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Mothers Club

Started in 1927, the SLUH Mothers' Club is a vital service to SLUH. Through a variety of social, spiritual and fundraising activities, the Mothers' Club provides a wonderful opportunity for mothers of current students to partner with SLUH in the development of their sons. Above all, the organization helps make SLUH feel like home to its young men. EVERY mom at SLUH is a part of Mothers' Club and a "Mom for Others." Your contributions make a difference each and every day.

Click HERE to learn more about the traditions and highlights of the SLUH Mothers' Club.

Upcoming Events

View the beautiful video celebrating all the fun times and events from the year HERE.

A Note from your MC President - Big Cashbah Thank You! 

Huge thanks to all involved in Cashbah’s 2020 Vision held on April 4th!  Cashbah is the event that raises most of the funds which allow many of our boys to attend SLUH by supporting the needs-blind admission policy that so distinguishes our school.  And the SLUH community stepped up once again!  This is extra amazing considering the large hurdle of becoming an online event this year due to our stay-at-home restrictions.  With many, many hands, and under the outstanding leadership of our co-chairs Carol Andrew and Martha McArthur, Cashbah 2020 Vision was a huge success!  So many people gave so generously of their time, talent and treasure to make this happen.  This is especially important at this unprecedented time when many are in most need with losing their jobs and/or businesses.  The generosity of the SLUH community is overwhelming.

End of year events - More details to come

SLUH and STUCO are trying hard to continue to have Senior Prom, Baccalaureate Mass and Dinner, and Graduation.  The three events would be clustered into a series of successive days in late June or mid-July (again fingers crossed).  Of course, Mothers’ Club will be there to support whatever they may need. 

Consider donating cafeteria credit

For those who would like to donate their seniors’ remaining cafeteria balances, please email Mr. Craig Hannick at These donated accounts will be transferred into the Marcy Wyrsch Fund at SLUH, which is used by students in need.  The families who donate will receive a letter from SLUH for their charitable contribution. 

CALLING ALL MOMS - Mothers' Club Class Representatives Needed

Would you like to be more involved in your son’s SLUH community while having fun and meeting others?  Consider volunteering as a Class Representative for the upcoming school year!  For more information or to volunteer, please email Susan Vanous at 

How Mothers' Club Can Help

Mothers' Club Events Policy

ALL events are open to ALL families. Confidential financial assistance for events with a cost is available through Dr. Brock Kesterson’s office. For more information, email Dr. Kesterson at or call 314-269-2135.

The Marthas

The Marthas are a combination prayer chain, meal chain, errand runners and logistics experts that we mobilize when someone in our SLUH family needs a little support. Students, teachers, administrators and their families are our community.
Can we help you? Confidentially email Do you want to be part of the group? Join by clicking HERE.
God sends help in the form of willing friends or strangers to surround those in need with warmth and support. The Marthas circle the wagons around our SLUH family.