In the spirit of St. Ignatius, SLUH undertook a comprehensive strategic thinking initiative to exercise the imagination and unleash bold ideas and fresh approaches. More than 130 alumni, parents, faculty, Board members, Jesuits and outside experts helped to vision our future.

The goal: to become a model of academic achievement and faith formation for the nation and the world. The result: Go Forth. Go Forth provides the direction to achieve our lofty goal, benefiting three core areas:

  • Scholarship & Accessibility: Our endowment must grow to a new level that not only sustains our generous financial aid, thus benefiting the student socio-economic diversity of our student body, but also allows us to pursue new student and faculty opportunities.
  • Program Excellence: Our challenging curriculum requires further emphases on collaboration, experiential learning and globalization to be a leader for tomorrow.
  • 21st Century Campus: Though our campus experienced a remarkable revitalization one decade ago, our main building is 92 years old and has needs relating to its age and program enhancements.

As Go Forth addresses each focus area, its impact will extend far beyond our classroom walls.

Giving to the World
St. Ignatius said of students: “…their good education in life and doctrine will be beneficial to many others, with the fruit expanding more widely everyday.” Go Forth expands this ripple effect of Jesuit education. Providing our students the best ensures they are best equipped to lead and serve as “men for others,” their influence spreading outwardly.

We move forward from a strong position. A vibrant community of 1,000 students and more than 100 faculty and staff, we continue to be an anchor in the City of St. Louis, with accomplishments ranging from academics and athletics, to drama and service. We cannot, however, rest on our laurels. In the spirit of St. Ignatius, we must continually reflect, adapt and take action. It is what we have done throughout our proud history. It is what we are compelled to do today.

Now is our time to shine. Help us achieve our $70-million goal through your generosity for our young men—and their impact on others. As one alumnus says, “When I give to SLUH, I give to the world.”

Together we will go forth, burning brightly, to bear fruit for the world.

What is the symbolism behind the Go Forth logo?

We took our design inspiration from St. Ignatius’ quote, “Go Forth and set the world on fire.”

Prominently displayed in the center of the mark is the three-tipped flame, representing the Holy Trinity. This flame is not ordinary fire; it is God’s light. This fire light may be carried forth atop a torch and taken into the world to share with others. The torch itself is wrapped in a banner, signifying it as SLUH’s torch to be carried into the future. Behind the torch lies the world, ready to be ignited in God’s light. The three-tipped flame also represents our third century of educational excellence and our three campaign priority areas.

The Go Forth logo utilizes the blue color palette, slightly rounded polygon shape, and typeface from the current SLUH branding to retain brand awareness within a completely unique logo.