INSIGNIS (Latin, adjective): notable, distinguished
SLUH's INSIGNIS podcast features lively interviews with members of our school community engaged in a variety of roles and fascinating projects "down the hall, across the Metro area and around the world" in support of our mission.


Our new INSIGNIS podcast focuses on the "maker movement" in education and life at SLUH. Conversations about hands-on learning and project-based learning, in addition to our new Innovation Lab, are hot topics at the U. High. In this program, we hear from:

  • Joan Bugnitz (fine arts teacher) discusses her own art and the formative potential of visual arts for students;
  • Geoff Bull '92 (engineering and science teacher at West Point and a field engineer for the U.S. Army) talks about what it takes to form and encourage an engineer and how his experiences at SLUH shaped him;
  • Jeff Pitts (director of the Clavius Project, moderator of our Robotics Team and former plant manager for the Anheuser Busch Brewery) tells the story of his own formation as an engineer and the remarkable work of SLUH students that he supports; and
  • We hear from SLUH's Hackathon Team, named "Best Start-Up" at a competition in Chicago this summer.

Gallery: Making Makers

More Episodes

Episode 1: Fine arts teacher Kevin McKernan '01

Fine arts teacher Kevin McKernan '01 draws from his experience and passion to reveal more about the art of improv.

Episode 2: SJ @ SLUH (Houlihan, Hill, Page)

A worthy Bicentennial tribute to our Jesuit identity in his conversations with Fr. Joseph Hill, SJ, James Page, SJ, and Fr. Ralph Houlihan, SJ '52.


  • Jim Linhares (project lead, show host)
  • Jon Dickmann '96 (tech support)
  • Sean Powers '05 and students in 2D Design (logo development)
  • Jeff Pottinger and SLUH Jazz Combo (music), including Christopher Hartung '20, Teddy Gerard '18, Sean McLaughlin '19, Jack Schweizer '18, Thomas Curdt '18 and Joseph Hartung '18

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