21st Century Campus

Since SLUH began as a Latin school for boys in a one-story house, it has experienced four name and five location changes, ever growing and evolving to meet the needs of the community. Today is no exception – in fact, the need to improve our campus has never been greater.

Backer Memorial, which opened in 1924 on Oakland Avenue, has served as our academic hub for 95 years. Yet it has seen only patchwork upgrades – the last one more than three decades ago. As the facility continues to age and needs more attention, education advances and innovates, demanding new, dynamic environments that are more sustainable and better suited for collaboration.

Our students are outperforming our facility. Their academic output outstrips our classrooms and labs designed for learning many decades ago. Our Jr. Bills deserve an infrastructure that supports the modern needs of education – collaborative, project-based and hands-on learning allowing our students to attempt and observe in a real authentic manner. Go Forth addresses the aging needs of our facility while simultaneously supporting new program initiatives.

Campus of the Future
One decade ago, SLUH experienced a remarkable transformation to its campus, with the addition of athletic fields, recreational space, a field house and upgraded commons. All are tremendous assets and continue to be well utilized. Today’s campus needs, however, call for improvements from the inside out. They are underscored in a recent, comprehensive master facility review and undergirded by the need to provide our students a facility that matches our premier academic program.

The themes of collaborative learning, globalization, sustainability and the best use of space are important to the design of our urban campus of the future. Go Forth provides a phased building approach to move our campus vision forward in stages as funds allow.

Facility improvements include:

  • Move and expand the Counseling offices to accommodate a comprehensive Counseling Program and a Center for Academic Success.
  • Relocate Campus Ministry next to a renovated Chapel, allowing for much needed facility maintenance while also realizing new spaces for the spiritual and service programs impacting our students.
  • Upgrade and improve the school’s science education program for labs and project-based learning.
  • Replace the original SLUH auditorium with a new World Learning Center, addressing much-needed facility renovation and combining information services with technology, global education and collaborative learning spaces.
  • Retrofit current library to house the school’s exceptional art program with increased gallery space.
  • Renovate the ground floor to provide adequate space for robotics, media and music.
  • Convert art classroom space into multiple classrooms for STEM and other collaborative learning methods.

When implemented, these improvements will provide a learning environment that best complements our curriculum and future direction. And our students will be best equipped with the intellectual skillset and value-driven mindset to lead and serve.

Following are renderings of some new spaces in the plans for Go Forth (as of November 2018).

For naming opportunities of facilities, programs and/or scholarships, please contact:

Melissa Jones, CFRE
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
(314) 269-2186

Beth Chipley
Campaign Coordinator
(314) 269-2114