Campaign Leadership

Steering Committee


Diane M. Fogerty
Owner, Savvy Surrounding Style

Timothy R. Fogerty
President/CEO, Bissinger’s

Mary Pat Santel

Thomas W. Santel ’76
Executive Director, Civic Progress

Deborah A. Wilhelm

Mark A. Wilhelm ’72
CEO, Safety National Casualty Corp.

John D. Wunderlich ‘66


Thomas P. Berra, Jr. ‘85
Attorney, Lewis Rice

Alan Carruthers
President, SLUH

Joseph P. Castellano ’71

Lynda Castellano

Jacqueline Danis

Lucy Danis

Thomas Danis ‘65
Consultant, Aon, Inc.

Timothy Danis ‘65
Chairman, Risk Consulting Partners

Gerard M. Hempstead ‘89
Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual – St. Louis

Jennifer Hempstead

Ralph D. Houlihan, SJ ‘52

Darryl T. Jones ‘73
Owner, D & D Concessions

David J. Laughlin
President, Rockhurst High School

James Linhares
Assistant Principal for Mission

Mark P. Mantovani ’72
Former Board Chairman, Ansira

Deidre Pitts
2016-2017 President, SLUH Mother’s Club

Jeff Pitts
Director, The Clavius Project
General Manager (Retired), Anheuser-Busch

Jack E. Pohrer ’58
Chairman, St. Louis Parking

Deanie Reis

John H. Schaefer ’70
President, COO (Retired), Morgan Stanley Global Wealth Management

Paul G. Sheridan, SJ
President Emeritus

John J. Stephens ’77
Senior EVP and CFO, AT&T

Carol J. Voss

Thomas R. Voss ’65
Chairman, Smart Wires

John O. Wilson ‘64
President and CEO, The Cambay Group