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Education evolves at an accelerating rate. Faculty increasingly value their role as teaching facilitators, as opposed to classroom directors, to encourage dialogue and group problem solving. Gone are the days of operating in silos, as departments team up to become more efficient, effective educators. Meanwhile, students are more focused on becoming better learners. They are embracing a new mindset – and a new world – marked more by collaboration and process than facts and formulas.

Mindful of the pulse and vitality in education today, Go Forth engages a holistic, collaborative model of curriculum development and innovative programming. Initiatives include:

  • Establishment of a College Counseling Department, including resources for pursuing selective universities
  • Expansion of Collaborative Learning and Cross-Curricular Themes
  • Project-Based Learning (PBL), especially across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math
  • Strategic Curriculum Review and Planning
  • Comprehensive Counseling and Student Support Services, decreasing student to counselor ratio
  • Addition of Arabic language and culture studies to the curriculum
  • Expanded retreat program and community service offerings
  • Expansion of foreign- and English-based exchange program
  • Creation of a World Learning Center to include an office for Global Education, a modernized library, and research and information services

Collectively, these initiatives will elevate us to a new level of leadership in education while providing our students the foundation to succeed in college and beyond.