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Class of 2024 Parents 

September 13, 2023

Dear Class of 2024 Senior Parents,

Our boys’ final year here at SLUH is upon us!  *Sniff, Sniff*

Fortunately, we are blessed to be able to celebrate some special moments with our boys throughout this year:  get your dancing shoes ready for Mom Prom, make some delicious cookies with your son for Senior Cookie Sales, and pull out some pics from the past for the memory video which will play at the boys’ Baccalaureate Mass.  These events and others are listed here on the Senior page, as well as, on the Mothers Club website. Please add the dates to your calendar NOW! We will try to keep this site up to date with all the Senior Info.  If you have any questions outside of what you find here, please reach out to us at

We need all the help we can get to make these wonderful events happen.  Please check out the sign-up genius below to let our chairpersons know your interest in volunteering!

SLUH Senior Moms Committee Chairs (


Jill Strittmatter
Jamie Seamands
Lead Senior Representatives

Eliane Safar
Mothers Club President

Event Information

Parent's Prayer

I pray that I may let my child live his own life and not the one I wish I had lived. Therefore, guard me against burdening him with doing what I failed to do.

Help me to see his missteps today in perspective against the long road he must travel, and grant me the grace to be patient with his slow pace.

Give me the wisdom to know when to smile at the small mischiefs of his age and when to show firmness against the impulses he fears and cannot handle.

Help me to bear the anguish in his heart through the din of angry words or across the gulf of brooding silence. And having heard, grant me the ability to bridge the gap between us with understanding.

I pray that I may raise my voice more in joy at what he is than vexation at what he is not, so that each day he may grow in sureness of himself.

Help me to regard him with genuine affection so he will feel affection for others. Then give me the strength, O Lord, to free him so he can move strongly on his way.

And today as every day, we pray: We dedicate all our thoughts, words and actions to the greater glory of God.  Amen.


  • Sept 28 & 29 - Senior Mom Cookie Sales

  • Oct 22 - Mother/Son Mass & Reception

  • Jan 9 - MANDATORY Senior Parent Meeting

  • Feb 7 & 8 - Senior Mom Cookie Sales

  • Feb 25 - Mom & Son Dance Lessons

  • Mar 2 - Mother/Son Trivia Night

  • Mar 24 - Mom Prom

  • Apr 27 & 28 - Senior Follies

  • May 25 - Baccalaureate Mass & Dinner

  • May 26 - Graduation

  • May 26 - Lock-In  (Amazon Wish List)