4th Annual February Frenzy clone

Thank you for an incredible Frenzy!

The Frenzy is over, but it's not too late to make a contribution to St. Louis U. High and help your overall class giving percentage for the 2018 fiscal year. Visit www.sluh.org/donate.

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Thank you for your tremendous support of the 4th Annual February Frenzy! This year, we received an incredible 597 gifts, including donations from more than 400 alumni who were making their first contribution to SLUH this fiscal year. THANK YOU!

The Class of 1990 had a wire-to-wire victory, finishing with 37.7% participation. The Class of 2007 is deserving of special recognition as well, as they had the largest percentage jump (+18.33%), most total gifts (51), and most gifts from new donors this year (46).

While the competitive spirit of February Frenzy is always fun and seems to bring out our best, it's not trite for me to say that the real winners of February Frenzy are always the students of SLUH. Our collective efforts support these great young men, students like Jack Callahan '18 who is in the video linked above with a brief message of thanks.

I join Jack in sharing my gratitude with you for your generous support of SLUH.


John Penilla '99
Director of Annual Giving

PS - I hope to see you at the Bicentennial Mass and Celebration on Saturday, April 21. Learn more at www.sluh.org/bicentennial.


About February Frenzy
February Frenzy benefit’s mission to serve all qualified young men based on their ability to succeed rather than their economic circumstances. Your donation gives the gift of SLUH to a young man in need.

SLUH conducts “needs-blind” admission, and does not put a cap on financial aid. SLUH will award $4.1 million in direct financial aid this year to 40% of our students.

Gifts from alumni play an unmistakable and irreplaceable role in helping fund our fundraising revenue. Additional information about the campaign is listed on this page.


CLICK HERE to view the Day 2 video of Mr. David Laughlin talk about how your support of February Frenzy helps today students become like you: leaders.

CLICK HERE to view the video of Mr. Craig Hannick discussing the specific impact he sees alumni giving make every day as a Math teacher and as the Director of Financial Aid.

Contributions to February Frenzy are no longer being accepted, but you can still make a donation to SLUH and support our young men using the form below.


Note: Percentage of class that has donated to SLUH between July 1, 2017 and February 20, 2018.

Why February Frenzy?

Attending SLUH was a transformative experience for all alumni. By contributing back to SLUH, alumni can not only show their gratitude for their experience at the U. High, but also support current Jr. Bills on their journey to becoming Men for Others.

What's on the line?

The winning class will have special recognition in the annual President's Gratitude Report and be invited to campus to celebrate on a mutually agreeable date.

February Frenzy Leadership

Special thanks to these alumni for their help in planning this year's event:

Class Captains
1990: Tom Albus & Greg Linhares
1991: Jim Penilla
1992: Ben DuMont
1993: Mark Berns
1994: Dan Cornell, Chris Doll, Joe Hodes, Dominic Orlando, & Eric Simon
1995: Dan Berns, NIck Kriegel, John McArthur, & John Weller
1996: Mike Besmer, Bill Hof, T.J. Preuss, & Tom Shaner
1997: Kevin Etzkorn & Brian O'Neal
1998: Chris Kellett, Jeff Rombach, Bob Wacker & Sean Zuckerman
1999: John Marino, John Penilla & Tim Wells
2000: Greg Holland
2001: John Kennedy & Matt Luzecky
2002: Joe Devereux & Jon Britt
2003: Cliff Reynolds
2004: Jim Croghan, Nick Gresick, Kyle Poelker, John Reagan & Matt Stranz
2005: Patrick Sokolowski
2006: Max Magee & Matt Wacker
2007: Paul Merrill, Kerry Read & Murphy Troy
2008: Will Hartzler
2009: Joe Schrick
2010: Joe Bettger, Kevin Conroy, Dan Goeddel, Kevin McAuliffe & Matt Schumacker
2011: Stephen Deves & Nick Hartzler