual February Frenzy starts on Tuesday, Feb. 26, and I'm asking you to join me and the other Class Captains (listed below) in supporting SLUH with a donation before 11:59 pm on Thursday night.

  • Can you give a $10 gift? $100?
  • Would you consider creating a $10 monthly recurring donation?
  • Can you make a larger gift of $500, $1,000, or more?

This 3 day campaign is all about encouraging alumni from 1990 and younger to band together and step into the role of being giants for today's students. I need all my classmates from 1999 to make a gift just like your class captain is counting on you! What matters most isn't what you give, but that you give. Every gift is meaningful and helps to change the life of students at SLUH today.

I love SLUH, and I want to help ensure that SLUH continues to be a source of pride for all of us. That's why I'm giving. Please join me.


John M. Penilla '99
Director of Annual Giving

View the list of class captains

Special thanks to these alumni for their help in supporting and leading this year's event:

Class Captains
1990: Tom Albus, Mark Mueller
1991: Chris Muskopf, Peter Palumbo, Jim Penilla, Pete Sadlo, John Wynne
1992: Ben DuMont, Kevin Folkl, Rob Funke
1993: Mark Berns, Joe Buttice
1994: Joe Hodes, Joe McAuliffe
1995: Dan Berns, John McArthur
1996: Mike Besmer, Tim Besmer, Bill Hof
1997: Michael Amann, Brian O'Neal
1998: Dan Daly, Chris Kellett, Jeff Rombach, Bob Wacker
1999: John Penilla, Tim Wells
2000: Greg Holland
2001: Garry Holland
2002: Joe Devereux, Jim Lutkewitte, Pat Meier, Kevin Price
2003: Graham Farrell, Jim Luzecky, Cliff Reynolds
2004: Nick Gresick, Kyle Poelker, John Reagan
2005: Patrick Sokolowski
2006: Mike Guilfoy, Jonathan Holden, Tim Huether, Max Magee
2007: Paul Merrill, Kerry Read & Murphy Troy
2008: Andrew Deves, Will Hartzler, Josh Ritchey
2009: Benjamin Carron, John Heafner
2010: Kevin Conroy, Patrick Dustmann, James Hagan, Luis Llanos, Kevin McAuliffe, Rich Mehan, Matt Schumacker
2011: Will Brennan, Stephen Deves, Nick Hartzler, Brad Pitlyk
2012: Joe Jedlicka, John Jedlicka, Mitch Klug, Matthew Sainz, Sean Sullivan, Dan Tlapek

February Frenzy Details

What is February Frenzy?

February Frenzy is a 3-day online giving campaign for the classes of 1990-2012. The purpose of the campaign is to spread the word about what's going on at SLUH today and encourage donations from alumni in these classes, all with a little bit of friendly class-to-class competition involved!

By contributing back to SLUH, alumni can not only show their gratitude for their experience at the U. High, but also support current Jr. Bills on their journey to becoming Men for Others.

What's on the line?

The winning class will have special recognition in the annual President's Gratitude Report and be invited to campus to celebrate on a mutually agreeable date.

What if I already gave this fiscal year?

SLUH operates on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year. You may have already given this year, especially after the success of the SLUH Day Phonathon in November 2018. All classes start the Frenzy with their current fiscal year giving percentage. Repeat donors are welcome and encouraged, even if it is a gift size smaller than your typical annual gift. Repeat donors will be tracked and reported throughout the campaign.


Note: Percentage of class that has donated to SLUH between July 1, 2018 and February 28, 2019.