21st Century Campus

Backer Memorial, which opened in 1924 on Oakland Avenue, has served as our academic hub for 95 years. Yet it has seen only patchwork upgrades – the last one more than three decades ago. As the facility continues to age and needs more attention, education advances and innovates, demanding new, dynamic environments that are more sustainable and better suited for collaboration.

Go Forth supports new program initiatives while addressing the aging needs of our facility. It provides a phased building approach to move our campus vision forward as funds allow. Facility improvements include:

  • Move and expand the Counseling offices to accommodate a comprehensive Counseling Program and the Dill Center for Academic Success.
  • Relocate Campus Ministry next to a renovated Chapel, allowing for much needed facility renewal while also realizing new spaces for the spiritual and service programs that form students in the Ignatian tradition.
  • Replace the original SLUH auditorium (now mostly office space) with a new World Learning Center, addressing much-needed facility renewal and combining information services with technology, global education and collaborative learning spaces.

Following are renderings of some new spaces in the plans for Go Forth.