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Empowered by Our Past

Emboldened by Our Future

We Go Forth

Shaping lives of young men through the age of 18 is at the core of our mission. In celebration of our our founding in 1818, we look at the accomplishments of 18 alumni as well as the hopes and dreams of 18 students. Although not comprehensive, they are representative of our school community: ‘men for others’ with a wide range of interests, professions and achievements. They are leaders who embody our mission and values. Above all, they are our inspiration to Go Forth.

18 Alumni

Paul Burgett '64

  • Grew up in St. Rose of Lima Parish
  • SLUH: Band, Dauphin Players, League of the Sacred Heart, Riflery
  • PhD (University of Rochester); for doctorate, explored the aesthetic theories developed by black scholars and the implications of their work on the development of educational curricula at all levels of education, specifically in the realm of black music and its culture
  • First African American to be honored with SLUH’s Backer Award (1987)
  • Widely influential and respected pillar of the Rochester community during 54 years as a musician, scholar, teacher and leader (Dean of Students and Vice President) at the University of Rochester

Michael DeBaun '78

“SLUH instilled in me a commitment to serve others in an environment that allowed the pursuit of academic excellence with little regard to race or financial status of the student.”

  • Grew up in University City; attended Pershing/Hanley Jr. High
  • SLUH: Football, Riflery
  • MD (Stanford), MS Health Services Research (Stanford), MPH (Johns Hopkins)
  • Dedicated career to improving lives of children with sickle cell disease
  • Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and Director of the Vanderbilt-Meharry Center for Excellence in Sickle Cell Diseases
  • Honored with Backer Award in 2004
  • Elected into the National Academy of Medicine in 2009

Tony Dill '57

“The most important thing SLUH taught me was the value and importance of persistence and patience in pursuing my goals.”

  • Grew up in Affton; graduated from Seven Holy Founders Parish
  • SLUH: Bellarmine Club, Prep News, Riflery, Yearbook
  • BA, Rockhurst University; JD, Saint Louis University
  • Beginning in 1966, elected to six consecutive two-year terms as State Representative for Affton area in Missouri General Assembly
  • In 1967, started his own law firm specializing in estate planning, business and real estate law; though retired, his firm still thrives today and provides counsel to hundreds of families
  • Generous SLUH benefactor; namesake for new J. Anthony ‘57 and Donna M. Dill Center for Academic Success

Tom Dooley '44

  • Attended St. Roch Catholic Grade School
  • MD, Saint Louis University; also attended University of Notre Dame
  • Humanitarian, U.S. Navy medical doctor and activist who established and worked in numerous clinics in Vietnam and Laos during Vietnam War
  • The organization he helped establish (MEDICO) was later incorporated into CARE (relief agency)
  • Author of bestseller Deliver Us from Evil, which described the political and humanitarian crisis in Vietnam
  • Recipient of Backer Award and Congressional Gold Medal, among many other honors
  • SLUH's Mission Week is named after Dooley, who dedicated his life to others.

Dan Flynn '73

“At SLUH there was no hiding. It was up to each student to earn their way. I’ve carried those standards forward in my life today.”

  • Grew up in north St. Louis and attended St. Philip Neri Parish
  • SLUH: Scholarship student and member of 1972 soccer state championship team
  • Attended Saint Louis University and helped the soccer team earn an NCAA championship in 1973 and a runner-up finish in 1974
  • After college, worked at Anheuser-Busch in sports marketing and became President of Anheuser-Busch International
  • CEO/Secretary General of U.S. Soccer since 2000; in this role he has overhauled U.S. Soccer’s business framework, leading to a renewed focus on National Team and player development, and the construction of U.S. Soccer’s National Training Center in Carson, California

Ed Gartner '17

“SLUH taught me to not fear failure, to use failure to learn, and also to not set boundaries for yourself or let others do so.”

  • Grew up in St. Cletus Parish in St. Charles
  • SLUH: Scholarship student; earned 36 on the ACT; participated in Latin Club, Campus Ministry, Chorus, Band, Sisyphus and Dance
  • Studying computer science on a Questbridge Scholarship (full ride for four years) at Princeton University
  • Conducting research on machine learning; also participating in breakdancing and a cappella groups
  • Wants to work with the government or a security company keeping people’s information safe and developing new forms of security

Daniel Heard '04

“SLUH constantly pushed me to do better and be better.”

  • Grew up in St. Clair; attended Sacred Heart in Eureka
  • SLUH: Association for Cultural Enrichment at SLUH (ACES), Prep News, Sisyphus, Presidential Ambassador, football, track
  • First African-American to receive a PhD in statistics from Duke; earned master’s degrees in statistics and math from Duke and Saint Louis University, respectively
  • At Duke University, supported the defense team for the first set of death row inmates to have their cases heard under North Carolina’s Racial Justice Act
  • Currently serves as Director of Quantitative Risk Management at the United Services Automobile Association (USAA), a $30-billion financial services company

Claude Heithaus, SJ 1916

  • 1916 graduate of Loyola Hall, one of two high school divisions on a previous campus
  • Joined the Jesuits after high school; studied anthropology at the University of London; professorship at Saint Louis University
  • Backer Awardee known for his impassioned sermon at St. Francis Xavier (College) Church in 1944, denouncing racism and urging the integration of Saint Louis University
  • Though Heithaus was removed from his post at the university as a consequence of this controversial public statement, the university did admit five African Americans the following semester

John Kveton '68

“At SLUH there was an unspoken attitude that one had to work at their capacity. In fact, from the first day of my attendance, I felt that I must exceed what I thought possible.”

  • Raised in south St. Louis; attended St. John the Baptist
  • SLUH: Scholarship student, riflery
  • MD, Saint Louis University; completed Otolaryngology Residency at Yale University
  • Served in teaching roles at SLU and Boston University
  • Currently the Clinical Professor of Surgery/ Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery at Yale
  • Performed the first cochlear implant in St. Louis in 1984; has given hundreds of patients the gift of hearing

“I have been blessed with an ability to change people’s lives. I live every day for this opportunity.”

Lancer Li '17

“SLUH taught me to always be a ‘man for others.’”

  • Raised in Nanjing, China; attended Nanjing Foreign Language School (NFLS), one of China’s top schools
  • SLUH: Prep News, National Honor Society, Kairos, Senior Pastoral Team
  • Initiated into the Catholic Church during his time at SLUH
  • First transfer student from NFLS to graduate from SLUH
  • Studying computer science and psychology at Duke
  • Manages his own editorial page, with 80,000+ page views; chosen as the only marketing analyst at Pitch Story Lab, the independent marketing agency at Duke

“I want to explore my passions while being a happy, moral, principled, driven person in my personal, social and professional life.”

Michael Meyer '10

“SLUH created an arena for support and openness. It also trained me to critically evaluate complex systems through an intensive and immersive education focused on leading a compassionate life.”

  • Grew up in Oakville; attended Queen of All Saints
  • SLUH: Racquetball, speech team, National Honor Society
  • BS (Biology), BA (Russian Studies, International Studies), Saint Louis University
  • Earned a Fulbright Fellowship (Russian Federation, Irkutsk State University) and an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to study biology and effects of pollution
  • PhD Candidate at Washington State University; current research examines ecological responses to low-level sewage pollution in less urban lakes

“I would like to pursue aquatic ecology research at either a government agency or research-intensive institution.”

David Moellenhoff '88

“At SLUH I learned that the most important thing was to question, to vigorously seek understanding while knowing that, in any situation no matter how sure you are, there may always be something more that you have not comprehended.”

  • Raised in Chesterfield; attended Ascension
  • SLUH: Math club, chess club, computer club; wrote assignment and grade tracking software for teachers, in addition to “a pretty fun multi-player starship battle game that ran on a computer slower than your phone with nothing but plain text graphics.”
  • BS, MBA, Washington University-St. Louis
  • Co-founder of SalesForce, a $10-billion company that reshaped the software industry and caused a fundamental rethinking of what corporate philanthropy can achieve

William Quinn '36

  • After graduating from SLUH, attended Saint Louis University; graduated cum laude from Harvard University School of Law
  • Intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy during World War II
  • Acting role in the 1940s production of Brigadoon
  • Began professional career as a lawyer in Hawaii
  • In 1957, appointed as Governor of the Territory of Hawaii by President Dwight D. Eisenhower; in 1959, when Hawaii became an official state, Quinn was elected as its first governor
  • President of the Dole Food Company from 1965-72
  • Recipient of a papal knighthood in the Order of the Holy Sepulchre

Carl Reis, Jr. '57

Joe Schulte '54

  • Raised in Shrewsbury; attended St. Michael’s Parish
  • SLUH: First honors, Acolythical Society, Dauphin Players, Poster Club
  • One of the most revered members of the SLUH community who was a student, teacher, counselor, friend and mentor throughout 66 years at the school
  • 2006 St. Louis Arts Educator of the Year (Arts & Education Council), Lifetime Achievement Award (Rep Theatre), 2010 Backer Awardee, 2012 Kevin Kline Awardee for excellence in St. Louis professional theatre
  • Namesake of SLUH’s F. Joseph Schulte Theatre, dedicated in 2005
  • Family legacy: Joe, Jr. ’86, Dan ‘93

Mssgr. John Shocklee '35

  • SLUH: Scholarship student who studied the Classics, participated in Sodality
  • Tireless activist for civil rights and justice in St. Louis for more than 60 years
  • Assigned for most of his career to parishes in North St. Louis; sometimes referred to as the priest of Pruitt-Igoe, the infamous crime and poverty-stricken housing project
  • Shocklee’s attention to racial injustice and insistence upon dialogue and mutual respect is credited by some with helping St. Louis to avoid wide-scale destruction and suffering in the wake of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination

Joe Stieven '78

“SLUH instilled the character and ethical foundation that to this day provides me the proper direction to navigate a complex world.”

  • Grew up in Affton, attended St. Timothy’s Parish
  • SLUH: Wrestling, riflery, golf
  • BSBA, MBA, University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Began career as bank examiner at Federal Reserve-St. Louis
  • In 2005, started Stieven Capital Advisors, where he currently serves as CEO
  • He and his wife Mary support several charities in the St. Louis area, including SLUH, and were honored with UMSL’s E. Desmond and Mary Ann Lee Medal for Philanthropy in 2018

Al Thomas '50

  • SLUH welcomed its first African American students in 1946, Al Thomas and John Carter, eight years before Brown vs. the Board of Education
  • At SLUH, Thomas’ favorite subject was English, and he served as Fr. Kelley’s Assistant for Intramurals
  • Played football his senior year, but had to leave the team to care for his ill father
  • Although Thomas and many of his classmates are no longer alive, two of his classmates remember him as “a pleasant guy” whose family owned a grocery store
  • Graduated in 1950, becoming the first African-American alumnus

18 Students

Emmanuel Akpan '19

“I want the work in the field I pursue to benefit people and have a good use, but I really want to be satisfied with myself and to spread that feeling of self motivation and self worth to others as well.”

Yearbook Club, Men for Life Club, Pulse, Prep News (artist), Track & Field, awards in National Etymology and National Latin Exams; wants to major in (mechanical) engineering and/or computer science, possibly with a minor in graphic design/art.

Alfie Arun '19

“I believe I can make a difference in the world by becoming a public servant. The lawmakers in America can be a force that shapes our country for a better future. Throughout my lifetime Congress has made positive changes, but I want to accelerate this change and make a positive impact on the people of the United States and the world.”

Senior Class President, a senior advisor, an Admissions Ambassador, Poetry Out Loud participant and Chinese Club President. Among other achievements, he was a 2018 U.S. State Department merit scholarship recipient to learn Chinese in Taiwan. Alfie is interested in medicine and politics and plans to study biology and political science in college.

Benjamin Blittschau '19

“Jesus said we must love others as ourselves. I want to become a physician to improve the lives of others. So many people in our community suffer from terrible diseases, and I want to help them live a better, more normal life. Helping them impacts our community, and with our combined effort, we can change the world.”

Student Council, Men for Life Club, Medical Careers Leadership Council, National Honor Society (earned 36 on ACT), Senior Pastoral Team, Tennis ('16, '17); wants to study biomedical or mechanical engineering.

Jack Bodnar '19

“Guided by SLUH’s motto of being a ‘man for others,’ I hope to become a physician, possibly a surgeon. I have always had a love of science. Being a doctor would allow me to combine this interest with a profession that would directly make a difference and benefit others by improving their quality of life.”

Swimming, Medical Careers Club (leadership council), National Honor Society, STARS (Students and Teachers as Research Scientists) Partnership Institutions Award for Excellence in Research; wants to study natural science and participate in scientific research in college.

Joe Feder '19

“I want to continue to challenge myself to be more open to growth, religious, intellectually competent, committed to doing justice, and loving. I want to help and serve others. I want to live every day passionately, filled with life and the love of Christ, to ‘set the world on fire’ as the ‘man for others’ that SLUH has inspired me to be.”

Swim team captain, state-winning musician, Senior Pastoral Team, liturgical choir, Secretary of National Honor Society; interested in studying chemistry and chemical or mechanical engineering in college.

Paul Gillam '19

“I want to follow in the footsteps of all of those who have taught me as a role model and witness to young people. One goal I have is to come back to SLUH and teach. I have been given so much from this institution and those in it that I feel called to give back in any way I can.”

Prep News (Editor in Chief), senior advisor, Senior Pastoral Team, varsity chorus; wants to pursue a degree in theology and English, and possible a minor in philosophy.

Jonathan Grimes '21

“Ever since I was a kid, my dad had always reminded me ‘to be awesome.’ I’ve come to interpret this phrase as a call to be myself, to do what is best for me, be kind to others, work my tail off, and always have a purpose in life. This is what being awesome is to me, and this is what I aspire to do.”

Soccer, basketball, Bocce Ball Club, homeroom class representative; considering playing a sport in college and interested in learning more about history in college and possibly becoming a lawyer.

Jacob Hammond '21

“In the future, I hope to enjoy the work that I do, and in doing so, positively impact those I interact with daily, the community I live in, as well as the world. I want to grow in my faith and relationship with God to allow Him to shape me into the man He wants me to be.”

Soccer (made varsity as a sophomore), plans to study engineering in college.

Matthew Hayes '19

“I have found the problem-solving, creative aspects of robotics to be extremely enjoyable and interesting. I hope to incorporate SLUH’s ‘Men for Others’ mentality in making a product that will benefit not only myself and a select few, but society as a whole.”

Robotics (Club President), 2018 Gateway Robotics Competition Champions, racquetball (3-time team national champion, All American Honors), Clavius Project (President of Student Board), Xerox Innovation Book Award, National Honor Society; plans to study mechanical engineering and possibly computer science.

Handley Hicks '19

“I believe vocation is to serve others in whatever profession I pursue while also sharing the love of Christ. I want my spiritual and professional lives to live side by side so that I can affect the lives of those whom I serve as well as my friends and family.”

Jazz Band I, Jazz combo (on Bicentennial band trip that met with Pope Francis), Prep News (news editor), football and baseball (freshman, sophomore years), service leader; wants to major in mechanical or electrical engineering.

Liam John '19

“At SLUH I have learned how to be an adult with a growth mindset. I have learned what faith is. I have learned how to live, and I want others to have this opportunity as well. That is why I want to travel the world and find ways to make great educational and health fields better.”

Sisyphus (art/layout editor), Prep News (news editor), Theater Tech, social justice clubs, National Honor Society, President’s Ambassador, racquetball; wants to study public health and health management, and to travel to East Africa and possibly work for the United Nations.

Tony Lindwedel '20

“You only have one shot at this life. I want to be able to say that I used all the tools that I’ve been given throughout my life to the best of my ability. In every aspect I want to be able to say that I’ve given 110 percent.”

Baseball (on varsity since freshman year), Admissions Ambassador, President’s Ambassador; hopes to play baseball in college and pursue either biomedical engineering or law.

Reed Milnor '19

“Building off my foundation from SLUH, I hope to grow closer to the ideals of the Graduate at Graduation. In living out these ideals, I hope to be a leader in whichever field I pursue and inspire those around me to do the same.”

Cross country (captain), Men for Life Club (President), Student Council (Pastoral Representative), Senior Advisor, Admissions Ambassador, President’s Ambassador; interested in studying the application of statistics to the life sciences in college while on a pre-veterinary or pre-medicine track.

Ocean Okohson-Reb '21

“I hope to leave a lasting, indelible mark on our world and change it for the better – not only by word but through my actions. It is my goal to live that out in a personal and political sense.”

Wrestling, Sustainability Club, SLUH Energy Team, Association for Cultural Enrichment at SLUH (ACES); plans to study law and political science, and possibly pursue a career in politics.

Charlie Perry '19

“Ever since I thought of becoming a teacher in an underdeveloped area a few years ago, I haven’t looked back. From my time here at SLUH, I have come to realize the huge impact one person can have on an individual, and I want to be that individual that causes someone to realize his or her importance in the world.”

Cross country (captain), track (3rd-place, 4x800m relay team in 2018 state finals), Men for Life Club (social media chairman), SLUH immersion trips (Barren Springs, Va., in the Appalachian Mountains); interested in pursuing a degree in education.

Kellen Porter '20

“I want to impact the world as a financial analyst or sports manager. I feel like helping others with their finances can help them spend and invest their money wisely. As a sports manager, I would make sure my clients are represented rightfully and have the best possible career.”

Football, track, Association for Cultural Enrichment at SLUH (ACES); wants to be a financial analyst or pursue sports management.

Antwine Willis '19

“I want to help people for whom others don’t often fight. I was fortunate to have people in my corner fighting for me, but I know people who didn’t have people to fight for them. And I feel like I can make a big change for people like that in the medical field or in law.”

Staycation Club President, a Yearbook Club Editor, varsity football team manager, member of ACES (Association for Cultural Enrichment at SLUH), STARS (Student-Teacher Association for Racial Studies), and Voices of SLUH; wants to major in French on a pre-med or pre-law track.


“SLUH teaches me to think independently and be a ‘man for others.’ My dream is to contribute to my community as an outstanding individual or a significant member of a group. I hope to start my own business and be a creator. One day, people will recognize my achievement and impact on society and say, ‘That’s cool, Xavier! That’s my SLUH boy!’”

Chinese Cooking and Food Club, Missouri Youth and Government (Judicial branch), Admissions Ambassador, STEM Club, speech team, Math Club, Chinese rap; in college, Xavier says, “I will pursue my dream with my best effort and make my parents proud of me.”