About Go Forth

In the spirit of St. Ignatius, SLUH undertook a comprehensive strategic thinking initiative to exercise the imagination and unleash bold ideas and fresh approaches. More than 130 alumni, parents, faculty, Board members, Jesuits and outside experts helped to vision our future.

The goal: to become a model of academic achievement and faith formation for the nation and the world. The result: Go Forth. Go Forth provides the direction to achieve our lofty goal, benefiting three core areas.

  • Financial Accessibility: Our endowment must grow to a new level that not only sustains our generous financial aid, thus preserving the socio-economic diversity of our student body, but also allows us to pursue new student and faculty opportunities.
  • Program Excellence: Our challenging curriculum requires further emphases on collaboration, experiential learning, student support, faith formation and globalization to be a leader for tomorrow.
  • 21st Century Campus: It is time to renew the Backer Memorial, which is nearly 100 years old, and to update our spiritual and instructional space to keep up with our talented students and faculty, and to support 21st century learning.
  • Campaign: To fund campaign activity and bridge financing for capital projects.