Parent Association for Cultural Enrichment at SLUH

our mission

PACES is a group of current SLUH parents that meets regularly and seeks to assist the President and administration in diversifying SLUH’s student body and faculty; building a culture of acceptance and celebration for all;  communicating the school’s value for equity and inclusion to the wider community; identifying concerns related to equity and inclusion; imagining ways of addressing these concerns; and finding constructive ways to engage the broader St. Louis community as a united SLUH community.

Questions? Please email Joycelyn Barnes (

paces welcomes all sluh parents!

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month (except March) from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in room M204 or via Zoom. Meeting updates and reminders will be posted here and in the Principal's weekly ParentConnect e-communication.

A note from President Joycelyn Barnes:

At our 1/11/2022 meeting, we had a helpful conversation about our current COVID situation. We think the notes below will be helpful as we navigate this evolving pandemic. 

We are holding our community close in prayer as we all do our best to care for one another. Let us lean on our trust in God and love for our community to get through this difficult time. 

From SLUH Director of Student Health, RN, Scott Gilbert:

Families can play a significant role in stopping the spread of covid by practicing the following:

  • good hand hygiene, maintaining distancing, stay home if you are feeling sick regardless of the pressure you might feel to attend an event
  • make it a priority to get vaccinated and boosted for those who are eligible
  • try to avoid large gatherings if possible, especially indoors
  • mask when directed or necessary to protect yourself and others / there is no shame
  • be aware of your surroundings and be able to recall the details of a situation if asked to trace following a positive case
  • stay informed through various media outlets that would be considered credible (CDC, WHO, etc.)

Understand your role and the impact of your decisions outside of the SLUH community

  • hospitals are currently filling up at record pace putting added stress on healthcare facilities and workers
  • be aware that careless decisions on your part can possibly be detrimental to others and add to the complexities that currently exist at nearly all of our healthcare facilities
  • strive to be part of the solution, not part of the problem

Be sympathetic and non-judgmental to others who may have beliefs about the pandemic that differ from yours

  • we are all in this together
  • support one another / we will make much longer strides together in this pandemic rather than finding fault or working against one another

Educate our children on ways to keep them and others safe

  • model responsible behavior
  • know that young people are highly impressionable and influenced by our words and actions
  • take the time to explain the many layers the pandemic presents
  • most importantly, take steps to care for one another

Be attentive to their mental and emotional needs

  • talk to them about their feelings
  • support their learning whether online or in-person
  • keep routines in place
  • be creative about activities and exercise
  • manage your own anxiety that you might have regarding the pandemic
  • keep kids informed but limit consumption of news that might increase stress and anxiety in their lives

PACES Initiatives and Leads

  • SLUH Hosting Parties on Campus (for Prospective Students of Color):  Lemya Sidki
  • SLUH Student Anti-Bias Training:  Susie Agniel, Dolores Gunn, Angie Lawing
  • SLUH Expanded Bus Transportation (North County/City): Karen Flotte, Kim Franks, Michelle Hinkebein, Jason Hunt

Thank you for the great participation, those who stepped up to lead and those who are willing to help in any way.  We are a team!  Please email me with any questions:


PACES would like to share out a valuable resource for events and other volunteer opportunities called "Seeds of Justice." It is a listing collected by Fontbonne University (HERE is the link to their Facebook page).  Sign up to receive their monthly newsletter which outlines a brief description of each listing and typically has a link for additional information.


On November 9th, we had another great conversation and our efforts are moving along. Thanks to all for helping to carry the DEI mission at SLUH. 

Our meetings are the second Tuesday of each month (and we usually take December off), so see you on January 11th!

Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

 Here's the agenda from our latest meeting.  

First page of the PDF file: Committeepicture

PACES Leadership

Joycelyn Barnes
PACES President

Frank Kovarik '94
Director of Equity & Inclusion; English Department, Chair

Bea Okoshon and Tiffany Whitlock
Co-Vice Presidents

Mari Watanabe

Jamie Hasemeier
Web Content Coordinator

Karen Flotte, Kim Franks, Michelle Hinkebein, Jason Hunt
Expanded Bus Transportation (North County/City)

Lemya Sidki
Hosting Parties on Campus (for prospective students of color)

Susie Agniel, Dolores Gunn, Angie Lawing
Student Anti-Bias Training