Strategic Thinking

Few schools can celebrate two centuries of educational leadership, and fewer enter their third century with an expectation of eclipsing past achievements. In preparation for Go Forth, we took a unique and inclusive approach that challenged and inspired us to become even better.

From 2013-2015, we embarked on a entrepreneurial endeavor known as Imagining 18 – Strategic Thinking to articulate our shared goals for 2018 and beyond. We gathered more than 130 bright, creative thinking, dedicated alumni, parents, friends and national experts—many from afar—to join our faculty and Board in a series of visioning exercises. The wisdom and imagination of our community challenged us to dream big, to become visionary, to lead us upward in educational excellence.

Imagining 18 set the course for Go Forth with a bold vision. It grounded our thinking with values core to our identity. And it organized our visioning in specific areas. (See below.) With Go Forth, we are prepared to carry our mission into our third century with renewed focus, to address new challenges and realize new opportunities.


  • To model academic achievement and faith formation for the nation and the world.

Theological/ Spiritual Core Values

  • Men for Others
  • Catholic and Jesuit
  • Cura personalis
  • Personal relationship with God
  • Finding God in all things

Operational Core Values

  • Academic rigor
  • Skilled and caring faculty
  • Strong sense of community
  • Education of the whole person
  • Needs blind admissions

Focus Areas

  • 21st Century Curriculum
  • Campus Facilities/ Sustainability
  • Campus Ministry/ Jesuit Identity
  • Counseling Services
  • Financial Modeling
  • Global Education