INSIGNIS (Latin, adjective): notable, distinguished

SLUH's INSIGNIS podcast features lively interviews with members of our school community engaged in a variety of roles and fascinating projects "down the hall, across the Metro area and around the world" in support of our mission.


Our latest INSIGNIS interview, SJ @ SLUH, features three Jesuits at SLUH: Fr. Joseph Hill, S.J. (Theology teacher, Director of Campus Ministry), Fr. Ralph Houlihan, S.J. '52 (Theology teacher) and James Page, S.J. (Theology teacher). The interview, conducted by Jim Linhares, Assistant Principal for Mission, focuses on everything from St. Ignatius of Loyola to what it's like to be trained and influenced by the Jesuits, as well as insights into professional careers at SLUH.

Fr. Joseph Hill, S.J.
James Page, S.J.
Fr. Ralph Houlihan, S.J. '52

"It was a lot of fun talking to and learning more about these three Jesuits," says Linhares. "In our Bicentennial year, SJ @ SLUH is a worthy celebration of the Jesuits at SLUH."

Without further ado, click below to enjoy SJ @ SLUH!


  • Jim Linhares (project lead, show host)
  • Jon Dickmann '96 (tech support)
  • Sean Powers '05 and students in 2D Design (logo development)
  • Jeff Pottinger and SLUH Jazz Combo (music), including Christopher Hartung '20, Teddy Gerard '18, Sean McLaughlin '19, Jack Schweizer '18, Thomas Curdt '18 and Joseph Hartung '18

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